Condoland is a series of living history recordings that will outrage all proud Canadians to serve as a foundation for us to make things right in our fine country.

I fear that the corruption set out in this evidence based material is more of an indictment on our Canadian form of Democracy and/or a misguided flawed concept that education itself brings credibility and/or integrity.

I’m asking you to help me get all Canadians informed on the facts set out here as academia is failing us, our institutions are failing us. It truly is up to us.

Justice Refused
For three years Charles has followed a corrupt Ontario Lawyer who, the evidence shows, has committed numerous crimes according to Statute 140 of the Criminal Code. This jaw-dropping ebook is not about this lawyer. It is all about what has proven itself to be, a totally dysfunctional Justice System including Justices, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorneys and more unethical lawyers than Owners in this community, that has empowered this lawyer to get away with using the law and the dysfunction in our courts to reign as supreme dictator over everyone including the Mayor. This is an ebook that all Canadians MUST read if we are to save Canada from itself.


So Sayeth The Law
The corrupt conduct set out in Justice Refused by this lawyer resulted in a “warning” by the Law Society of Upper Canada. LSUC closed the complaint investigation refusing to answer requests for their basis for doing so. To my uneducated assessment this is “catch & kill”. This ebook also details conduct by over 15 lawyers ignoring their Code of Ethics for pay.     Coming Soon

Crisis In Condoland
This ebook was designed to stand alone as a confessionary of sorts showing where all the bodies are buried in the building of an entirely new concept in residential living. Void of consumer protection since day one, Condoland has been built on exploiting the consumer and continues to this day. I intended to simply chronicle my half century as King Cobra in Condoland and setting out the Pyramid Scheme upon which Condoland has been built.     Coming Soon

Condoland The Outcome
The Outcome is a history book that is not written yet. The concept behind this series is to raise sufficient money to require all offending parties set out, to answer for the extreme dysfunction. The experience of researching the facts set out in this series has taught me that something must be done and must be done right now and the only way it can possible get done right is for individual Canadians to do it ourselves. This ebook will deliver that outcome through funding law suits if necessary and subpoenas when necessary.     Coming Soon