How Can We Be So Brilliant On One Hand And So Downright Stupid On The Other


I read a very disturbing article the other day that stressed the fact that our global aquifers (water under the ground) are drying up at concerning rates.

For anyone unfamiliar with aquifers, this is the water stored up by the earth to enable it to sustain itself.

How can a species so sophisticated that we can land space craft on the moon, yet we can see the abuse that we are imposing were we are?

Possibly having spent time working on a dairy farm as an adolescent gives me some kind of an edge on the significance of water.

The trouble is that we have been socially conditioned to waste this valuable resource, and waste it we do!

You can start with all the pumping for agricultural purposes across North America.

Add to all of that pumping, toxic chemicals in abundance, that soak down with every rainfall and you can draw a relatively accurate picture on the state of ever our cleanest of water sources.

The article is in USA Today and I strongly recommend spending a little time reading it.

I don’t pretend to know much about the topic but a simple read should tell us all that we are depleting a critical resource, without which we all wither up and die.

And what are we doing about this looming crisis in Condo Land?

Absolutely NOTHING!

Minimimal expectations would suggest a simple recycling system of “wash water” (non-toilet flush water) installed into all condos.  There are even systems in use in the world today that take the toilet water and recycle/reuse it to include even drinking water!

But in Condo Land we continue to waste water as though there was an infinite supply.

Infrequently in history the concept of conservation is floated around and stays in vogue for a while but it always dissipates in the winds of change and we resort to the status quo.

This may not be an ISIS or Donald Trump Newsworthy headline, but let me tell you folks, when it dries up so do we!

Here’s a little challenge that may surprise you.

When brushing your teeth, see how long you run the tap water.  Many people have it on full for the entire brushing experience.  I actually moisten my tooth brush and turn the tap off, do my brushing and turn it on to rinse my brush while disposing of the lather.  How much water would you say I save the planet over my lifetime?

Isn’t that something that everyone could do?

My question is why does our survival instinct, as a being, kick in and tell us all to preserve and protect the resources that we need to survive.

Where are the visionaries to explain all of this to our highly educated leaders?

Condo Land, the most highly priced geography in the country serving the highest density of population, does absolutely nothing in regard to preservation.

We have more and more people brushing their teeth, taking showers, washing their hands than any other piece of real estate in the country, yet I haven’t seen a single effort on behalf of developers and/or politicians (those people that receive the largest chunk of all that money Condo Land generates) to investigate technologies (other than programable thermostats that I have yet to see being standard in condos).

Why don’t all these massive electric fans that vent parking garages throughout the GTA (for example) drive wind terrines installed horizontally into their shafts and thereby generate electricity for their occupants?

Why aren’t we recycling our water, having discussed the technology and need for it for generations while populations exploded?

Isn’t all of this simply common sense?

So, who’s got the answers?

Do you even care?

We can’t even look at legalizing pot without using the “three card monty shell game” of “Medical Marijuana” pretending to be sincere!  Doesn’t all this just smack of intellectual incompetence?

I’m sick and tired of not being able to walk down a street without being forced to smoke someone else’s cigarette!

The absolute stupidity of having by-laws (that are never enforced anyway) to push cigarette smokers to the other side of the sidewalk is a stupid as when I used to fly back and forth to Hong Kong on 747’s that allow the back few rows of seats to smoke (in the pressurized aircraft)!

Let’s see what the young man Justin Trudeau actually brings in his season of change for Canada.  He talked a decent game and has followed up (something rare in politicians) with saying that he will push through legislation to stop giving our youth criminal records over such an absu


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