“Intellectual Integrity” Lost . . . Not Just In Condoland, But In Today’s North American Culture


I’ve never been one to lament over my lack of formal education and there’s many a high priced litigator out there that would validate that I’ve never not prevailed in a dispute with them.

Many developers in Condoland are lawyers (they prove to be the worst) and I’ve done alright fighting with a number of them that have tried to sue me for liable over my decades in the business exposing them for what I see as deplorable conduct in the way they treat buyers.

I don’t see all developers as villainous characters, just most.

To be honest there are a few decent developers/builders in Condoland but the “system” is just so rigged that they have to compromise when it comes to delivering a “quality product” as lacking regulation, the residential condo industry is based solely on “lowest-bid contracts” with serious “Underground Economy” participation.

That’s all I am saying in what may (wrongly) appear to some to be scathing reports on Condoland.

I’m the only person that I know that knows all the problems here and without being aware of all the problems, trying to address any will prove yet another fruitless endeavour.

Let me say it as clearly as possible:  “Consumers are being systematically ripped off in Condoland“!

Just search here on my blog for “Oakville” and you will be able to see a real world, real time Case Study that clearly shows that there is absolutely no protection for consumers, despite representing that there is “tremendous consumer protection“.

That’s simply not the case!

It is intellectually improbable that all or any of the players don’t know that this is true, but no-one wants or intends to “upset the apple cart“.

After all, Condoland is a top contributor to employment in the Province, not to mention in the Municipalities.

All that employment boosts the economy and fuels the consumer economy that we have to sustain or suffer a downturn.

Canadians are at an all time high with regard to “consumer debt“, but in a consumer driven economy, “debt is good” seems to be the dysfunctional mantra.

This reminds me of Gordon Gecko in Wall Street preaching that “Greed is Good” as debt is a foundational component or result of greed in my opinion.

And despite layers and layers of tax revenues, every level of our government carry huge debt, or “deficits” as those highly educated accountants and auditors have tried to commercialize the concept.

Condoland, ladies and gentlemen, is simply a microcosm of our great North American society, where the decided majority of Federal Governments,  Provincial Governments, State Governments, Municipal Governments, school boards, hospitals, infrastructure, right down to the individual consumer, is so over-spent and “under-water” that the continent is literally “balancing on a thread“!

So much for all that  alleged “educational expertise” allegedly being applied to simply managing our societies.

Debt has become “the norm” whereas people like me, who pay their bills and have sworn an oath to “pay no interest” have become a decided minority.

If you are looking for the “secret to success“, it all always starts right here!  And I’ll save you tons of money buying all those books, CDs etc.   Get rid of interest payments and your life becomes manageable immediately.

Interest is a “curse”.

I’ve debated my position with economists and MBA’s with Finance Degrees and am always amused to hear their philosophical perspectives using such academia as “leverage“, “negative financing“, and all those other University adjectives that fundamental suggest strengthening your physical situation in life by flushing income down the drain every month!

I pay zero interest every month (zero mortgage interest, zero credit card debt interest, zero car payment interest . . . . . . zero).

I own my home and car and pay my credit cards off every month in full.

I don’t drink or smoke cigarettes having given up my last hold out (“Cuban cigars”) a couple years back.

I’m expecting to be, “old” for a very long time which does not seem to be a pre-occupation with much of our North American population (confuses the hell out of me!).

And the only way to be “old” is to be healthy.

Health” and “wealth” don’t just sound alike.

They go hand in hand.

So, what I’m getting at is, “possibly our social programming has intellectually misled us“.

I’ve said before that there really are no villains out there, and I believe that the Case Study that I am still unfolding with respect to that real life situation where consumers have been railroaded into living in construction site and mess when contracts were in place specifically that were toprotect them from this happening“!

All of the dysfunction by all those highly educated politicians, lawyers, planners, architects, municipal staff, etc., pours huge cash flows into everyone’s bank with the notable exception of the “Consumer (and the consumer is the ONLY ONE PUTTING UP ANY MONEY) IS SHAMEFUL”!

It is my theory that our society forfeited integrity consciously and willingly when the concept of consumer driven economies and/or capitalism materialized.

No-one has been looking at the “big picture” and everyone has been doing their best to do their jobs but their jobs are based on an illusion that what has been built must be flawless (or someone would have to admit that Condoland and our North American way of life is really just a license to “scam“).

Donald Trump is presently in court defending himself in three individual law suits for Fraud!

Hillary Clinton is facing potential charges for having used their Foundation for personal gain while Secretary of State.

Scam, ladies and gentlemen is alive and well and has gained socially engrained social acceptance of the concept of scamming.

What is “marketing” anyway.

We talk about “putting a spin” on things and hire people based on their “ability to distort the facts into a positive light“. That’s called lying where I come from!

Have a look at Trump’s new Campaign Manager, a very talented “spin doctor” (socially acceptable way of saying “can turn the facts on their head and come out sounding positive)”!

Again, where I live, that’s called lying and it is professionally offensive to me as a professional salesman because most people think all salespeople are liars (reality is that it is  . . .  not all!).

I can tell you that marketing people in Condoland instinctively (possibly even academically) believe that lying is one of the foundational components in marketing and selling.

Do you know the difference between a conman and a salesperson?

Don’t feel bad  . . .   most people don’t.

The difference rests with intent.

A professional salesperson gets paid for “helping people buy things that they need“.

I stopped recommending my global buyer clients investing in Condoland a few years back now specifically because I could no longer put them into investments that I was not prepared to make myself.

In my upcoming E-book “Crisis in Condoland” I will set out the entire complex shell game that is Condoland.

The ultimate dysfunction in Condoland is that in the end, after being exploited the entire way through the buying process, delivery process, and post delivery process of a materially flawed product, the consumer can still make a profit!

Isn’t that like a drug?

This sounds great until you realize that all that consumer is doing is “knowingly passing on a deficient product“!

Once you catch on to the looming Window Wall catastrophe you will comprehend what “deficient product” really means.

Integrity is not something that carries much weight in society any more.

Just look down south and you will see the only two candidates for President as allegedly lacking in integrity, yet one will become The Leader of the Free World!

I’m Charles





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