I Just Re-Read “Faulty Towers” And Recommend That Everyone Visiting This Site Read This Journalist Article FIRST


The title pretty much says it all.  Back in 2011 I was asked to participate in this article and it came out in 2012.

It is just so well written and comprehensive that anyone contemplating investing in a Toronto condo, loft or tow house should make this a “MUST READ“.

The situation remains the same today!  I also read the “comments” and found them quite interesting and informative.

One developer apparently responded telling readers that “you might get deficiencies with a $200,000 condo but not with a $1.5 Million penthouse“.

He also tried unconvincingly to brag about “slabs being reduced to 8” from 18″ apparently unaware of the causes of sound attenuation issues.  He obviously didn’t want to allow logic or common sense to interfere with his perspective.

I bought a million and half condo at Churchill Park by Towerhill and it was worst than a lot of $200,000 condos I’ve seen.

I had other clients buy at Churchill Park and end up offended with the rude manner by which the developer dealt with them.

I specialize these days on finding quality units in quality buildings in the downtown core.  I’m always happy to assist anyone looking at jumping into this game.  It is a game that you’ve got to know a great deal about before just jumping in.

Trust me, I know all the best condos in the city.

The Building Code itself must be fixed.  The Condo Act must be fixed.  Tarion Warranty must be fixed.  The property management fiasco must be fixed.  The board of directors fiasco must be fixed.  The only thing that is fixed “IS THE GAME” and the game is fixed at the consumer’s expense!

The author of Faulty Towers  .  .  .  .  .  Trouble In Condo Land” has put together a dynamite article that is as meaningful a read today as it was three years ago!

I’m Charles


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