Canadian Prime Minister Declares WAR On Canadians

Headlines today are filled with Justin Trudeau talking with Joe Biden, which tells us that he is talking to someone, but not to his own Canadian constituents, admitting that he single handedly and without explanation has chosen to pick a fight with, which he has just raised the stakes to falsely alleging a war.

The Emergency Act, (a Prime Minister Mulroney piece of legislature of 1988), was really just a polishing up version of the War Measures Act, which Justin Trudeau’s father had enacted in 1970 during the Quebec FLQ Crisis, following the kidnapping of Pierre LaPort with his lifeless body discovered in the trunk of a car.

There are no bodies in trunks associated with the peaceful trucker’s convoy, while all of the disruption to our nation resulting from Justin Trudeau not simply showing respect and meeting, listening to, and negotiating with the mass of Canadians demonstrating their opposition to his decisions, which could conceivably be constituting a crime under the Neuremberg Code in the World Court.

Here is the History of the Trudeau Legacy:  

I’ve been researching the Neuremberg Code and Justin Trudeau’s serious potential exposure in the World Court for potential crimes against humanity in mandating Canadians to vaccinated, and I must say with all due respect, the evidence is not looking overly favourable for him.

It seems obvious that the governance of our concept of democracy has been suspect for generations, and possibly going back to our becoming a country.

Today, “lying” has gained social acceptance with absolutely no ramifications for getting caught. It is done right out in the open throughout our modern day society and no-one is even conscious of it. Lying, is literally built into all facets of our democracy, from advertising, marketing, medicine, law, etc, and certainly in our politics.

I’m including here a link to a glimpse on the history on the Trudeau Dynasty that I feel is important that all Canadians read. It is available on the Internet but I would wager that less than 1% of Canadians have read it and that when they have, you will see a serious shift in attitude.

To gain any meaningful understanding of what is going on here and what is at stake, you really must read this history (above) and if you are not willing to invest the time to do this, you really should refrain from arguing your perspective or argument on the “trucker convoy“, “anti-vaxer protest“, (or whateever in the continually expanding list of derogatory terms being introduced in the media) which factually is the Freedom Convoy, which our government and media have been working hard to “sell us“, using the historic measure of selling in the style show by Herb Tarek on ‘WKRP in Cincinnati‘ or “Snake Oil Salesman“.

This nuanced title for the War Measures Act exposes how structured our government’s scheme is, as even the War Measures Act included the one key prominent word being relied on by our Prime Minister . . . “insurrection/insurrectionists“, what Justin Trudeau introduced in his initial response to answering dissatisfied Canadians demonstrating their dissatisfaction with him and/or his policies. I believe that it is no coincidence, that the word insurrection was one of the first uttered by our Prime Minister.

I’m old enough to remember that in Justin’s father’s day, for example, Canada held an exemplary reputation around the world for its integrity, which his father also was challenged about (when you’ve read the link above you will get it). Other than in times of 2 world wars,  and twice I believe back in the 1800’s, Justin’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister at the time) is the only Prime Minister to have declared Marshall Law (war against his own people)!

Like father . . . . . like son, simply using a polished up version of an adversarial over-reaction to an already flawed strategy.

There simply is no war going on that involves Canada, or threatened in Canada, other than this false flag effort in flagrant opposition to the will of the people (I rely only on actual photographs showing the massive volumes of people supporting the massive convoy of trucks across Canada and now the world while watching our government present totally alternative facts . . . . . “Lies”).

With so many countries and even two provinces dropping vaccine mandates and/or passports this really seems like something else seriously is going on.

I lived in Ottawa at that time and remember the army vehicles lining our streets. At least back then our Prime Minister had what amounted to an enemy as Pierre Leport’s body was discovered in the trunk of a car and the FLQ Crisis was blaring.

There simply is no comparison today as the only party “fighting” is our government with three or four of Justin’s own cabinet ministers voicing opposition.

My question is:  “is Canada’s democracy as screwed up as America’s has proven itself to be“? I’m not making a statement here! I’m asking a very serious question.

I genuinely fear the answer to this question! I simply cannot understand why no-one, especially our media hasn’t tabled the fact that the truckers convoy was a lawful act of the people. Exploiting the verbiage of a serious War Measure’s Act is not acceptable and this latest insult should be reversed immediately. As I write this, I feel like I’m talking about some kind of banana republic!

Please, if you haven’t already, scroll up and click on the link and read what you find there, closely as there’s much more going on here than meets the eye.

The other critically important link is this one, to Brian Peckford’s site giving you all the facts you could ever need to at least have an informed perspective on this critical matters to our nation.

With Saskatchewan and Alberta already disposing of mandates and vaccines along with many States in America it is obvious that Justin’s fight is not what it seems.

If you read each of the referenced material here today, there will be not room for doubt going forward.


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