When Forming Opinions Based On The Media, I always Adhere To My Signature Line (when Buying A Condo) . . . . “Believe Nothing That You Hear And Half Of What You See”


It is always amazing to me to see how the media influences what we all perceive as our reality and when it comes to American politics I’m always caught off by how the press totally miss out on the concept of “Journalistic Integrity“.

Yet no-one ever takes them to task while they boast some kind of “compulsion to seek out the truth“!

I didn’t go to journalism school.  I barely made it to school at all!

I have a “PhD from the University of Street” that has brought me this far, and I am frequently disappointed to see what education has brought to some many other people.

I frequently joust with litigators who developers hire to shut me up, and although constantly impressed with their ability to take a very simple situation that lacks substance and turn it around to “shoot the messenger” always impresses me while disgusting me at the same time.

These lawyer’s ability to deceive for pay, is truly something an art form.  I’ve personally invested hundreds of man hours fighting with them over my career.  My defence is always a good offence as as a consumer I can represent myself so I run up their bill right up front and they usually fold.

You see, they always alleged “Defamation” and I always rely on only publishing the “truth“, which is the ultimate defence in defamation cases.

So I fight hard, sending lengthy hours that eat up “billable hours” of these parasites and their client’s give it up (developers are cheap despite all the money they make).

I write truthful blogs about Toronto’s condo industry (“Condo Land”) and it’s developers, and they don’t like it.

I didn’t get in this thinking it was a popularity contest (something that I’ve never really been good at) and always instigated by them shortchanging or otherwise abusing people that bought/invested in condos using me (and now consumers at large) as their buyer’s agent, or as a result of a property that I bought myself.

The majority of my clients came to me from all over the world through my, number one web site www.simplycondos.com (transitioned this year to www.simplycharles.com) specifically as a result of my frequently comedic portrayal of the many real life, day to day stories about Condo Land.

I’m a big reader specifically News outlets and am continually less-than amused to read articles addressing the same topic that are totally contradictory.

I don’t go looking for someone else’s perspective on the news as most media outlets seem to believe and follow, but rather I simply want the news.

I used to be a CNN Junkie but became so offended with their editorial bias coupled with what I see as a total lack of journalistic integrity, not to mention having to suffer with their constant barrage of commercials (led me to see CNN to stand for “Commercials Not News”).

So this morning I was reading an interesting article in “The Atlantic” by Connor Friedsdorf “Hillary Defends Her Failed War In Libya”.

I found the article fascinating and informative but just so biased against Hillary Clinton (I have “no dog in the fight“) that his point was lost on me.

There seems to be very little “balanced reporting” these days, especially in politics and Condo Land.

To me, it just shows how phoney societies of today have become.  And sadly, especially in Condo Land, phoney works!

We are all caught up in it.

The world is broke!  Don’t just read articles and compartmentalize the messages that you find in them.  Do the math.

In my research, all I can find these days, are articles that tell me that “America’s Federal Government is in hawk by well over three TRILLION DOLLARS”!

Each of its fifty States governments, admit to being broke!

Every City in every State reports being financially burdened which means “in big time debt“.

Its Universities, Municipal Governments and right through its culture, to its people, everyone is up to debt over their heads yet no-one seems to understand what that really means!

Deficits demand interest, what I see as the “silent killer” of our time and not facing “interest payments every month” is what has given me the financial security that I enjoy today.

I simply don’t pay “interest“.  No mortgage interest, no credit card interest, no car loan interest, no line of credit interest  . . . . . . . no interest!

Have you got any idea of how much “interest” you pay every year?

It is apparently more obvious to me than all these so-called educated people that are running things.

Canada, a country so full of natural resources (that I just can’t get my mind around us having to carry deficits) . . . . carries billions of dollars in deficits today!

No matter how much we are taxed, the deficits persist.

When oil hit the bench mark where our tar sands became financially viable (number 2 to Saudi Arabia in the world), which resulting in billions of dollars in tax revenues, should of put us all “in the black“, but today Canada we still have a huge deficit!

Toronto instituted its own Land Transfer Tax, but I have yet to see any physical result of benefit (no new highways to/from downtown at all with 40 years of continued population growth).

So my message today is to recommend that you take a few minutes and read the very well written article that I refer to (above) but read it from a position of assessing the writer’s “integrity” as a professional journalist, as he has published it as a piece of professional journalism.

It’s actually an attack ad!

This is the kind of intellectual distortion, (effective as it is) that has taken our 21 Century society to the desolate moral space that it is becoming.

That’s what we live with every day here in Condo Land, as the media is dependent upon selling developers advertising thus cannot be relied on to bring you factual unbiased  information on the nightmares that accompany the Canadian dream of home ownership.

It is this type of reporting that has educated me to educate my global audience of condo investors to “believe nothing that I hear and half of what I see“.  Apparently it applies to journalism as well.

I’m Charles






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