So Now We Have Trump Jr. Insulting Vancouver City Officials


This morning during my 4:00 a.m. Internet news update, (my health club opens at 5:00 a.m. and I’m there every morning), I was greeted by yet another Trump.

This time is was the “silver-spoon Donald’s”  . . .  “silver-spoon kid“!

They say “an apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree“, and when your dad’s a con artist, well you can calculate the rest.

So today, we have Mr. Trump Jr., lashing out at the Mayor of Vancouver (using his dad’s poor vocabulary with adjectives like “disgusting”) over the about to be completed Trump Hotel and Residences, yet another previously failed hotel/residence development that Donald Trump “licensed his name to“.

It’s only when the press brings up one of the many, many FAILED Trump International Hotels running throughout the U.S.A. from Sunny Isles Florida, to Georgia and across the country to California, that Mr. Trump disavows any/all involvement.

You See, “Trump International Hotels & Residences” is a “BRAND“, that Donald Trump has built and very successfully exploited.  He really is a great salesman!

The brand itself is a glimmering example of failure in and of itself!

Condoland’s experience with Trump shows the same project failing twice with Trump disavowing having ever promoted it (this is the way it goes across the board).

As a brand it does not parallel the Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences, the Hazelton Hotel & Residences, the Shangri La Hotel & Residences, or the Four Seasons Hotel and Resdiences.

A simple Google search delivers a litany of litigation and dissatisfied clients world wide!

But a salesman and a con artist unfortunately are one and the same.  Of course, not all sales people are cons, but you can rest assured that all cons are great sales people.

Mr. Trump works very hard at leading the public to believe that this international network of hotel/residential buildings are his, when in fact he simply “licenses his name” (great work if you can get it).

And that license has failed to make numerous projects work and many of those that do get completed and avoid bankruptcy don’t have Trump to thank.  He walks away with his License Fees.

In Vancouver the Holborn Group is the developer.  They originally had tried a Ritz Carlton but failed.

In comes The Donald crew, (“like father like son“) with all this phoney bravado and hype, in an industry that is known for site sales people misleading, mis-stating, and misrepresenting!

In Toronto it was Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, now in Vancouver we get Donald Jr.

Look!  I have no problem with people “selling themselves” and using verbose descriptions of themselves, but when in comes to downright misrepresenting, in the way Trump does across the board, then I think it’s time to call “a spade a spade”.

If you know anything about Donald Trumps background of failure, his four “corporate” bankruptcies (these even wouldn’t be so egregious to me if he didn’t specifically and repeatedly boast about “never having gone bankrupt“), and most importantly the Trump University civil law suits that Donald repeatedly publicly has lied about “being able to settle” (the “Attorney General of the State of New York” is not some frivolous litigant chasing money as Mr. Trump would have you believe).

Mr. Trump headed up a company that “DEFRAUDED” consumers of millions of dollars.  There are two addition Class Action law suites again Mr. Trump and his “University“!

We are talking thousands of consumers suing the man that so many Americans have just designated to become the Republican nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.

I see Trumps success of late as the result of a “Redneck Revolt” and I do see some sanity underlying basis for the thought of some outsider coming along and changing the system for them.

I’m not saying that all of Trump’s followers are “Rednecks” but I would tell you that many are!  Call them what you choose, these people are trying “to give the bird to the system“!

The one point that no-one in the conventional Press has presented is “on what experience and expertise does this man rely on this convince himself that he can run that nation of over 300 million people“?

The quick answer is . . . .  “absolutely none“!

Does anyone legitimately think that any corporation in the world, would hire a C.E.O. that had absolutely no industry experience?

Corporations may bring in a industry outsider but you can rest assured that individual has a track record of meeting the unique tasks required by that corporation in a similar industry.

Donald has already given key economic speech and a key international affairs speech and both shows an absolute lack of a grasp on the very serious issues that exist today in the world.

This is not a reality television series folks despite Donald Trump having very successfully morphed it into one!

Hopefully there are more people in America (50% of republicans, 100% democrats and independents to draw from) that can tell a con when they see one.

When can we count on that other fraud, the conventional Press with its’ “journalistic integrity” to start demanding that Donald and Hillary submit detailed plans on how they will implement their strategy for the country.

As for the Trump kids, I would ask them to keep their childish insults to themselves in their never-ending thirst for attention.

Daddy might give them brownie points but I don’t.



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