No Problem, Challenge or Dispute Can Ever Be Resolved When One Side Refuses To Talk

Prime Minister Trudeau where ya been?

And to my fellow Canadians, I apologize that my latest couple blogs have been so lengthy but, there’s just so much going on, and it is so critical a time for all Canadians to wake up to the dichotomy that exists in our existing administration of our concept of governance.

The fact that this massive and now growing global Freedom Movement has been introduced, orchestrated and conducted peacefully by everyday hard working Canadians is notably Canada’s, and Democracy’s, last chance to save ourselves from the intellectual malfeasance that is our entire government and court system today.

The distortion of facts being perpetuated by our government and media (our primary source of social conditioning) is nothing short of embarrassing and quite frankly as a proud Canadian I find it unacceptable.

Let me once again state for the record that I am NOT simply taking any side in this, now full blown dispute between Canada’s Government and its People. This is really what it has always been about despite the media and our government working extremely hard to convince us otherwise.

There is only one side here and it’s Canada.

Let me also make it abundantly clear that it is not our democracy that is falling short. It is our governance! Yes, the highly academically educated people (that we taxpayers are paying) are clearly the ones causing all this anxiety, hostility and mayhem. It also disappoints me to see the manipulation of fact and exploitation of our existing laws that are being used that literally are against everything our democracy stands for.

The very fact that everyday Canadians demonstrating legitimate issues, has spread internationally and rapidly becoming a Global Citizen’s Rights Movement gives indisputable credibility and legitimacy to this historic event.

It comforts me to see that it is us everyday Canadians standing up for our nation, at a time when our government has observably seriously dropped the ball by creating division and introducing sides (an observable “divide and conquer” strategy). Someone has to tell the elites in parliament that we didn’t vote them into office to divide and/or conquer our country!

I’m sorry if I’m delivering any shocking news to anybody but it is our concept of governance that has proven itself seriously flawed exposing the flawed logic that have obviously been there for a very long long time.

This strategic adversarial opposition against following proven common sense rules that we’ve lived by for generations is obvious and counterproductive. Peaceful protests and respectful opposition have always been the way Canadians faced conflicts and disputes. I can’t understand why our government has chosen to fight against its own people instead of meeting with them and talking is just downright un-Canadian. Our Prime Minister and his cabinet are our employees and not our dictators.

Our government’s opening salvo was to refuse any type of constructive communication and by opening the dialogue calling the opposition to their intellectual position, “a minority fringe element” and calling these Canadians (whom they work FOR) “terrorists“, statements contradicted by unedited photographs from all across the nation showing bumper to bumper trucks traveling to the nation’s capital with literally masses of Canadians lining all the overpasses all the way from Vancouver to Ottawa in freezing temperatures to express their support of this loud but unified awakening to our established governments.

Unfortunately, our government has not only refused to recognize the common sense issues being presented, they’ve perpetuated a disappointing plan of disparagement focusing more on influencing uninformed observers by distorting truth and fact. I point out with all due respect that this is simply not the way any successful and/or effective government is expected to govern!

Unlike many Canadians, I have been doing extensive research to insure that any position or side that I may form in the confrontation dominating our politics today, it will be taken from a position of being “fully informed”. I respectfully ask all Canadians to follow this foundational logic.

The problem intensifies when realizing that our media is supporting our government’s position by wilfully not publishing factual content that can be contradicted on Rumble and other so called alternative media sites. Our conventional media is also observably guilty of publishing unsupported bias using educated, negative commentary, consisting of allegations of “intimidation, harassment, violence, etc.”. I’ve been looking hard for it but haven’t seen any supporting evidence so far.

Surely an unbiased media would have cameras and cell phones, but there is the appearance that they are relying on hearsay evidence, surely they would require that these allegations be accompanied with photo/video evidence and if not, integrity and/or professionalism would require them to not spin false news. I’ve not managed to find one swastikas or Confederate flags amongst the throngs of people flooding the streets and roadways.

All of the recent counter-intuitive efforts of our government like legal challenges, interfering with the gofundme and other funding sites, to strip these Canadians of millions of dollars voluntarily given to them by everyday Canadians, having the Ottawa Police confiscate the trucker’s gas reserves, label those participating as “terrorists”, is simply showing us that our government is consciously manipulating the truth to support what appears to becoming more obvious, which is their flawed decisions on how to account to what is rapidly becoming a majority of Canadians for their flawed and ineffective governance. Democracies, any democracy anywhere is only as sound as the level of honesty with which it is governed.

As an entrepreneur I would simply ask that the following simple questions be answered, before I would call anybody any names or make disparaging comments directed at them. It seems like “political correctness” and reality conflict.

My simple questions are as follows.

  1.  THE INTEGRITY OF THE VACCINE. I’m NOT a so-called “Anti-Vaxer” or any of the other labels being thrown around these days. I simply have NOT seen any evidence from our government that the vaccines are safe (we don’t even know what is in them) or even if the government has the legal authority to impose mandates onto our entire citizenry, forcing people to succumb to being injected with a substance that is unknown and undisclosed to them when so many reputable people are saying to do so is a breach of the Neuremberg Code. The previous Premier of Newfoundland, Brian Peckford the only remaining author of the Canadian Charter of Rights delivered a speech recently that speaks for itself. I’ve linked you to his web site that needs no clarification from me. My advise to all Canadians hold to click on the link above and read and listen to Mr. Peckford’s argument (it seems indisputable). It also seems only fundamental and foundational that this hot topic presently being argued so fiercely by our government should have been indisputably resolved prior to “90% of our citizenry being injected“. It seems reasonable for us to instruct our government to disclose the legal position we are in today with respect of our legal rights as Canadians, as those rights may possibly have already been trampled on;
  2. THE INTEGRITY OF OUR GOVERNMENT TRYING TO FORCE CITIZENS TO TAKE THE JAB. With vaccine suppliers fighting in court to hide the physical contents of the vaccines for 72 years, their position warrants serious concern, as Canadians are being required to pump an unknown substance into their bodies to be able to keep their jobs. You may not see the full issue without clicking on the link above to Premier Peckford’s site. The courts fortunately have stood up somewhat for everyday Canadians by cutting this ridiculously long time period these corporations can hide what is pumped into Canadian bodies down to 6 months. Despite this disturbing revelation, our media is saying telling us that “90% of Canadians are vaccinated”. So why even allow this disclosure to be hidden even for 200 days!?
  3. THE INTEGRITY OF WHAT IS BEING TOLD TO US. Another significant question that I have is why does our government and media present daily Covid case statistics showing how many Canadians have caught Covid or Omicron, but not including the stats showing how many of those new cases have already been previously vaccinated? Without these readily available stats (if they know the person has Omicron/Covid, they would know if they have already been vaccinated). Why is this material statistic missing. This has the appearance of misrepresentation to further cast fear among Canadians.
  4. THE LACK OF INTEGRITY INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT BEING PRESENTED BY OUR GOVERNMENT. The most logical and significant, over-riding question that should be answered is why our government is so locked into a fight with the Canadian people, when it all could have been avoided by simply responding to the will of Canadians (again it is approaching a majority surpassing 1/3rd of our population (about the same number of Canadians that voted in our latest election).

The simple answer here is that none of these readily available questions have been answered publicly and had they been answered none of this would have been called for. I don’t believe that these questions haven’t been asked though, which leads to suspicion. This suggests that our government has a mind-set that we everyday Canadians need not know the facts when this one isolated point is actually the antithesis of democracy! Thus the title of my upcoming second e-book . . . . .  Democrazy!

As always . . . . . I’m simply Charles

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