So, Where Does The Shakedown End ?


I read today with no shortage of incredulity an article about one of Canada’s Senators, (I said repeatedly that “this institution has to go“) who is receiving my tax payer dollars in the form of “leave of absence WITH PAY” while his ongoing trial seems to be winding down under a plea deal!

Boy, I’ve never seen a good plea deal and this one is no exception!

Here is a guy, Patrick Brazeau, who was appointed a Senator, yes one of those now criminally charged with misappropriating funds (our tax payer dollars), who is also criminally charged with “sexual assault” in a trial under way.

Apparently the charge that he will plead to is “simple assault“, and I don’t know how women out there or specifically the poor woman that he allegedly assaulted, thinks about dropping the “sexual” right out of his conduct, but I think it is unacceptable.

The trial heard that Mr. Brazeau, “pushed down stairs, choked her, hit her head against a wall, spat on her and sexually assaulted her“!

I’m sorry, and I’m someone that is all for rehabilitation of offenders, but this guy is an offensive offender whom I doubt is even sincerely remorseful.

Now, this is the same guy that is facing “possession of cocaine” charges (more criminal charges).

In 2014 Mr. Brazeau was charged with “assault, possession of cocaine and uttering threats while breaching bail conditions” in another unrelated matter!

The woman involved in that incident testified that “she feared for her life during the alleged incident“!

And he’s awaiting his “criminal fraud trial” after being suspended by the Senate.

To me, “suspended” means he is returning and as we are paying him during all of this, as a taxpayer I feel that is just going too far!

What’s wrong with our government?

What happened to good old common sense?

This guy is a plague!  He’s an insult to all of us tax payers and now, on top of all of the insulting conduct, he continues to get paid out of my tax dollars!

This Senator, along with Senator Duffy (also facing criminal charges and in court) and Senator Whalen who is in the same boat with these pirates, along with a bunch of other Senators should all be immediately given “pink slips” (notice of final termination), the Senate should be abolished, and common sense and dignity returned to all of us honest hard working tax payers who ultimately end up footing the bill!

I’m Charles

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