Wow!!! Three Lawyers Attacking Me At One Time!!! I Must Be Doing Something Right!!!

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to blog as I’m re-spending the time to fix up all the dysfunctional workmanship introduced into my new home, trying to fix the mess that this dysfunctional builder materialized while mismanaging the condo corporation for the 2 years during which he exploited his buyers by having them move into his construction zone by hiding the subdivision agreement that he was legally obligated to give them in their 10 Day Rescission Period when buying!

To take on the full supervision of the completion of this home (it would have been a total mess if my wife and I had not imposed the right to do so onto this inept, incompetent and untrustworthy builder) has taken great chunks of time, energy and resources and my blog has suffered as a result.

I had been blogging over the previous three or four months about this outrageously offensive example of consumer exploitation in million dollar homes in Oakville.

The Builder(s) (there are 3) having been doing what builders consistently do here in Ontario’s Condoland, which is exploiting consumers at pretty well every front to grab millions of dollars in profits by “selling dreams while being allowed to deliver nightmares“.

They will defend themselves with the same old deception of “well, the homes went up in value thereby paying to owner“.  What they don’t do is finish that sentence to disclose “while we grabbed outrageous profits for being allowed to play the very common and deceptive shell game called “Bait and Switch”.

I’m not opposed to people making money, and I am legitimately thankful that Canada has offered me, the old-guy version of an uneducated borderline street-kid, a playing field where even I, and people like me can prosper (even though I had to pick up an move to Asian to learn how to do it).

So, now as we have entered what has long been thought to be the final phase of the exploitation, when your home actually legally becomes your home, and you learn about all that “laminate countertop” that was not mentioned in the glitzy brochures, or those old fashion “large ugly above-mount sinks in countertops that you have to upgrade to stone”, the “low, hollow core interior doors“, and ongoing endless list of low end products that you now have to upgrade yourself.

My four decades of condo experience gives me a unique approach to buying as I knew about all the bait and switch games right out of the box and it has stayed the same since.

Actually out of an entire career stemming four decades I recall only a couple developers that actually aspired to deliver the product that they were selling.

The Reichmann’s Queen’s Quay Residences are the distinct “poster child” when looking from or at this perspective.

So with the Turn Over Meeting (as you can read by searching “Oakville” on for all the gory details) having come and gone with the new volunteer board overwhelmed with the usual lack of information, documentation, and all that stuff stipulated in the Condo Act . . . NOT TURNED OVER, I do what I do and report on it.

Actually I have not just reported on it but I have created a comprehensive Case Study for our Government to be able to academically (left on its own our Government will actually want to just approach this academically) consider fixing this mess, but my optimism has never been too grandiose as, despite what seems logical to me, “that our Government would actually be there to protect the best interests of the consumer“, the actual contrary is the norm in Condoland!

The first thing that always happens when I publish the truth here on (I keep telling these lawyers if “they stop telling lies about me I will stop telling the truth about them“) is that I expose a builder’s egregious conduct (you have no idea  .  .  .    until you read that is, just how systematic and systemic the “exploitation” is, and then the litigators come snapping at my heels.

In this instance, the first lawyer (contrary to one of these sad souls who appears fixated on false allegations in print that “I HATE lawyers“.  I don’t use words or entertain emotions that align with this type of unfortunate dialogue) representing the property management company that had just days before the turn-over meeting entered into a back-dated three year, almost impossible to get-out-of, renewing contract that virtually gave full control of the community, including its bank accounts over to this ethically questionable (self-proven) corporation (American NASDAQ Fund)!

I’ve got shoe boxes full of these lawyers’ unethical, untruthful and intellectually offensive to me (based on them gaining an education solely to prostitute themselves by beating up consumers for pay from builders and unethical property managers exploiting those very consumers!).

They always come with such lame initial threats!

