Apparently, One Person’s Idea Of a “Fringe Minority” Is Another Person’s Global Movement

Obviously integrity, now must be in the hands of the beholder! The truckers demands to meet face to face didn’t strike me as such a hostile thing and it seems obvious that this entire convoy confrontation could easily have been avoided on day one, had our Prime Minister simply agreed to meet with representatives of the convoy and talk.

After doing my daily due diligence to keep factually informed, I stumbled across a CNN feature presented by Ali Velshy.  Mr. Velshy is a Canadian turned American CNN (“Commercials Not News“) talking head, showing us how contagious America’s acceptance of lying really has gotten and, don’t fool yourself, we’ve got lots of problems right here at home! Up until now, I’ve seen Mr. Velshy as a serious journalist, but he’s blown his cover now.

For years, I’ve relied on Racheal Maddow’s channel on MSNBC, before I go on to CNN, then the Drudge Report, then Fox, and finally CBC, in sequence early each morning, to compare the different realities being peddled, so I am able to form my own factual view on what is being reported as news (observably with emphasis from the American media. The other night, in Racheal’s absence Mr. Velshi, has stood in for her and, in my opinion seriously dropped the ball!

I take personal offense to people, especially those in the media, lying (misrepresenting is simply another word for “lying”) and when they are misrepresenting for pay on a global television network (misrepresenting news is very serious as it is news that shapes people’s thinking), I feel that someone has to speak up. Well, speak up I shall but today’s topic is best proven in pictures!

News in America has become a major form of entertainment, with a clear lie patterns built into all major broadcasters, especially Fox News representing a glaring contradiction of most others based on its political preoccupation.

Our national broadcaster (“CBC”) is great at broadcasting sports (and seemingly pre-occupied with producing poor taste comedies), but more closely resembles American broadcasting than historically Canadian. As it is tax-payer-funded it is reasonable to expect more. Having its early morning segment committed to televising its own radio programming literally boggles my mind.

Whatever we can call news today. It ain’t news when it ain’t truthful.

Mr. Velshi is either inept at doing his job, or is simply just too lazy to adhere to any acceptable standard of journalistic integrity and “get his facts straight“. Possibly he is relying on headlines he grabbed on his way to work, to report this obvious distortion of facts, with inaccurate and adversarial words, possibly plagiarizing our own Prime Minister!

You don’t need academic credentials to know that when our Prime Minister chooses to attack these everyday dissatisfied Canadians expressing their dissatisfaction, and he refuses to talk with them, he falls decidedly short in fulfilling his duty (specifically what he was put into office to do) . . . . . to protect and represent all Canadian people. Any reasonable business owner or uneducated entrepreneur would tell you that offending anyone and everyone before talking with them, is not the way to successful negotiations. Canada is still a democracy isn’t it? Or at least it is supposed to be last I heard Unfortunately the approach of our Prime Minister seems in stark contradiction to this and certainly trends toward authoritarianism, which is not a Canadian thing at all and stands against everything Canada stands for.

It was our Prime Minister that labeled these everyday hard working Canadians (a substantial percentage of the Canadian people up to 1/3rd of our population, as reported in conventional press) a “Fringe Minority” instead of doing what any executive would be expected to do, and actually or at least, check his facts first

I want to give you some time to digest my two pervious posts, as they are quite long (I’ve been accused of being long winded) but there simply is too much to discuss to break it all into small reads, so please bear with me and I will show you where all of this has factually been going (something that obviously conventional media has failed to do).

I’ve lived by a motto of “believe nothing that you hear and only half what you see” all my successful career, and I’m telling you, and all Canadians (I’m not trying to save the world or America here), I’m just trying to wake up enough Canadians to actually have something done to save our democracy before it’s too late.

But today I’m laying out one very effective tool for everyone to commit to in this world where lying is fully sanctioned and accepted, “do nothing, say nothin, and believe nothing until you have become informed on the facts“. When someone tells you something, and untouched real life photographs and video shows you something categorically contradicting what they are saying to you, you can always bet that someone is misrepresenting the truth.

It has historically been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ve gathered a random handful of photographs available on the Internet, that absolutely slam dunk exposes Mr. Velshi, and our Prime Minister, as seriously misinformed and spreading misinformation or, with all due respect, simply outright knowingly misleading the masses. I know it isn’t seen as politically correct to call people liars, so I’ve softened my words to misrepresenting and/or misleading, but when the shoe fits . . . . . !

Here is some of the literal plethora of contradictory photographs (“evidence“) contradicting the “Fringe Minority”, statements that anyone can access online. They speak abundantly clear to my point:

I ask everyone reading this, do any of these photographs in any way represent a “fringe minority” or is someone trying to misinform you? And who do you want to trust, those vocalizing these false facts or your lying eyes? Photographs don’t lie . . . . . people do!

Now, this collection of photographs I managed to assemble within a couple minutes online, should give you a pretty good feel on reality in this situation, and show how much Mr. Velshi, as well as our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau relying on to do their due diligence to insure they are reporting and/or speaking the truth.

Mr. Velshi, with all due respect, as a proud Canadian I would ask you to take a refresher course on journalism and the integrity that is supposed to go along with those academic credentials and stop delivering fake news. You’ve chosen to become an American and that is your right, but lying is lying and lying to support a false agenda is called propaganda, and in this instance we’re talking about propaganda that affects the country you left behind.

It really is no wonder that people all around the globe are discounting conventional news and getting rid of cable, with what has been disparaged as “alternative media” delivering hard copy evidence documenting the actual convoy.

My fellow Canadians, if you want to have your opinions respected you have got to do your homework first! Learn the facts and don’t rely on single-source conventional media as the media has proven itself, time and time again, to be untrustworthy.

Unbiased, factual reporting observably is the media of the past. No longer is integrity the foundation in today’s 24 hour ad revenue driven news universe or in journalism (and I guess politics). We are living in a democrazy right now that is built on a “Lie Culture“. The root of the problem being lying and lying for some inexcusable reason has been socially acceptable in America and Canada is right there sniffing at their heels!

This trucker convoy represents Canada’s last and best hope to save our democracy and it is left to patriotic everyday Canadians, willing to stand up and stand together and tell our government that it is handling its affairs in an unacceptable way. Ultimate respect to those bearing the cold and discomfort trying to wake up a resistant populous and intrenched corrupted governance system.

There is absolutely no need for conflict in a pure democracy, especially when both sides are Canadians! The solution is obvious and as usual common sense. Let’s put the hostility and childish threats and intimidation behind us and get on with fixing this democracy that both sides are saying is seriously broken.

There is a solid argument that at the very core of all of this, our government may be is breach of the Nuremberg Code. It all must really start with this daunting fact.

I’m Charles

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