I Respect Smart, Educated People But “Admire” Uneducated Entrepreneurs That Make It – Donald Trump Misses On Both Counts


It’s not that the education itself gives those who pursue it any unique “gift“.  Actually I know more well educated people who have done poorly in their pursuit of success than I do entrepreneurs who are successful.

The value of developing the skill to learn new things is an asset that stays with you for life, so my question is how is it that Donald Trump seems to have missed  when it comes to articulation skills, integrity, and honesty.

So my logical conclusion is that education in and of itself is not what it takes to be successful.  But it sure helps!

Why?  Well, I believe that it is something I didn’t catch onto until well down the long and windy road that I’ve travelled to get here.

I’ve studied “success” for a half a decade now, ever since I ignored education throughout my misspent youth.  I’ve never had to apologize for my lack of formal education and I’ve never felt disadvantaged as a result of it.

I remember teachers, one specifically, who laboured endlessly with me, undeterred by my relative dysfunction as a high school jock and somewhat sports celebrity in our high school.  My teachers’ collective diligence, unfortunately did me very little good, as they just could not get through to me.  Some of us develop later in life than others.

As a successful entrepreneur I tell people that it is more the contacts that educated people develop throughout their years of interacting together with people of similar aspirations at a formative point in their lives.

I’m quick to rely on the metaphor, “I was born at night”  .  .  .  just not last night“.

To be an entrepreneurs originally meant that you were “uneducated and unemployable” when I first ended up here.  It was actually a stigma to be called an entrepreneur when I became one, and only decades after did it become corporately attractive (for academics anyway) to be seen as one (providing they had a university degree accreditation behind their name – which missed the point all together!).

And for forty odd years I enjoyed a lifestyle that I would not change a minute of, including pioneering digital media for real estate with my interactive multi-media real estate CD-ROM back in 1990, producing it in DOS before there was an Internet, World Wide Web or Windows Operating System!

That CD-ROM actually delivered the best “show” that I ever produced (I also enjoyed some success in rock video and television production)!

I do wish I would have had the guidance and intellectual maturity in my formative years to have led me to a university degree, but you can’t change history and I managed to defy the odds and become successful, thanks to my “vision” and “work ethic” (not something I’d advise for the faint-hearted).

I have to confess having been fortunate and would advise all parents advise their kids out there today, to stop the class clown antics, and become “good at learning“, so that they proceed in life through the formal education process to intellectually sharpen their mind, but to also give them the network of contacts that truly is the necessary infrastructure for big time success in this world.

I am appalled by Donald Trump and the self-serving, self-promotion, con game that he is perpetuating on the Republican Party in America.

Now, here’s a guy that brags continually about having attended and graduated from the “finest business school in the world“.  I’m fully aware that someone has to graduate at the bottom of the class, but really folks!

This guy is an insult to himself, especially if there is any truth to his braggart narrative about him being “so smart, having graduated but the world’s top business school“.

The American people, are easily bought with “bling and blather” and Mr. Trump shows us this every time he appears on the tens of millions of television screens throughout the country.

Does Mr. Trump deliver the “bling“?  Showing up in his own 747 Jet or helicopter with his name prominently positions along the fuselage, in my opinion is “bling“.

Does he deliver the “blather“?  Every time he’s given the licence to by the media!

Do the American people buy the “bling and blather“?  They love it, the lap it up, they devour it!  Just look at his ratings in the polls!   The more outrageously he performs, the more attracted this element is to him.

The Donald” know his stuff when it comes to “entertainment“.

Are these people representative of the masses?  Somewhat, but I do believe that there is a universal awareness (with other than the red-neck creed that skyrocketed Duck Dynasty to the top of the charts) within the more intellectually balanced within the

My issue is with the flagrantly uneducated manner by which he speaks!  I can assure you, that if my daddy had enough money to have me avoid the draft by attending expensive prep schools and then the best business school in the world,  I would be so articulate that it would be obvious.

What is obvious to me is that Donald Trumps communication skill level is at a surprising low level.  His lack of self control with his childish facial gestures would have him thrown out of most meaningful negotiations.

His bragging and blow harding only works when you’ve got enough money and power resulting from having that money.

His willingness to tell the cameras absolutely anything including downright untruthful distortions being presented as fact exposes him for the unprofessional and apparently untrustworthy salesman that he truly proves to be.

Mr. Trump, “is being charged with defrauding thousands of consumers out of as much as $35,000 each, to learn Mr. Trumps real-estate investing skills” by New York State’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman!

I looked into “Trump University” which the play was originally called, later being renamed “Trump Entrepreneur Initiative” back when Mr. Trump was so heavily involved in the mass marketing of it, and immediately expressed my apprehensions about what was taking place.

Fees as high as $35,000 a head, to which other courses were being tacked on, just sent alarm bells off in my head!  With my upbringing it is not difficult for me to know a three card monti game when I see one.

“Last August, the Attorney General’s office filed suit against Mr. Trump and his associates for more than $40 million in New York State Supreme Court, claiming that between 2005 and 2011 they ‘intentionally’ misled over 5,000 individuals nationwide, including some 600 New York State residents, who paid to “participate in live seminars and mentorship programs with the promise of learning Trump’s real estate investing techniques” according to a recent Vanity Fair article.

I saw the same under-handed tactics employed by his condo salespeople selling Trump International Hotel and Condo projects while doing my due diligence for international condo investor groups and just couldn’t week through the complex infrastructure of lies and receipt underpinning their offering.

My website simplycondos.com drew upwards of 40,000 “Hits per day” and linked me with legitimate condo investors all over the globe and they were telling me of “syndicators pitching floors of Trump suites to them” while Trumps staff was telling buyers at the site that all those floors of allocated “syndicator suites” were “SOLD“!

I published my findings to my global investors networks and did not put any of my clients into any Trump developments, and fortunately so as the majority of them (Sunny Isles, FL, Atlanta Georgia, Toronto, etc.) ended up night mare stories financially for investors!

In Toronto, law suits have continued to this day, years after the project was completed and the quality of finishes is less than impressive.

So, I see two distinct and legitimate instances of potential “fraud“, from a guy that I know intentionally runs up huge bills with small suppliers, so large in fact that when he threatens bankruptcy they cannot afford to fight him, resulting in him paying pennies on the dollar, and yes folks, he brags of “never having gone bankrupt“!

The facts (and truth) are that he has taken his casinos into bankruptcy on four separate occasions!  He is content hiding behind shield of “corporate governance” to support he repugnant, sales pitch of “never having gone bankrupt“.

Last month he reported “unaudited” financials claiming a personal net wealth of upwards of “$10 Billion” and in this filing showed his Florida golf course for which he had just applied for a tax reduction as “being worth $1.5 Million” but in his filing he was claiming “it was worth $50 Million“!

Does anyone else see a pattern forming here?

So, this is the man that would be President!   And 1/3rd of the people surveyed support him!

Is there any wonder why people would mistrust or at least be confused with America’s overall intellectual capacity or grasp on reality?

The media lap it up, for profit!  The elections are won and lost over money, “who’s got it” is more important that “what’s their message“!

Elections in America are “bought“!  Donald Trump has introduced one vitally important awareness to the 2016 Presidential Election process!

We are all learning just how out of control America really is.  Mr. Trump is simply trying to bring the word “Redneck“, to the White House.

And Mr. Trump, just as you demanded President Obama’s birth certificate, would you be good enough to show us your report card from Wharton School?

I’m Charles


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