I’m Not Sold On Education Leading To Integrity, Ethics or Credability


It is funny to me that we all assume that the educated in our society of today means that they are somehow more credible or trustworthy.

But then, you look at the educational credentials of lawyers presently serving jail terms, doctors caught issuing illegal prescriptions, fund traders setting up Ponzi schemes, and you realize that integrity is not something that is built into any educational program.

I’m not sure if integrity is something that we are simply born with, develop from social modelling or fluke, but I don’t see formal education bringing it to the various professions.

I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with doctors, who despite huge compensation for achieving their educational credentials, haven’t been able to figure basic things that have been with me for decades.

Researching them, as a result of my frustrations over a lack of improvement over an extended period of time, I have learned that they know absolutely nothing about nutrition.

And much worse than that, according to a highly acclaimed physician in America who’s web site (“17 Years Ahead“) informs that “even approved medical developments take 17 years to be accepted by the medical community“.

This tells me that visits to my doctors are at best getting medical advise that is almost two decades “stale dated“!

Other than getting them the “gig” their education seems to have ceased when they graduated.

I’ve been fighting what they have diagnosed as a high TCH level in my blood, which to them says that my Thyroid is out of whack.

After listening to Dr Kent Holtorf’s  UTube session, and found that this “physician” says that “the TCH Test is the most ‘flawed’ test in medicine” and that if you are testing for Thyroid problems “you want to as the doctor if they are familiar with the Revers T3 test and if they are not familiar with it . . . .  find another doctor“!

Doctors do not read Medical Journals” according to Dr. Holtorf and “you therefore are getting stale dated medical advise“!

Other highly educated professions disappoint me as well.

My blogs over the past decade and a half about Condo Land have brought me a constant barrage of letters from litigators (highly educated lawyers) threatening to sue me for “Defamation” (Slander and/or Liable).

Seeing these highly educated people apply their professions to “lying for pay” to get honest commentary that I feel is important to consumers buying/investing in condos (average price is a half million dollars) to be unavailable, is to me, downright offensive.

I just dealt with another one of these parasites last week when I profiled an issue written in to me by a consumer who had very serious issues relating to a property manager/superintendent of a condo being fired by a property management company following his being charged with “assault and assault with a weapon“!

Her complaint is that they hired him back at another condo under their management recently, after he allegedly was criminally charged again in the condo that he moved onto after being fired!

Within 48 hours of publishing this consumer’s plight, I received Notice from this supposedly reputable law firm, falsely alleging that my blog constituted Libel.

Now, we all know that my blog did not contain anything libellous, but, they serve this Notice not only on me but also onto my Broker (of the company with whom I have parked my license), knowing that my contract with him requires that I have to pay for his lawyer when anything like this arises.

That’s the game and it’s much more than just a Condo Game.

I historically have handled all such frivolous law suits, usually by running up the offending developer’s bill with his lawyer (after all, all they are after is the money) by returning long winded answers and requiring that they “state with specificity any/all content in my blog that they deem to be defamatory” and giving them written assurances that “I will remedy anything that they set out to contain anything libellous“.

I’ve already been to the dance with this property management company a number of times and, at this point, I simply don’t want to invest the time energy and/or personal intellectual resources to play with them so I simply removed the blog and sent notice to them and to my broker (who had already contacted me).

I am, by no means, suggesting that there is anything wrong with “education“, but the concept that “educated people bring with them ethics, integrity or anything other than proof that the holder can take a course and pass a test” is simply factually inaccurate.

I regret not having gotten a formal education but my relatively misspent youth led me down a different road.

I’ve struggled as a result but achieved my goals and an now in the process of retiring from real estate to allow me to publish a couple of books that I simply cannot write while holding a real estate license.

Somehow, some where I developed this inert persuasion to ethics that simply doesn’t allow me to channel my sales skill into anything that I do not “whole heartedly believe in“.

I have found this to be a very unique trait in the real estate business, in the sales business, and in our capitalistic society as a whole.

And I have absolutely no idea (especially based on my misspent youth and lack of formal education) where or how it could have entered my psyche but, somehow it did.

I’ve gotten to where I am today by never compromising my integrity.

And that’s why I am so offended when I see all these highly educated people using their education in such a shallow, socially unacceptable way.

I’m Charles


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