Charles has been at the heart of Condoland since condos were introduced into Canadian law in the 1970’s. 

For twenty five years Charles was the top seller’s agent of residential condominium in Toronto, was called “the  King Cobra of condo sales” and was said to “be able to sell you a condo if you had a bet that you wouldn’t  buy one”.  

He has taught thousands of straight commission sales people how to sell and is the visionary that designed well before there was even an Internet producing a DOS CD-ROM in 1990 to sell Toronto area  condos to nervous Chinese residents of Hong Kong who feared the 1997 reversion of the Colony to the  Chinese. 

In 1990 Charles became a Realtor and simultaneously introduced Buyer Agency to Canada and skyrocketed  to global stardom connecting global condo investors to Canada’s largest and most dynamic condo market. 

Builder having difficulty selling units would seek out Charles who they knew could generate pools of buyers  over night giving them the quotas they required to get their construction financing. 

His website enjoyed 40,000 hits a day almost immediately when launched in 2000  and his blog consistently generated over a million and a half readers a day until he retired in 2019. 

Charles intended to write a “tell-all” insider’s perspective on Condoland entitled Crisis in Condoland that had  to be pushed back due to the unsolicited experience introduced when Charles and his wife/business partner  of 31 years retired and bought a new home in Oakville Ontario just three quarters of an hour out of Toronto. 

So horrifically did this retirement attempt implode, thanks to corrupt people pursuing unethical agendas  relating to living in this small community of 18 homes, that just like Michael Corleone is Godfather, these  corrupt people “dragged him back in”. 

Charles is quoted saying “it would have been much easier to just sell and walk away as police suggested” but  customizing an upscale property to retire in such an ideal beach location required that he roll up his sleeves  and once again engage with distasteful people. So outrageous were these people that Charles prioritized and  pushed back “Crisis in Condoland” to teach Canadians how to protect themselves against cons bullying and  exploiting them. 

Charles tells it like no-one else can and is desperately calling all conscientious Canadians to join him in saving  Canada from itself as our civic institutions are obviously failing us. 

Justice Refused is not about writing ebooks. It is a call for all Canadians to mobilize and fix a very broken