If you’ve followed my blogs over the past two decades you know that I am a very proud Canadian that has been blessed throughout my career running all over the globe due to being an uneducated and never-employed entrepreneur.

The one assuring thing that has always been front and center in my global travels was the pride of knowing and hearing about our unique reputation for integrity we Canadians have been known for.

Simply stated, the evidence that presents itself in this first “must read ebook … “Justice Refused”, (the first in the series entitled ”Condoland”) is first and foremost built on irrefutable hard copy evidence from the offending parties own email addresses.

So indisputable and overpowering is its message and accompanying evidence Justice Refused shows how flagrantly corrupt our institutions have been allowed to become. Justice Refused is an actual, “real life Reality Show based solely on documented fact.

Lacking in formal education and having never had a job (I’ve always been a straight commission salesman selling my own unique ideas) and now successfully retired I’ve always had to “deal with the real”.

Of all the wild and bazaar corrupt conduct filling the pages of Justice Refused is expressly the real deal that was plopped into my lap by what the evidence shows to be a morally bankrupt individual that possesses a law degree that she uses as her weapon of choice in the battle zone she calls her home.

Now, this is precisely the type of con that the world that I was limited to thrives on and you can believe me when I tell you that I’ve been exposed to many of the very best in their craft and yet managed to survive unscathed.

But this first ebook “Justice Refused” isn’t about this tragic individual who is seen corrupting our community, our municipality, its courts, police, Justices, Crown Attorneys, Lawyers to mention but a few of our tax payer funded institutions that have proven themselves dysfunctional, failing while remaining absolutely opposed to accepting any thought that their actions may constitute serious violations of their duty and obligation to honest everyday consumers.

I am primarily trying to reach Canadian patriots and inviting you to join me in a monumental effort to fix what is proven here to be a very broken system. 

The costs to fix this are substantial and each institution has adamantly refused to even look at the detailed evidence presented in Justice Refused. 

I’m asking everyone that reads this blog (Canadians and everyone else) to get your copy of this critically important ebook series and thereby help offset the costs to take on our country’s judicial system that shows itself corrupted, our municipal government that shows itself corrupted, our police agencies obviously unable to investigate documented criminal conduct (according to Statute), Deputy Crown Attorneys throwing out legitimate cases acknowledging not having read the evidence, Crown lawyers under that Deputy Crown Attorney, while acknowledging on the record to “not having read the evidence” agreeing with a mind-boggling Justice’s efforts to push an honest consumer into accepting a Peace Bond based on absolutely no evidence presented to her!

What I’ve been watching here in Oakville after spending in excess of a million dollars to purchase a home where my wife/business partner of over three decades could enjoy our very well deserved retirement after a highly stressful career running all over the continent and globe.

I will use the money resulting from selling these ebooks to establish a Foundation to protect innocent Canadians which you will learn is NOT what is available to them today anywhere in Condoland despite there being a Condo Act (law), Tarion, Condo Authority, municipal governments, etc misrepresented as being in place.

You will see, in actual, hard copy evidence, how one rather amateurish con has managed to successfully pull off a rather adolescent scheme by bullying and threatening the Mayor and his subordinates, mystifying Court Justices with fabricated sworn complaints, Crown Attorney’s admitting not having read evidence but supporting a Justice attempting to get the innocent party to accept a Peace Bond, right up to the Attorney General for the Province of Ontario and not a single institution would even listen to this well articulated and Indexed “evidence” being hand delivered to them.

And more damaging, the offending party is a lawyer! And when taken before the regulatory body allegedly overseeing law professional’s ethics and conduct, this outrageous and by Statute 140 of the criminal code “criminal” conduct was somehow deemed acceptable conduct by an Ontario lawyer!

And when their seriously flawed conclusion to close a legitimate complaint file was Appealed, the alleged appeals Judge with explosive new video evidence showing this corrupt lawyer staging a false event being recorded by the corrupt lawyer’s best friend, (also a lawyer) that included a physical assault, (not battery but an assault) found in favor of offending lawyer. Neither the LSUC or the Appeals Judge would comply with requests for an explanation.

My question is simple. Is this the best that we Canadians (or anyone for that matter) are left to accept in return for our tax dollars? 

When cons discover fertile ground (such as a dysfunctional court system) they will exploit it and Justice Refused is a living chronology of a system on the brink of no return. And when you see these morally bankrupt people dragging their own adolescent children into their cons alleging innocent people being “Perverts pursuing their children”, well you can see where they are taking integrity in our once proud society and nation.

I’m not asking you to buy into my story as to be totally honest with you, I simply would rather not have one to share. 

I’m sharing this true life tragedy with you for your sake and the sake of our nation and future generations of it! 

If you own or live in condominium of any definition you absolutely must read this book. If you are a Realtor … you absolutely have to read this book. If you are a Canadian or global citizen that cares about integrity and honesty and democracy you have to read this book.

Proceeds from this ebook series will be used to make all of this right! 

I’m asking you to please get and read the book and then, once you’ve convinced yourself of the importance of what you find in it, please simply help me spread the word to all your friends, family, contacts, business associates when you see the reality through my eyes from my accidental front row seat. 

If, after reading, you feel that the C$20 you’ve invested isn’t worth it or going to a good cause, show me its downfall and I’ll give you your money back. 

This is not about the money! It’s all about the integrity of our proud country and the only party (I’ve taken it to absolutely everyone in a position to do something for years and not even a nibble) that can possibly save it from itself is us every day citizens.

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