This is not your conventional real estate related website/blog.

I was one of the top producing “Buyer’s Agents” for almost 20 years, having introduced the concept of Buyer Agency to Canada around 2000 to my local and international readers and clients sharing opinions, editorial comment and photography, right up until retiring a couple years back.

I once aspired to be a fashion photographer but formal education just wasn’t my thing, and my pursuit of success as an entrepreneur (way back to when it was still considered a bad thing to be an entrepreneur) led me into condo sales some four decades ago.

When active, I spent the decided majority of my time “in the streets of Toronto’s ‘Condo Land’”, all the photography included here is my original work, shot out in the streets of Condoland.

My goal was to make this site an entertaining place for you to visit, where you can hang around and if you were just trying to get a “feel” for Toronto, I included the city’s architecture, art, graffiti, condos, commercial buildings, people and places, enable my global readers to discover the unique visual experience that this site has to offer.

Since retiring from real estate, I have continued to blog about the dysfunction in Condoland and its infrastructure, as well as on topics that I feel relate to the industry, in the hope my global readers would want to continue to enjoy their time educating themselves on this highly dysfunctional and difficult to understand industry.

I value my reader’s input but took off the comments area due to so many people trying to the comments section of this popular blog to achieve their own free advertising.  I don’t allow ads on my site at all.

So bookmark this blog site and keep on reading.  For sure I’ll keep on writing.