When You Buy In Condoland You Are Volunteering To Live Amongst Renters


Now, if you are not aware of this earth shattering reality, let me share a little reality with you.

Renters do not concern themselves with “pride of ownership“, thus they stand apart from owners like a whole different breed!

And the majority of condo buyers in Condoland are speculators many of whom intending to rent out their units.

So what you end up with is a brand new rental building that you’ve bought your home in!

I’ve been somewhat amazed to see that in all these years of this situation developing, no-one has given any thought or concern to all those legitimate buyers who are in search for that “special place” called home.

It really wouldn’t have been difficult for the powers to be to figure out that we should have “owner-only” condos, where if you don’t intend to live in your unit, you simply sell it.

That would be far to logical for Condoland.

So, instead we have a situation where legitimate owners simply get to own their units but must live like and amidst renters.

You can usually see by their conduct who is an owner and who is a renter.

And, it’s not that ownership always delivers “pride“, as I’ve lived in a number of condos where owners seem predetermined to abuse the rules and regulations as opposed to setting the example of respecting the rules, building, and occupants.

In one of my rental properties, that I’ve been using while my new home is being built in Oakville, we have an owner who seems to be fixated on breaking rules as opposed to helping the condo maintain a standard of living that you would expect from an owner.

He wears flip flops with no socks to the gym each morning despite it being clearly posted that “proper attire required” (including socks and running shoes).

He brings his own remote for the televisions and frequently screws them up with his own personal settings.

He unlocks a second exit door despite there being a large sign saying “do not use“.

He used to bring his own window opener and opened all the windows (despite them all having been intentionally removed by management) while the air conditioners whirled away eating up the efficiency of the condo’s budgets.

This is the same guy that built a trailer-park type plastic slide and pick nick table in front of his house, piling tons of junk at his front door (which he actually thought was his back door).

Disappointingly, this guy is not so unique.

In another condo we had a guy insisting that owners should be allowed to park in the visitor parking spaces, and thereby having no guest parking for owners while the designated spot that he owned sat empty.

But it’s really the abuse and mistreatment of renters that bugs me the most and I can’t get property managers to understand that ignoring the abuse simply perpetuates the problem.

I think owners and renters should have differentiating identity badges or fobs, so fellow owners can know who they are, and be able to notify the security staff of renters abusing their property.

It is shocking to me the disrespect people have for their surroundings and toward others these days!

The more shocking thing is that property management can’t figure out what to do about it.

I have it figured out.

Fire the property management company that makes a quarter million dollars a year and get one that knows how to impose rules and regulations that are so clearly posted throughout the place.

The board of directors spent tons of our reserve funds to invite renters (elaborate gym facility, new cabinets for elevators, video cameras throughout the building and grounds that none of the security guards appear to watch) because the board is led by a guy (since the building registered eight years ago) that doesn’t live in the building but rather owns a unit and rents it out.

Something has got to be done as it is simply stupid for consumers to spend their hard earned money only to end up living in what equates to a rental building.

I’m Charles

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