Toronto’s “Statement of Unity”


I have to admit that I’m not a cheer leader for this city.

As a real estate owner and tax payer, I have been offended by the Municipal Government’s offensive behaviour over the past seven years since occupying my home, relating to its willful destruction of a once beautiful “sanctuary” here in Condo Land.

A “Sanctuary” where I (and a whole lot of others) was sold an expensive home, that brought with it the unfortunate and ongoing involvement of City officials into our daily lives.

Barbara Ann Scott Park, when I moved here, had a beautiful water fountain, trees and greenery all summer and then transfigured itself into a family skating rink during the winter months.

For almost 10 years now, the developer and the City have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in income using the promise of a “$3.5 Million Park Renovation”, when in fact the City willfully turned its back on the park and have allowed it to become a desolate “no-man’s land” of crime and corruption!

Drug dealers and drug users abound, as do alcoholic street people who use the park as their meeting place.


A new LCBO (liquor store) brought many more disenfranchised and lost souls.

The City developed the area into a high density residential area while turning its back totally on the park and rendered it abandoned.

They shut off the water to the vegetation (and to our lawns as the city actually owns all property leading to our front doorways) allowed trees to die and remain, and generally make a wasteland of a “special place in the city“.

My den/office overlooks the park and I see it (and have photographed) it all!

The picture is absolutely disgusting and shameful.  I have tried to communicate with Ms. ???, the area’s City Councillor, but she and her staff are too pre-occupied publishing full colour self-promotional newsletters telling everyone about their progresses and activities in the park (they do sweep the abandoned fountain area).

I recently sent a letter to the Mayor’s office asking him to meet with me for fifteen minutes during which time we could work out the obvious and easy solutions to this mess, but have yet to hear back from him.

Lawyers have told me that I in fact do have a legitimate million dollar law suit ($600,000 in “loss of value of my home” plus $400,000 “loss of ‘quiet enjoyment of my home‘”.

As a taxpayer, I should not have to sue the City to have it talk with me about such a significant matter!

You are damaging not only me Mr. Mayor, but you are damaging a whole lot of property tax payers from having removed services historically maintained resulting in the damages to the park which have caused all neighbouring property owners to lose money!

I am still optimistic about hearing back from the Mayor as I explained to him in a hand delivered letter, the despite lawyers telling me I have a million dollar law suite (as do the other 11 owners of townhouses in College Park plus hundreds of condo unit owners under a potential “class action law suit“) I simply want to share with him the readily available and “no cost” solution.

My confidence is that the math will sell the meeting.

More on today’s blog, a very good thing that I see coming out of the Municipal Government today is City Councillor Mike Layton’s Statement of Unity:


In light of recent hate crimes targeting Muslims, especially Muslim women, and threatening to create a rift in our communities, we stand united. 

No one should be made to feel afraid because of who they are and what they believe. No one should be afraid to practice their faith, commute home, or pick up their children from school. People should never be persecuted. Islamophobic, xenophobic, and racist actions are unacceptable and we must name them as hate crimes in order to stop them and prevent them from spreading and taking hold. We must stand up and speak out against hate in our homes, our work places, our communities and amongst our friends.

Some in the world would like us to be afraid. They want to divide us. Make us fear each other. We will not let this happen. We will remain strong through unity and a shared hope for peace. We commit to love in the face of hate and hope in the face of fear. We stand together, united across our differences so that we remain strong and hold on to the fundamental rights and values that make our freedom possible.

I’ve been blogging lately about the potential damage that Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric is fuelling.

Enough people have come out against Donald Trump to show that he is not speaking for any meaningful representative sample of North America, but his rhetoric will indisputably be used by radicals to recruit more blank minds that are easily radicalized.

Tragically, I don’t think that there is anyone that can get to “The Donald” or get him to understand the significance of what he is actually doing!

He is carving out his own “very special” place in history.

I’m Charles







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