I’ve Pretty Much Had To Give Up On The Medical Community And Now Understand Why They Call Doctor’s Businesses “Practices”


They say that if you practice something enough you eventually will get good at it.

Well, with all the millions on millions of dollars that has been poured into our medical industry, it seems obvious to me that we should do a cost benefit analysis.

Almost twenty years ago I developed what I assumed to be a common medical ailment and went to a doctor.

For some unknown reason to me I had developed a constant mucous problem so I did the logical thing and went to a doctor.

I’ve never been one much for going to doctors having caught on the the “health food craze“, as society chooses to paraphrase it, following the logic that has worked so well for me with my car which is that “if you put quality fuel in, you will get better mileage and performance“.

This really is one of those “duh moments” when you digest the simplicity of health.

We, especially us North Americans, constant pour poor quality (from a nutritional perspective) and contaminated fuel into our body and expect peak performance and then can’t understand it when the machine breaks down.

Give the health food argument the benefit of the doubt and take a serious look at what it is that you are pouring into your body every day.

The daily cocktails of prescribed drugs, most of which carrying warnings about side effects, should be enough to dispel any misgivings about the garbage that we challenge our systems to deal with every day and why our systems fail.

So I’ve worked very hard over the years to not abuse my system and am continually bewildered when I realize how much stress I still put on my machine every day and I try to juxtapose the position that the decided majority who don’t give their health a thought take, and all I hear and see is “CANCER”.

So this year, at 66 years of age I decided to do a complete health check up, from having my friend and physician look up my behind (to check out my prostate), to blood tests, and a complete physical.

I attend my doctor once every decade by not contaminating my body with alcohol, chemical drugs, tobacco, sugar, refined foods, junk food, fast food, while committing to a regimented gym workout every mooring at 5:00 a.m.

I haven’t found many people my age who have ever stuck to such a disciplined regiment at any point of their lives let alone at retirement age.

My problem is that I don’t see myself at any age!

I feel fantastic every day, no body or joint pain, no illnesses, no aches, pains or complaints.

When we did my blood test, Ken’s (my doctor) position was that “stress” was to be avoided at all costs.

He told me that I should get a “colonoscopy” due to my age, telling me that “everyone over 50 should have one“.

It seemed like a rather strange “badge of honour for semi-centurians” to me but, realizing that Ken and I have been friends moreso than doctor/client, I thought I should take my friend’s professional advice (we’ve been doing this for over 40 years) and visit the new (to me) frontier in video production.

In my lay man’s ignorance of medicine, 20 years ago when I first developed my symptom (constant thick mucous forming in my throat) I had suggested having me simply spit on a piece of glass and have the medical community tell me what it consists of and where it would have come from or what was causing it and voila, we’d have the cure.

Well, apparently all the medical sophistication available to us, simply can’t work that way.

Ken sent me to an ear, nose and eye specialist, who put me into a huge donut like machine as radio actively looked at my entire body and immediately came up with what he said was the cause of my problem.

He would have to operate by going up my nose into a small cavity in my lower forehead and clean it out.  I regrettably took his advise and had the operation which did absolutely nothing for my problem.

I concluded that possibly the fillings in my teeth were at fault so I had all the fillings removed and the dentist suggested that I see a doctor that she recommended highly.  My dentist has been working on my teeth for almost four decades and I value her opinion highly so I met with her recommended doctor.

His first words out of his mouth when I told him of the CRT scan and operation was to call those doctors “butchers” assuring me that my problem had nothing whatsoever to do with the procedure that they did.

I didn’t find that very reassuring but went with his steroid program and again, with no result.  When I suggested another round of steroids he refused, leaving me with my problem and the bill to redo all of my fillings.

I then went to a Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist, and I think even a witch doctor and all without result.

I switched to an Aeyurvetic diet (the best food in the world is Indian and their diet is all about fooding being your medicine).

I’ve spent the past three months seeing more doctors than I’ve seen in the past thirty years!

I’ve done blood tests, heart tests, circulator tests, repeating many of these numerous times.

My original blood tests shows a high TSH level suggesting that I was “low in iron” and high cholesterol.

I decided to follow through on the colonoscopy but, being somewhat of a “germophobe” realizing the rather invasiveness of having a camera inserted into your rectum and channel its way through your intestines while being rendered unconscious just did not sit right with me.

But I decided to put my phobias aside and do the “medically recommended procedure“.

When I arrived at the Rudd clinic, in what appears to be a dilapidated old office building in Toronto’s Chinatown, and stepped off the elevator to see the wall paper scrolling up the wall, alarm bells started going off in my brain!

I decided to persevere and entered a waiting rooms that to me closely represented a refugee centre with people coughing and hacking while they waited for their turn on the assembly line.

I was about to exit the room from running out of oxygen as my system literally wants to shut down when it realizes it is being threatened by germs, when my name was called and I was ushered into a little room where a student doctor (I think) put me through a 100 question survey of my health.

As I sat there rhyming off “no” to every symptom question, I realized that I don’t have any systems, just low iron and high cholesterol!

When we finished the getting to know you questionnaire and not a single flash point in any of my answers I was whisked off to another room where I was hooked up to all sorts of heart monitoring devices and another flood of health questions.

Again, every answer was void of any indicator of any health issue.

They explained that I would be sedated (knocked out) and my alarm bells went into overdrive!

There was obviously risk associated with this medical procedure, one from the device being inserted into your body and channeled throughout your entire large intestine (apparently it only looks there and not in any other places including organs or the small intestine and not comprehensively at that).

I kept asking for specific numbers relating to “risk” and it was like begging for “canned responses“!

I decided to not go through with the colonoscopy due to the risk inherent to the procedure as well as the risk inherent with being “knocked out” (sedated).

Since then I’ve done a great deal of research on the Internet and discovered that physicians are telling us that the TSH Test is “the most unreliable test on the market and should not be relied upon“!

One website had an America doctor exposing that the “medical community is 17 years behind itself”, in that “even with approved new technologies and approaches to medical advancement, it takes 17 years for the medical community to use it“!

Say what!!!

And the sixty something doctor I’ve been seeing is said to not have even read the latest medical journals announcing the latest developments, I’m left to wonder what generation of medicine I’m actually dealing with here!

All I’ve seen is a massive conveyor belt leading consumers into medical procedures that are physically intrusive and resulting carry “risk“, not to mention a huge cash cow industry for doctors, based on tests that are known to be ineffectual and/or inaccurate!

And this is where all those tax payer dollars are going under the banner of OHIP.

The 17 Years Behind Doctor is a thyroid specialist (my problem resulting from the Xtest) who warns us to “ask any doctor that is evaluating our thyroid if they use the “Reverse T3” test and if they don’t know what you are talking about  .  .  .  .  find another doctor“.

I haven’t been able to find one that is!

I took some “iron supplements“, had another blood test and my iron was “excellent” according to the doctor and I still don’t have any symptoms so, I’ll pass on the whole deal!

So much for our Canadian socialized medicine.

I’m Charles




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