Oakville Ontario Has Proven To Be NOT A Safe Place For Real Estate Investing

I’ve blogged quite a bit about my disappointing experience as a result of investing in Oakville Ontario.

Now, after almost three years of trying to adjust to the many curves thrown at investors by the municipal government, specifically the Mayor and his Chief of Staff, whom tax payers have hired to manage its affairs, I’m left with no choice but to inform my global readers to be very careful if and/or when considering investing in Oakville.

As most readers know, my blog simplycondos.com has been one of the loudest voices for decades seeking to protect consumers when purchasing condos with a slight majority of my readers and buyer agency clients being investors although many have been end-users making what proves to be the biggest investment they’ve ever made in their lives.

Well, I officially retired a little over a year ago from a truly hectic half century career in condos, planning instead to work as a consumer advocate trying to instill at least a little integrity into the Ponzi Scheme that is Condoland.

I’ve accepted my responsibility for having played a roll in this Ponzi Scheme as many of the tactics I introduced to the industry are still the benchmark of the shakedown.

If you’ve read my blogs over the past couple decades since I introduced Buyer Agency to Canada you already know that my position on the Condominium Act is that it has always been a joke, a bad one but a joke all the same.

And today, after almost a half century up to my ears in condos, both as an investor and as a buyer’s agent I’m disappointed to tell you that very, very little has changed.

Oh, headlines would have told you that they “overhauled the Condo Act” a couple years ago and that they were dismantling Tarion (the corporation that replaced the Ontario New Home Warranty) who’s board of directors consisted of lawyers who worked for developers.

And we’ve seen the introduction of the Condo Authority, another academic collective of directors with none having any hands-on experience in Condoland whatsoever!

So, to top off the scam, for the first time I’ve seen a municipal government, whom generates millions of dollars in Permit fees, hook-up charges, service charges, etc., paid to them by every condo they allow to be built.

Oakville has given us all a crystal clear example of consumer exploitation at its absolute worst fully endorsed and supported by municipal players behaving unacceptably.

How do they get away with it? Well, that’ easy … they just do what they choose and refuse to answer reasonable requests for explanations.

You don’t have to believe me as I’ve written Justice Refused to simply allow all offenders to “become famous” for their deeds.

With almost a half century of hands-on experience in the industry and a colorful career as an entrepreneur where I lived amongst con artists and scammers, it didn’t take me long to see the corruption that I wouldn’t have believed possible (and I’ve lived anything but a sheltered life if you know what I mean).

I never pretend to be anything that I’m not and if I’m known for anything it is for standing up for the little guy against formidable odds.

I met the Mayor as a result of my having blogged about rumors of “Town Officials accepting bribes” after having had coincidentally a buyer in the new upscale residential community that my wife and I custom built our to be new Oakville by the lake home.

I actually met his Chief of Staff in a phone call from him, a lawyer who was coming at me in the same old way all offensive lawyers for hire had come at me for decades, spewing fabricated allegations of my having slandered the Town Officials.

I’ve literally had tens if not hundreds of lawyers representing builders who I was exposing for exploiting consumers attack me and its as if they have some kind of form letters.

I don’t take threats lightly and have made rather a sport of answering these distasteful lawyers with lengthy diatribes giving them something to run up their hours with their unethical clients whom have retained them to lie and bully. I don’t scare easy.

You see, the power upon which I rely is possessing the optimal acquittal wild card … the truth.

Now, I may not have attended university like these lawyers all have and I was born at night, but ladies and gentlemen allow me to state for the record “it wasn’t last night”.

I bought an inexpensive paperback book on “Defamation” and learned that there are two forms of defamation (Slander is spoken false statements made to the public while liable is published false statements) and at a glance caught what has proven to be the trump card that beats all hands which is the “false statements” part.

I simply don’t make false statements and defend from there and every instance of one of these intellectually offensive lawyers attacks me I simply acknowledge receipt of his complaint and assure him that “I will remove anything that he can show me with specificity that he is claiming to be libelous in my blog“. Remember the ultimate defense to a defamation allegation is “the truth“.

My uneducated conclusion about all these lawyers falsely alleging liable in my blog was that they are being paid to intentionally lie and I find that quite sad because of my lack of personal education.

