We Are Dealing With A Media That Has Lost All Understanding Of Integrity


I don’t have cable television in my home, nor do I have commercial radio either in my home or in my car, I don’t subscribe to news papers and I’ve pretty well given up on the Internet, specifically because the best you can remotely hope for is

I do give up one hour or so of most days to tune into Morning Joe, an MSNBC talk show hosted by Joe Scarborough (who used to be Charles Scarborough but “morning Chuck” just wouldn’t have sounded so good).

This is a highly educated guy!

He’s a lawyer and past Congressman from the State of Florida.

He’s a Republican.

And a two year old chimpanzee can easily point out his political bias that renders much of what he personally says on his own show as at best “unreliable“.

That’s a shame because they have a great litany of guests.

By they I mean Mica Brzezinski, daughter of a past National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, a crusty ‘old world reporter’ Mike Barnicle and a solid young talent in Willie Geist.

Excellent show, excellent commentary, excellent topics but the main host, who constantly interrupts his guests by injecting his own bias, is simply too much!

Intellectually it is offensive to see him constantly distort simply, obvious fact, such as on this morning’s show, (I watch it free on my iPhone, thanks to the unlimited plan of my cell service provider).

This morning he stated, (falsely) as, if fact, that “President Obama lied to the American people” (a statement that in itself could be said to be a lie) about the repayment to Iran of their own money, which aligned with the release of American held hostages

Of course the United States withheld the return of Iran’s millions until the American prisoners were delivered!

America clearly wasn’t paying “a ransom“.

It was Iran’s money!

Obama announced publicly to the Press that he was giving them back their money nine months earlier!

Joe Scarborough knows it, but his trivial and ill-conceived political bias, (that seems to pre-occupy if not dominate most American’s thinking on such matters), simply blinds him to just how intellectually offensive his conduct is.

No matter . . . . he’s a celebrity.

The same credentials that Trump brings to the table.

Joe!  You called your President a liar, when any unbiased analysis would tell you that at minimum you owe him the benefit of the doubt!

You talk about Trumps reckless talk influencing the masses.

Imagine the false influence that you are perpetrating daily with the outreach granted you through MSNBC!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

It is unfortunate that “the masses” are so easily “socially conditioned” (literally like Pavlov’s dog) but psychologically conditioned they are!

Money is the only true God in our global societies today, but everyone is so busy pointing fingers at everyone else that there is very little true soul searching going on in the world.

A “lazy intellect fixates on negatives” because negatives or contradictory perspectives on ideas presented are much, much easier to come up with, than are true inspirational ideas.

This top rated daily nationally syndicated show generate millions on millions of dollars of profits for all these “talking heads“!

For the populous of any country, to muster the type of support that Trump and Clinton have underpinning their campaigns is simply downright insulting!

Two such materially flawed individuals (he’s facing a trial for “FRAUD” and she’s got serious issues coming regarding their Foundation’s links to foreign money, being the “only game in town” for governing a country of 330 Million people, is a tragedy on a truly global scale!

I’m a big “comments” reader (although much of this is trash talk and very low intellect) when I do venture onto the Internet (given it up because of all the insulting advertising that attacks me there) because I believe that no matter how distorted the issue under the author’s (media’s) control, readers will furnish a diverse enough perspective for me to extrapolate enough fact from fiction to formulate my opinions.

The vile rhetoric that is constant from Trump followers is disturbing to say the least.

The truth is that America is entering a very dark period in its history, a time where it will be led by a notably corrupt Leader, whichever way the election turns out.

I read the constant barrage of attacks (mostly baseless and personal) against President Obama, who in my opinion has done an admirable job at saving the country from its own misdeeds and having to do so against a consolidated plan of Republicans to blog absolutely everything he has tried to do, and I’m baffled trying to parallel his Standard with either of these two!

To me, there was hope or opportunity lost, when the Democrats turned on Bernie Sanders that he would be smart enough to simply take up the independent flag that he flew for decades before deciding to play with the Democrats.

He would have had that 60% who disapprove of Hillary and that 65% that disapprove of Trump, plus his own followers and voila . . . Bernie Sanders would have become President.

So how do these corrupt people get away with what they are up to?

Well, it is obvious that that is thanks to the “corrupt media” that has lost its compass, and eats up the propaganda, spits it back out with their own unique twist to it.

Journalistic integrity is no more.

I’m Charles


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