With all proceeds from Justice Refused going to a Legal Fund designed to underwrite  to cost to fend off the inevitable frivolous law suits and to fix the horrific mess brought  on by overt and systemic corruption you see in Justice Refused, the next milestone is  to get it funded as quickly as possible.
To achieve this funding goal 500% quicker I’m asking 10,000 conscientious Canadians  or global readers to contribute C$100.

As a “Founder”
1. your name will be published as such in each of the remaining four ebooks in the  Series;
2. you receive FREE copies of all ebooks in the Series;
3. you get ongoing “insider” information and updates not made available to the  public;
4. You receive “confidential” (not to be shared) video and audio evidence of the servant  of the court (lawyer) staging false events using her daughter and lawyer best friend,  photographs of the corrupt stalking and harassing innocent board members;
5. If you have experienced or are experiencing similar unacceptable conduct and/or  being bullied, you have direct complementary access to Charles for advice and or  having Charles “make the perpetrator famous”;

Once you’ve read Justice Refused you will understand the critical roll you are playing in  making Canada whole again and when you read the following ebooks in the series  you’ll see how we’ve collectively restored integrity in our nation.

Please tell as many people as you know to get their copy. I will do all the tough  slugging.

Lifetime Founder’s Club Membership

Lifetime Founder’s Club Members If you’ve already bought Justice Refused C$80.00