Is Canada Intellectually Just Another “Banana Republic” Where The Supreme Leader, On His Own Authority Can Declare Such An Act?

Are you telling me that Justin Trudeau or any Prime Minister for that matter, can arbitrarily invoke the Emergency Measures Act (“War Measures Act” of old) without getting approval from anyone? This is a serious flaw to our nations’ legal structure.

Not just in UK but in Australia AS WELL!

So, all that has to be done is for this one lone wolf to introduce the concept, spend a entire long weekend abusing those who believe in our democracy (enough to come from all over the country to simply get a point across and demonstrate PEACEFULLY), trampling some with heavy horses mounted by armed police (against a PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION), locking up bank accounts, bullying citizens with physical abuse, teargas, clubs, and following this hate filled weekend, abide by the laws and the Act and take the issue before parliament for ALL parties to vote on whether this Act of hostility be taken or not! I’ve just researched who a Prime Minister would be required to go to, in order to respect the Act and our laws, when deciding that such a radical piece of legislation would be justified.

My research says “no-one“!

Our Democracy is in much worse shape than even I could have figured (as I always give the benefit of the doubt but in this case there simply is NO doubt!). When Canadians can’t peacefully demonstrate without having their bank accounts frozen, being untruthfully labeled as “terrorists, conspired against by the Prime Minister’s office and the media, both caught presenting false news as fact, be arrested and dragged off, we are in very dire straights, so dire in fact that the only fitting description of what is left, is a Banana Republic.

What is needed here and now is for all the Liberal voting Canadians, as well as the NPD voting Canadians (all Canadians really) who agree with the message underpinning the truckers. This should be a no brainer for all Canadians when they look at the facts.

And once they ignored the media and government false statements, to contact their member of Parliament and get their individual official position on evoking the Act, (accountability must follow) when there categorically was and is no Emergency and deliver their individual message that they do not want this unlawful charade to go forward and if it does they will lose each (patriot’s over “party”) vote.

Let’s back up for a moment and revisit the logic of “Justin Trudeau fulfilling his obligations to the nation’s people, to meet with these peaceful demonstrators“. That easily could have and definitely should have taken place on day one or any time during the west coast trucker’s drive across the country. Our Prime Minister had over ten days to arrange a meeting with the citizens traveling across the country to meet with their government and share their position on decisions it was making.

There wouldn’t have been any need for the lengthy demonstration that followed. What a disappointing picture painted by the Liberal ministers supporting this non-democratic action. There simply must be a great deal more behind this than is being disclosed here.

These truckers don’t want to sit in Ottawa in jail or in their trucks. They are hard working Canadians who observably have different views on how our government is being operated.

What is going on today in Canada is illogical and against everything that Canada stands for. Our Democracy is failing and we have this trucker convoy to thank for introducing their peaceful protest that brought out the true colours of our politicians and leaders.

Canadians are being sold a con job here and the first thing to putting things right is to tell Justin Trudeau and his Ministers to stand down and stop this improper and illegal false evoking of a highly questionable Act in the first place.

If Justice has done this on his own, then we know the first place that needs fixing in our laws!



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