I don’t hate these poor souls, I actually pity them.  We all have to make our living and I’ve always been satisfied to make my with “Integrity“.  We salesmen are always accused of lacking integrity and unfortunately I’ve got to admit that its because we ourselves have materialized that image by, well  . . . . lacking integrity.

But not all of us and I don’t brag or throw around self-praise like most that I see out there today.  My track record speaks for itself and I certainly don’t have nor have I ever needed some string of letters behind my name to give me my identity.

The second lawyer attacking me tried to “use” my blog in a law suit not involving me and when I challenged their argument and proved my legal point the became so incensed that they’ve gone out of their way to get back at me through an obvious plan of “character assassination”.

I find it ironic that this lawyer constantly tries to hide behind adding the words “CONFIDENTIAL” to their letters, obviously fearful that their baseless lies and deceptions if exposed in my blog may actually hurt themselves.

I think that this “lie for pay” motivation underscoring this segment of the legal profession, corrupts their intellect, but who am I to say, I’m not “educated like them“!

You should see the wanton blather about how educated this one lawyer continually brags about in their letters to me (I haven’t wanted make them public yet, as I’ve wanted to give them enough rope “to hang themselves“.  And guess what . . . they have done a stellar job!

I’m now taking their published record of offensive conduct to the Law Society of Upper Canada and demanding that the public be shown what Standard of Integrity is required within the law profession in Ontario.

I blew the first law firm off by challenging the integrity of their “Threat Letter” which is obviously to “Shut Me UP” and not protect the public against defamation.

Here’s me with my grade 12 education, shutting up law firm #1.

You see, even the formally uneducated in this country can educate themselves, and as I’ve always said here at, “I was born at night  .  .  .  .  just NOT LAST NIGHT“!

I actually do somewhat enjoy jousting with lawyers as it somewhat validates my theory that academia equips people to be intelligent but it doesn’t make them intelligent.

When I should the ramblings of these lawyers you will see just how ridiculous and offensive they truly are.

How is it that our society conditions us to respect these so-called professionals, when they observably lack integrity, have no moral fibre or respect for the profession of law.

The third is a lawyer for the builder, who has come at me as a rebound to my original reply to him.

Years ago, when I started trying to protect and/or help consumers getting caught in the snares of Condoland, I spent five dollars and purchased a paperback edition of a book on Defamation in Canada and it gave me the equivalent of a PhD in defending myself against lawyers falsely alleging that I was “defaming their client in my blog“.

The secret of this “formal education” was simple  . . . . . . “don’t make public false statements” and voila!  You have the perfect defence.

So, I always respond in a detailed and lengthy sometimes (helps them pad their per hour rate and the cheapskate builders simply cheap out) demanding that they “state with specificity any/all content in my blog that they are alleging to be defamatory” and giving them my assurances that “any/all alleged offending material will be removed, edited, corrected with a full published apology“.

Try to take me to court on that one!

So, that’s where we stand today.  The builder’s lawyer has received two of these reasonable replies to their threat letters and has not come back with any specificity!

Do you know why?  You guessed it  . . .  there are no untruthful statements contained in my blogs.

I’m busy landscaping my new home, which I could not be more happy with but there legitimately is no thanks to this builder, who’s web site to this very day contains such egregious lies about the way he treats his buyers that it literally could make you sick!

Why are the laws so discriminatory AGAINST consumers?

Why are our Municipal Governments so accommodating to builders at the expense of consumers?

Why is our Condo Act, the Tarion Warranty, The Building Code, all so builder and developer friendly at the expense of the consumer?

And why are lawyers allowed to be so unlawful, uncivil and untruthful?  To say they are just upholding their client’s best interests is disingenuous, and downright offensive, but it is exactly the type of socially demeaning cultural evolution that has distorted this one segment of the legal profession (lawyer number 2 in today’s blog is not a litigator – just intellectually misfiring on the ethics required to hang a shingle).

The one thing that you can make book on.  You will always get the straight goods, here at

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