I Guess I Just Don’t Get What Linkedin Is All About . . . I Thought It Was About “Linking”


I’m constantly bombarded with people inviting me to join their group or follow a given topic, and I’m never offended or feel that people wanting to link with or follow my blog should be seen or made to feel that they are doing anything wrong.

It is obvious to me that either I, or Linkedin itself doesn’t understand what “linking” is all about in the business world.

I guess, through my ignorance of social media networking sites or Linkedin, I must have somehow ventured into “Linkedin’s no-man’s land” by inviting people (fellow Realtors all over the globe) to “link” with me.

So now I’m forced into a “time-out chair” (for how long I have no idea) I guess for “conduct unbecoming a Linkedin-er” despite my only sin being my having tried to “Link-in on Linkedin“.

Last month alone over 2,100 people linked into my blog through Linkedin, almost as many that came directly through my site!

After all, isn’t that what a “business version of Facebook” should (or could) be?

I guess I’m only supposed to “link with people I already know“, which to me is more about Facebook than Linkedin.

Possibly someone should tell Linkedin that business people don’t actually invest their time on Networking Sites, seeking out and talking with people they already know!

So, here I sit with literally dozens of people asking me to link with them but I am blocked by the site for having invited people that don’t already know me to link with me on Linkedin.

Doesn’t that sound a little dysfunctional?

I’ve just completing the production of what I believe will prove to be an award winning “Success Training” (NAR says “87% of its members FAIL“)and, as I wanted to make my course available to help  as many Realtors throughout the world as possible (real estate seems to be the same everywhere from Canada through the U.S., Asia – you have a buyer and a seller and they get together and make a deal) I started using Linkedin to invite/inform them.

Wham!  My ability to invite fellow Realtors to evaluate and use this meaningful course was ended without so much as a notice or warning!

So, what exactly is Linkedin all about then?

I actually like, it as I can scroll around a read concepts and ideas from Realtors and industry related people, and quite frankly, without the ability to link with my peers, I just can’t see the merits of or use for Linkedin.

Is anyone else out there experiencing this or similar dysfunction with Linkedin?

I’m Charles

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