Life In Condoland And Life Out There In The Real World, Seem To Boil Down to The Same Thing . . . Illusion


I would think it an understatement to say that I’m intellectually disappointing with our world in general.

The human being is such a marvellous biological machine that functions at such a dysfunctional level that “disappointment” is really the only emotion I can express.

Man has accomplished such magnificent feats that it is mesmerizing, yet is simultaneously guilty of such stupidity within the very same discipline!

Take medicine for example.  Doctors can perform such intricate and mind-blowing surgeries, yet the average family practitioner knows nothing about nutrition.

We raise billions of dollars from charitable donations to fight cancer while we make ourselves into “walking toxic sludge depositories” when it comes to what we are satisfied putting into, onto and around our body.

Despite Billions on Billions of dollars spent on decades of research into it, cancer (for example), still spreads like wildfire!

What exactly are all those diseases like cancer anyway?

Lacking in formal education I have to admit that I have no scientific explanations.

But “common sense” tells me that taking a biological human body and pouring and endless stream of chemicals, through the food we consumer, to the water we bath, drink, and brush our teeth in, to the toothpaste we brush them with, through preservatives, sweeteners and the like, not to mention alcohol, nicotine, pharmaceutical drugs for everything from losing weight to keeping calm (and a never ending list of others, most carrying warnings about their possibility of killing you) is a definite possibility as to where these so-called cancers may come from to me.

Want to sleep?  Take a chemical pill.

Want to lose weight?  Take a chemical pill.

Want to quit smoking, lesson anxiety, clear up your skin?  Take a chemical pill.

And many people are taking daily cocktails of multiples of these!

Let’s parallel the human body with the car that we drive.  Have you ever heard of someone putting granulated sugar into a car’s gas tank (this is why gas tank covers lock).  The punch line is that is kills the engine.

Try burning granulated sugar and watch it turn into a blob of black sludge like tar!

Our body proves more resilient as it takes years of this personal abuse to get to the “cancer” stage it seems, but “kill the engine” it does.

It seems that we have an abundance of laws to protect us, yet with full knowledge of the killing affect of nicotine (for but one example) we pass laws allowing smokers to pollute the lungs of innocent passers-by via “second hand smoke” (proven more lethal that first hand smoke) through requiring these “cancer stick inhalers“, to stand on the streets to smoke.

So what about our (non-smokers) rights?

In Condoland, we have government agencies and related organizations assuring consumers that there “are protections in place for them when buying a condo“, (Condo Act, Tarion Warranty, Building Code, etc.) while builders and developers are allowed to orchestrate totally fabricated web sites to convince consumers to buy from them.

These developers have lots of money and use the highest paid ad agencies to orchestrate these well-worded “advertorial” (editorial looking) propaganda pages.

And their brochures are total fabrications, yet despite all the ranting and raving about consumer protections, no-one has ever seen fit to suggest that they stop flagrantly misleading the public.

We all know what “bait and switch” is, but no-one connects it to Condoland as “the industry is so well regulated” (NOT!) in the perception of the consumers.

It is always amusing to me to see the fundamental shell-game consumers minds play when buying a home.

That “emotional connection” manifests the concept of how they “are buying this flawless product from a builder that legitimately cares about them” when in fact, the builders are strictly focused on bottom line profits.

The threshold between concept and reality is so vast, that it simply cannot be bridged even after multiple purchases.

Builders don’t care about “reputations” especially these days when they can hang a sign on a property and a line-up forms immediately to buy.

Condoland, where it is perceived that “homes” are being sold, has become an “illusion“, and is more accurately “an unregulated future market” for investment speculators.

And it’s a difficult one to actually lose at despite the product being materially flawed in almost every way as the investor simply “flips” the unit on to another unsuspecting buyer for a profit!

And that buyer, once they’ve caught on to the “dog suite” that they bought into, simply sells it to another unsuspecting buyer, and well the beat goes on.

And when you understand the high rise condo Window Wall Crisis that is about to hit condo owners throughout the Province, you will come to see that all condo units in Condoland these days are “dog suites“.

Why do you think there are so many “resale” condos on the market at all times?

With so many speculators flipping units or planning on holding them as income properties, Pre-Delivery Inspections (for example) are frequently ignored and most condos can’t get enough attendance at the Annual General Meetings to even have a “quorum” (legal requirement to hold the meeting)!

These mismanaged glass towers have the potential to shatter dreams of unfortunate consumers owning them when the Window Wall Crisis hits!

Bottom line is that all those glass walls in condos built since 2000 come with a published life span of around 15 – 20 years meaning that the crisis is already here!

Condoland is full of condos that have never accounted for this “envelope replacement” and hasn’t even considered how such a mass replacement of window walls could be orchestrated.

Occupants would have to move out (you can’t have people living in units with the exterior walls removed!

We’ve already seen a shocking number of Twenty Million Dollar and up law suits over “moisture barriers” failing in Toronto’s high-rises (read “Trouble in Condoland”/”Faulty Towers” in Toronto Life Magazine).

Let’s see who pays when all these window wall systems start to fail.

And don’t be fooled thinking that you condo building may have been spared as odd are it has not.

Even if it’s only a handful of years new, if these window wall systems were install incorrectly that posted life span can drop by half or more giving owners a 7 year window!

Construction of residential condo buildings remains unregulated in Ontario and as such is exposed to “minimum bid” contracts that feed off of Ontario multi-billion Underground Economy in the construction industry.

And when you realize that all builders have to meet are “the minimum requirements set out in the building code“, well you know that even the best buildings get a “C” grade (all others are D’s and F’s).

The Underground Economy does not require training of installer (for example) so the odds of having proper installation are very slim.

Search “Window Wall” here at and you will be an informed consumer on window wall, which is a Crisis about to unfold in Condoland.

And unless something drastic is done about all of this, nothing is going to change.

I’m Charles





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