To watch people go all the way through school at outrageous cost to their family only to end up a “liar for hire” just seems particularly sad to me.

Now, I’m not saying that all lawyers are liars but in Justice Refused for example, we have a community of just 18 families yet I’ve got two dozen lawyers acting in ways that can only be interpreted as dishonest, false and downright untruthful. What a waste!

And yes, the first thing this guy told me in his introduction was that he “was a lawyer representing the Mayor“. I’ve learned that lawyers consistently when trying to intimidate you will remind you that they are lawyers.

When you read my upcoming ebook “So Sayeth the Law” you’ll get a detailed account with supporting evidence of their consistent unethical conduct and tactics.

I’m asking all Canadians of conscience to stand up with me and make not only the Mayor and Town Counsel answer for their unacceptable conduct that has veered in much muddier water than unacceptable into full blown corruption.

Justice Refused shows a Mayor actively conspiring with an illegitimate board of directors and property manager known to him to be illegitimate to steal from our corporation our prestigious Front Entrance Features (“our corporation’s major asset” according to our lawyers) by physically threatening legitimate volunteer board members, threatening frivolous litigation against the volunteer board members personally to drive them to resign and enable them to illegitimately control a new board and get away with their plan to destroy the community.

For almost fifty years as I toiled at the very heart of Condoland one thing has remained constant and that is the “reliance on the Disclosure Package“.

It’s easy for developers to woo buyers with glossy colorful renderings and feature sheets and if there has ever been any semblance of integrity in the condo buying experience it rested in the documents comprising the Disclosure Package.

Our community of upscale stone houses on a brand new “privately owned” street leading onto Lakeshore Road was sold under a Disclosure Package that consisted of a Disclosure Statement, the condo Rules, a budget to run the corporation … all that same old stuff.

As supplemental insurance we purchasers were assured that things would be done properly through the Municipal Government (“Mayor’s office“) identified as a “Surety Holder” of the money so that if the builder didn’t complete certain features the Town government would release those funds.

The Front Entrance Signage Features (large stone walls) constituted such a Surety ($13,000.00). For two years the Mayor sat idol while the builder did not deliver these Features despite repeated letters pushing for the contracts with all buyers to be honored.

And then, it was discovered through the property manager delivering to the legitimate board an absolutely shocking email chain exposing the illegitimate board member and property manager conspiracy with the Mayor to remove them all together.

Justice Refused proves indisputably that all parties knew that this damaged all owners in the community but the Mayor preferred to co-operate with the dissidents in contradiction to his duty.

The entire process undertaken is indisputably contrary to the requirements under the Condo Act and civil law.

The reason I’m had to write Justice Refused is the Mayor’s cavalier refusal to even answer respectful questions about how this could happen.

The Mayor and his Chief of Staff have been caught in a number of lies shown in Justice Refused and when caught they simply refuse to answer any questions.

It appears that the Mayor sees himself more as Dictator that public servant and I’m determined to find out why.

In the end through the use of bullying, intimidation and flagrant criminal conduct repeated over and over again the unethical people stole control of our condominiums board of directors and not a single party alleged to be in place to protect consumers would even look at the clearly articulated evidence shown in Justice Refused.

This is crime at its absolute worst and it is right out in the open. I wouldn’t invest again in Oakville and if I was 71 years old and not custom designed this house to the splendor that we have, I may have simply walked away but this is my home and this is Canada and I’m not willing to do that.

The Mayor has even given the builder back the “Surety money for the Features”.

So, I’m calling on all my fellow conscientious Canadians to help me stop this insanity before it consumes us all!

Justice Refused presents irrefutable evidence of crime and criminal intent that won’t stop here as these criminal have built their own impressionable children into their scams having them submit false testimony under oath!

I’m asking you to take a moment and think this through and you have all I want you to do is buy your copy and read it so you won’t tolerate this type of criminal conduct in your community.

I we individual consumers won’t do it … no-one is going to!

I’ll do all the tough slugging and ask only that you send this ebook series viral! The proceeds will enable me to make all offending parties explain their conduct and defend against their frivolous attacks and law suits.


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