TD Bank In America Is The Most Incompetent Bank (actually business) That I Have Ever Encountered


Snowbird Alert!

If you are contemplating spending time in America the bank to STAY AWAY FROM IS TD BANK!

We’ve just another senseless waste of time into this incompetent and unprofessional excuse for a bank.

Never, when we had an open account with them did we ever go into the bank without listening to customers complain of the poor (almost non-existent) service.  It’s amazing to me that a subsidiary of Canada’s second largest bank (TD Canada Trust) can function so incompetently.

So, in April of this year we sold our winter home in Florida and notified the bank that no more automatic withdrawals were authorized to the HOA (“Home Owner’s Association”) due our having sold the home.

We notified our property manager (Crest Property Management – yet another dysfunctional and incompetent outfit based on their track record of dealing with us on this one simple issue) but they dropped the ball and took our April maintenance fee as well as the same fee from the new owner.

We then had to notify the board of directors and arrange to have the money returned to us after having been unable to get the property manager to understand what the issue was.  The board did return our money after weeks of our having to be patient.

I had stopped into the local branch TD Bank on Hillsboro Avenue in Deerfield Beach Florida but the rude representative would not co-operate and was so arrogant that I simply walked away concluding to never again deal with this dysfunctional institution.

So they then, a month later, allowed another improper auto withdrawal to the HOA from an account that was CLOSED a month prior!

And then they sent me letter this month saying that once again my account (yes the closed account) was overdrawn.  When the account was open we did not have overdraft protection but now that it’s been closed it seems that the bank wants to extend us “the courtesy of overdraft protecction” along with fees adding up to over $20 per incident (on a CLOSED BANK ACCOUNT).

We just wasted another hour trying to explain logic and common sense to a supervisor at the bank who apparently is functioning in a position well above her pay grade.

The most disappointing aspect of this entire unacceptable experience is having to spend the unacceptable amount of time on the phone (over 2 hours today listening to clone-like voices recite rhyme and reason socially conditioned into them under the banner of “customer service training”), trying to get this obviously highly untrained staff to understand what it is that is going on here.

They send you a seemingly innocuous letter informing you that if you don’t pay them (for their incompetence) that your file “will be handed over to a collection agency” despite you having closed the account.

When the account was open, we had no overdraft protection and actually faced penalties during the time we had the account open for inadvertently allowing a cheque (or check as Americans spell it) to bounce.  So no overdraft protection when the account was open but after closing the account (I went personally to the bank to instruct them that we had sold the property and would no longer have need of a bank account but the representative representing himself as a manager was so rude I just left) the bank takes it upon themselves to grant overdraft protection ON A CLOSED ACCOUNT and then harass us months after closing the account for them having paid the incompetent property manager who continue trying to double bill maintenance fees for the sold property.  This is not simply incompetence on TD Bank’s behalf, it is downright dysfunctional and who want to entrust their money (and time, energy and resources) to a dysfunctional bank!

So I must close off by saying that after being a client with the TD Bank for over 6 years and never having seen a bit of customer service or common sense, manners or politeness, that I am issuing this Snowbird Alert.

I had a similar experience in frustration trying to send them mortgage clients a few years back to the point that I simply gave up!

So, snowbirds, if you are intending to open a bank account in Florida the best advise that I can give you is to stay away from TD Bank.

You can put lipstick on a pig  .  .  .  .  . but it’s still a pig!

I’m Charles Hanes

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