Today (Feb. 19th) Is A Very Sad Day In Canadian Democracy & And Canadian History (the video is available on Facebook and definitely should be listened to)

Watching our government declare war (the Emergency Act is a polished version of the War Measures Act) against peaceful Canadians on their home soil literally turns my stomach. All of the politicians supporting this charade must be required to prove the legitimacy of their claims supporting this unethical exploitation our laws.

I don’t have a side here although common sense tells me that if I did I would have to side with the truckers, who have been intentionally labeled terrorists in a polished scheme to defeat what our government apparently sees as enemies of our country.

This is what is called a false flag and it disappoints me to see so many other politicians take such an adversarial stance against what existing evidence shows to be peaceful Canadian protesters.

The lack of integrity of a government to have taken the stand long before the British Columbia contingent of truckers were preparing to leave home simply makes absolutely no common sense.

The did not need to be any inconvenience imposed on the residents of Ottawa as the convoy took weeks to arrive. As I write this I am hearing Antony Robart (so-called “Global New Anchor” – but in reality “on-air propagandist“, along the lines of . . . . “Bagdad Bob“) on prime time Global News, lending his, thus Global News’ bias masquerading under the flag of journalism, using derogatory terms like “so called Freedom convoy“. I don’t want to distract myself or my readers, laying out the obvious here, but I can tell you there is absolutely no logical reason for either side introducing derogatory or defamatory commentary, especially when it is being peddled as “news“.

The novel 1984 by George Orwell forewarned us decades ago about this type of journalistic terrorism!

The images of literally throngs of everyday Canadians so heartily supporting this convoy by standing out in subzero weather don’t lie! Apparently, our media does! But our media has observably (“believe nothing you hear and half of what you see“, rings a loud bell here) attempted to influence the Canadian public in support of what any common sense analysis would show to be a totally non-democratic (Canadian democratic) position of what can only be seen as an authoritarian government struggling to maintain the illusion of a democracy.

My question respectfully is: “Why has our government refused to meet and talk to this large body of Canadian citizens“, andwhy has our government gone to such lengths to deliver such a negative narrative include extreme terminology such as “terrorist“?

The logical follow up question is “why is our government lying to us” (an allegation that can be verified on facebook by simply calling up this UK video record of journalists there speaking the truth? Do we as a nation agree with authoritarian rule. Our government is now ceasing everyday Canadians’ bank accounts under a frivolous and manipulated presentation of untruthful allegations being masqueraded as fact and presented in collusion by the media.

My recommendation would include the truckers agreeing to pull back without arrests, etc with the agreement from our government to hold Hearings that are to be televised on all broadcaster networks in Canada (especially CBC as it is taxpayer funded).

I honestly feel that we’ve seen enough unsavory, unethical, and potentially unlawful conduct by our government (initiating false Acts of War against your citizenry is about as extreme a falsehood as imaginable!) to suggest that the Freedom Convoy organizers (I have tried contacting them and Brian Peckford but not heard back and the convoy organizers have no contact information on line) to pull back with strong conditions.

Strategically it will prove best as the only effective and potentially successful protest is a peaceful protest and the thought of one unethical party doing something to be pinned on the other cannot be ruled out. The government in this instance is looking for a fight (it saddens me to say) and this is not the type of governance I want.

With so many States in America pulling mandates, and two Canadian provinces with many about pulling back substantially it seems obvious to me that the government imposed mandates on the truckers are no longer needed, thus they are not what this fight is about.

All those individuals participating in the convoy and all those supporting them more than likely outdo the votes Justin Trudeau and his party received in his most recent $600 Million Dollar self-popularity poll (election) must join together in open real time communication with each other to demand our government sit down and negotiate in good faith, where this country is going to go from here.

The ultimate goal, thus success of the trucker’s convoy (“Freedom Convoy“) will ultimately require both parties coming face to face in good faith, and without name calling or false allegations, and honestly putting their Canadian-ness on the table.

It is time for the leaders of the convoy to formulate their strategy to move forward. It is obvious that our government, who has been playing a very disappointing roll here, is not intending to take constructive steps and I feel I should sign off by reminding you all that “this is not how a healthy democracy is governed“.

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