I’m Calling On All Conscientious Canadians to Help Me Restore Integrity In Our Courts and Government

I’m struggling to alert all Canadians of the systemic corruption that has taken over Ontario’s entire Justice System.

Justice Systems consists of just four key highly paid players who’s salaries are paid out of our (tax payer) dollars, and all of them, to the person are seen failing miserably in Justice Refused. 

These players are:

  • Justices who issue Summons’, oversee Pre Hearings, and hand down rulings that affect one’s life permanently;
  • Deputy Crown Attorneys who supervise Crown Attorneys prosecuting offenders;
  • Crown Attorneys who prosecute offenders and allegedly protect the innocent;
  • Defense Lawyers; who are supposed to protect the innocent lying with impunity.

I confess having little to no practical experience in courtrooms although I have blogged about how offensive I see lawyers lying for pay are when they are hired by developers to shut me up. 

After introducing “Buyer Agency” to Canada’s real estate industry in 2000 and publishing what has been deemed a blog too controversial for broadcasters and the news media in general to actually broadcast only snippets of what I had to say which was always simply the truth.

So, when I came across this corrupt lawyer whom openly bragged about “financially beating up the builder”, about “catching Town Officials accepting “Kick-backs”, and “having no intention of paying her monthly common element fees” I knew that our to-be-formed new community was in trouble.

The builder had proven totally incompetent and untrustworthy and she had before meeting me already sued him three times, always settling for a payoff of tens of thousands in free upgrades, free windows installed into stone walls where none were represented, frequently using very rare legal manipulations such as Ex Parte Motions and Private Criminal Prosecutions. In one law suit she was seeking an amount pretty much equal to the mortgage she held.

I didn’t attend university and I was born at night … but it certainly wasn’t last night!

As an uneducated entrepreneur I self-educated myself in the study of people and remained Toronto’s top condo insider for almost fifty years (ever since condos were introduced into law) known around the world under the banner of simplycondos.com

It took me less than a couple heart beats to see the con masquerading behind a big smoke screen painting a grandiose picture of being such a “highly educated lawyer”. She admitted being a long term follower of my blog impressing me with her ability to quote a number of my notorious one-liners like the one I just used.

What makes this lawyer unique was not her preoccupation with fabricating. That didn’t shock me at all as I’ve grown up amidst con artists all my life although I must state for the record that there is nothing artistic about this individual. 

You will see reading Justice Refused that she is an extremely emotionally unbalanced individual in pursuit of something so self-centered and artificial that it actually mirrors her corrupt nature. The sad news is that her gain is consistently achieved through lies, bullying, intimidation and even physical intimidation and always at the cost of everyone else in the community.

But this unfortunate soul enamors the pages of Justice Refused not as the primary focus, as she’s simply a symptom of a much more dangerous virus hiding in plane sight. Justice Refused shows how fast this moral virus has already spread to over a dozen people in a community of just 18 homes.

What Justice Refused is doing is shining a very bright light on a very dark reality in Ontario. Our courts of law couldn’t and wouldn’t recognize this con as it was being pulled on them. Not even with me articulating the entire con into a very clear timeline and delivering it to them personally.

The Mayor of Oakville is seen in this evidence as conspiring to support this con by holding $13,000 as “Surety Holder” to insure our promoted “Upscale Residential Community of large stone home to appear behind prestigious Stone Entrance Features exemplifying the community’s elite status”.

Justice Refused shows ongoing involvement and communication with the Mayor and Town Counsel for two years while all the while the Mayor and his staff are seen scheming with this rogue lawyer to enable her to not have these elegant stone Features installed onto the Easement on her Lot.

The Town is caught in the evidence in Justice Refused willfully and knowingly breaching the Condo Act (law) for the express and sole benefit of this lawyer, who is repeatedly caught lying, and lying under oath, initiating over 30 false Police Incident Reports, Swearing Out 4 false Criminal Prosecutions against 2 different parties, and undertaking 2 relentless harassment campaigns against innocent volunteer board members to unethically if not illegally hijack our community’s board of director by using character assassination of the most low and offensive means possible.

She introduces her legal ineptitude by refusing to accept black letter law requiring her to pay common element fees starting when her name went on title of the property. Her own emails always sent from her law practice email consistently with the disclaimer that “the content is not to be deemed legal advice” even when not talking about specific issues.

