It’s Not Only The Politics of Condoland That Are Dysfunctional, It’s Seems That It Is Politics That Is Dysfunctional


I’ve confessed before here at and I’ll do it again to open today’s blog . . . “I have not followed or participated in Canadian politics at any level in my life“!

Having spent many years traveling abroad trying to build real estate network links between Canada and Hong Kong before there was an Internet and then spending half my year in Florida once I returned, led me to a global politics interest and I really haven’t followed Canadian politics ever since.

But, as a big chunk of my global readership (1.6 MillionUnique Users” in August 2016) comes to via Facebook, I go there daily to “check my stats” (not much sense working this hard if no-one reads what you deliver) that I receive from my web marketing contractor “Mirror Marketing” (an excellent company by the way).

I’ve been offended professionally with how Condoland has been structured and “governed” and watching the fiasco in America where the only candidates for President are so callously flawed I’ve pretty much given up on American politics as well.

And now that I’m “home” permanently I check my Facebook stats and find a virtual “powder keg of damming content” condemning the leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario (the Party in power).

Again a clouded manifestation of a whole bunch of “educated people” that have taken us over a cliff!

Repeatedly I am re-assured that my lack of formal education may not be all bad.

It appears, that the political dysfunction that has rendered Condoland so jaded is not limited to real estate, Canada or America.

Politics itself seems to be or introduce “dysfunction“.

Why is there so much hostility built into everything today?

I’m a big “comments” reader on the Internet as I find most journalism so jaded and biased that I have to seek out what others are saying about it.

This guy, Kevin O’Leary (a proven success story and player on Dragon’s Den)  has proven to be a very credible guy.

If you haven’t read his “Open Letter To The Premier Part 2“, you might want to minimize your page view and call it up and read it.

Here’s another Open Letter that proves a piece of critical input on which any valid intellectual opinion should be founded (it’s actually Part 1).

Both of these are a devastating, polite, (this in itself is refreshing) professionally written, well articulated “civil rebuke” of Premier Winn’s conduct as our Provinces C.E.O., in charge of managing the affairs of the business of the company that is us tax payers!

My brother in law is a close Ontario politics follower and he has nothing good to say about this woman!

He told me that she has proposed “getting rid of gas to heat our homes” and “switch to electric heat“!

Is she out of her mind!?!

So, what’s wrong with and where are all “Ontario voters“?

What am I missing here?

I’ve read that Mr. O’Leary has suggested that he may run as the leader of the Conservative Party and I’m happy to state for the record right here, that he can count on my vote and assistance wherever possible!

I would just like to see a solid outflow of “comments” on and all other news outlets so the “people’s voice can in fact be heard” if not respected or acted upon.

My “cockroach theory” approach to problem solving (turn on the lights and watch them scatter) “puts it all out in the open” so stay tuned, and please comment here at

It takes a “collective voice” to be heard these days.

I’m Charles


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