Here’s Some FREE CONSULTING for Bernie Sanders . . . Start Up A “Third Party”

laucar Here’s a new strategy for the “sane” people of America to have a hope at reinstating “sanity” into the Leadership of the “World’s Most Powerful Nation“.

I have found the ongoing antics of our American neighbours, entertaining but offensive at the same time.

I published my observations on Donald Trump as a salesperson (that’s really all he is, and not a good one at that!) in the past and don’t want to drag this conversation back over the same, very observable material that should have disqualified him for the Presidency, a long time ago.

With Hillary Clinton’s disapproval ratings ranging up to almost 60% and those of Donald Trump around 70%, and all other contenders out the race (and after all, it is just a “race” (or popularity contest if you listen to Donald Trump).

My strengths rest in STRATEGY, so today I’m addressing the logical strategy for the “sane people of America” (that excludes the diehard Trump and diehard Clinton supporters) to deliver an outcome that makes sense.

Bernie Sanders is admittedly not “representing the Democratic Party“. He is an “independent running under the Democratic Party banner“.

If I were his strategist I would be telling Mr. Sanders to simply step outside of the Democratic Party (his followers are following “him” and are not “party loyalists“) and run as an “independent“.

With 60% of Democratic voters not committed to Clinton (based on polls on “unfavourable rating“) and 70% of Republicans not committed to Trump, it IS time for an Independent to step in.

For some other “outsider” to jump to head up a third party while having the split in Democratic Party only waters down the integrity of the voters.

So, Bernie simply levels out the race by stating the obvious, which is that he IS AN INDEPENDENT and therefore is launching a Third Party bid in the 2016 Presidential Race.

The American Presidential Election of 2016 will have the “Integrity” that the system was designed to function under.

Presidents should have qualifications, character and integrity and based on the polls on “disapproval” Bernie Sanders shows a pretty unblemished character whereas the other two contenders have some serious baggage.

Bernie, if you want to become President I can assure you that this is your only, and most logical next move.

I’m Charles

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