The issue at the heart of Justice Refused rests with our Courts of Law where we see Justices accepting false Sworn Statements that are simply so childish and irrational (not to mention lacking in meeting any threshold required for the alleged offense) that they literally should be ashamed of themselves. With all due respect, listening to them addressed as “your Honour” doesn’t sit very well with me, specifically due to the extreme inconvenience and physical threat not only one but at least two Justices who have Refused to even look at the evidence have brought into the lives of our community.

Justice Refused exposes Crown Attorneys admitting on the record in court to not having read evidence and then in the next breath supporting a Justices’ ill-informed efforts to have the innocent party accept a Peace Bond (permanent blemish on one’s record) after having already been successful in a previous Private Criminal Prosecution of the builder’s site supervisor in which the used the same witness.

We also see that Crown Attorney’s boss, the District Crown Attorney insist on throwing out a legitimate sworn Complaint against this lawyer and her lying witness while admitting to “not having read the Complaint”, despite being informed that the Plaintiff’s witness whom had travelled three hours in a snow storm had evidence in his possession showing intimidation and flagrant witness tampering by this lawyer.

But wait! We’re nowhere near close to finishing. You see we asked to Halton Police to get involved and they conducted two alleged Police Investigation but despite literally meeting the threshold for numerous crimes on file under Ontario Criminal Statute 140 “Public Mischief”, Ontario Criminal Statute 131(1) “Perjury” and Criminal Statute 264(1) “Criminal Harassment, our Police announced that they “could find nothing” and when asked for a Report on their investigation or disclosure as to the legal ground upon which they stood to form their conclusions … they simply Refused (thus the title Justice Refused)!

And all of this dysfunction simply scratches the surface with the overseer of lawyers’ conduct (“Law Society of Upper Canada”) literally serving as a National Inquirer-type “Catch and Kill Agency” for Donald Trump choosing to close a very legitimate formal Complaint (as requested on their website under “Commitment to protect consumers”) also without contacting a single of the half dozen witnesses Refused to punish blatant criminal conduct.

And when we Appealed LSUC’s flawed decision, the Appeals Judge despite a literal plethora of new evidence (including surveillance video of this corrupt lawyer, her young daughter and her best friend and fellow lawyer showing them excitedly staging yet another false event so she could make another false Police Complaint which would then lead to another false sworn Private Criminal Prosecution.

And not only did that video show flagrant criminal conduct (not to mention parental abuse) we submitted over a half dozen others showing this lawyer Stalking and verbally abusing my wife and I daily in her vehicle as we went for our walks, and more of her antagonistically honking at us continuously as we walk home in front of her parked vehicle.

And when caught on the surveillance video, in a state of categoric melt-down she authorized us to record her defamatory assault where she verbalizes her false stories about us being “Perverts targeting her children” after failing in her attempts to report these false allegations and the police refusing to respond.

This doesn’t get much worse yet despite being fully informed of the crimes and criminal conduct of this emotionally unbalanced lawyer who actually brought a thug to our Annual General Meeting to intimidate the board further, and had her co-conspirator’s husband try to physically hit board members with his truck to intimidate them, LSUC and their Appeals Judge saw nothing wrong with this lawyer’s behavior (above) and insisted on closing the complaint file without explanation. 

Ladies and gentlemen we have allowed cons to assume positions of power where they are given special attention and concessions simply for their academic credentials while failing miserably at fulfilling their duties to us.

I promise that I can and I will fix this but I need all Canadians to stand with me. Register with simplycharles.com and support our efforts to clean up this disgusting mess that all these highly educated people have brought us to through their malfeasance. 

All these highly paid people prove to be accomplices in the crimes taking place yet they disavow any/all responsibility for the dysfunction. Let’s face it! They will never fix something that they refuse to admit is broken.

It’s up to us! Please visit www.simplycharles.com and read the last dozen or so blogs as they cover it with clarity. Please support our GoFundMe as lawyers are saying to set up a legitimate Consumer Protection Agency (which is what I’m doing here) will require a budget of over a million dollars (I intend to fund this myself through ebook sales so please step up)! The GoFundMe is to finance a $100,000.00 Ad Campaign to raise the $1,000,000.00 required to bring Canadians some level of security.

I’m Charles

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