Here’s The Simple Math On Donald The So-Called, “Self-Proclaimed” Billionaire


For anyone to conclude that Donald Trump is not the con artist that his fellow Republicans like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (and others) named him as during the Republican Primaries, is simply to defy logic.

Let’s do the quick math.

Warren Buffet came out last month and dispelled any legitimacy in Trump’s hiding behind “an audit restricting his ability to disclose his tax returns” when he invited “The Donald” to attend a public meeting where the two of them could show their tax returns (there is absolutely no legitimacy in Trump’s claim that “he can’t, because he is being auditd by the IRS“, and answer questions from the public and the Press.

Obviously Trump has refused!

He’s actually still running around spouting off about “never having gone bankrupt when in fact he has (hiding behind his SIX bankruptcies being “corporate” and not “personal“!

I found Mr. Buffett’s comments “if you’re afraid to show your tax returns it’s because you have something to hide” quite revealing.

Mr. Buffett also went on to disclose one of his few bad investments, which was in a Trump owned publicly traded company (using Donald’s initials “DJT” as the ticker symbol).

The company, under Trump’s direct control and management lost hundreds of millions of dollars while Donald paid himself to some $39 Million while the shareholders lost over $600 Million!

How’s that for a foreteller of things to come if he gets access to the nationally Treasury?!

Add to this $39 Million, to the tens of millions set out in each of the three independent law suits presently under way regarding Trump University, following the tens of millions he grabbed before that in Trump Institute (same game as Trump U) and you have at least the appearance of a flimflam man!

A successful one, but a flimflam man just the same.

And, as for how Mr. Trump deals with the “little contractors” that he owes money to, check out this treatment of a small independent business contractor who was hired to paint at one of his golf course country clubs.

And the internet is literally full to overflowing with articles showing how he shortchanged almost everyone that works for him.

And this is the man that his followers would make President of the United States of America?!?

And even amidst his present campaign, it has been shown that his claims of self-funding were a scam as well!

He loans his campaign $40 Million at a undisclosed interest rate and then uses the money to pay business that he owns!

There are serious questions about the legality of him paying his campaign money to his own companies!

And according to Fortune Magazine “The Donald is Underestimating his debt by $500 Million”!

And according to USA TODAY, “Hundreds of people allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills”!

So, how about the legitimacy of those all too frequent claims about his net worth?

Well, Fortune Magazine covers that quite well in this article which simply, one more time, proves that “The Donald cannot be trusted to tell the truth”!

So, the man who would be President appears to be what so many of his fellow Republicans and the Press have exposed.

Anyone blindly following this man need to be given “a shake“.

I’ve got nothing personal against Mr. Trump (although he calls himself a great salesman and negotiator with the same bravado as all those other claims), but we’re talking about very substantive and important issues here (the Presidency of the United States of America!).

I don’t care how many Rednecks America has to offer if you are considering voting for this guy you have got to do your own due diligence and that would include all this media scrutiny on him.

And he is still refusing to show his tax returns.

I’m not a Hillary fan either, but his track record alone should disqualify Mr. Trump from running for President.

I’m Charles


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