So Let’s Get Everyone On The Record And See Who’s Lying

Our Government has announced that it will split Tarion into two, with Tarion retaining the Warranty Program and form a new Home Regulator to protect the interests of the consumer.

And after all, you and me . . . . we’re each one of those . . . . right?

And the way that I and my neighbours have been and are continuing to be ABUSED in the purchase of our homes just keeps on getting more and more extreme bordering “insane“.

You see, now, I have what is alleged to be an ethical, credible law firm, threatening me with litigation for simply having chronicled the events relating to the purchase of my home and the resulting involvement of their client whom I had stated had “unlawfully taken money for services never provided to our newly formed condo board of which they were property manager“.

I will be asking this lawyer if they are alleging that this claim is untrue and, after all our condo corporation is in such a mess with our banking all owned by this property management company with them the only signing authority while who this could have happened has not been explained.

I am reaching out to HSBC where the accounts were allegedly opened in 2014 by this third party property management company despite them having no contract with the builder or condo corporation at that time and only ever having one which they entered into in 2017 at which time they took it upon themselves allegedly to pay themselves for not having done any work for the previous two years.

We are going on six (6) weeks as a newly formed board of this condo corporation and have not received the required “Turn Over Package of documents” nor have we received the 30 Day package of documents required under the Condo Act.

And most importantly our condo corporation has no money!

For some unexplained reason this property management company was allowed (by HSBC and the builder) to open to condo corporation’s bank accounts in the property management company’s name as owner of the account!

Our condo corporation’s money has not been turned over to our condo corporation and we have no funds (despite the alleged but no concrete proof of the existence of some $17,000 in our name at the HSBC).

I’ve gone to considerable lengths to “stick to the facts” as I’ve been here before (far too many times).

As an honest hard working tax payer who admittedly lacks in formal education, to constantly be attached by these highly educated (and always highly offensive) litigators is just so offensively wasting something that I put a great value on due to my lack of, an education, that it intellectually saddens me.

I’m actually thankful for them making this strategic “bully move” that I’ve seen consistently.  These highly educated allegedly reputable lawyers, while frivolously alleging wrong doing, refuse to answer even the most simply question to simply “state with specificity what it is that you are alleging to be defamatory, libellous or slanderous“!

I’ve ask the question.

They won’t answer because they can’t answer it as their argument lacks ethical credibility.

I’ve had some/many lawyers answer this question with “the entire 150o word report“.

When I ask them if they are serious, they consistently reply “dead serious“.

And why not?

They are being paid to attack people like me, not to seek justice but to “shut me up“.

They get paid and you are supposed to get so scared of them that you buckle at the knees and give up!

My question is “where were these people back in high school.  They weren’t in the yard bullying” (I can tell you that!) like they do today thanks to their high priced (usually daddy paid for) education.

I’m thankful actually for this rude intrusion as it supplies one of the major examples of the total lack of integrity that is built into our entire business, real estate and legal system.

These lawyers know full well (despite not caring in the slightest) that what I’m writing about is factual and accurate.

It actually offends me that these lawyers are given the right to attack honest people who are being exploited in such a flagrant way as the buyers here, by employing “bully tactics = threatsto shut honest speech up.

These builders want to exploit consumers knowing that if any buyers that have the audacity to speak out, they simply “sic the attack dogs on them” and the consumers are forced to give in.

It’s a money business and a money game and when business and pleasure mix, don’t take odds on any existence or pretence of ethics!

So, I’ve received the “round-one-bully-letter“.  That’s the “growl” (possibly before the bite but defamation is difficult to prove and let’s face it when you are wrong you are wrong and it doesn’t make me wrong to point out your conduct and most growls around this type of thing are simply noise) that usually puts the recipient into a spin.  It is not a “Notice of Intention to Sue” but rather a threat of a notice of intention to sue.  There’s a big difference.

So, what is the average person who gets caught up with an exploitive situation like this around the purchase of their home do?

Do you run and hire a lawyer?

That’s expensive and these lawyers get together for drinks and make jokes about the entire case.

There’s the game in a nutshell!

So what then .  . .  do you speak out!   Do you write a blog?

Who is there to turn to?

You have got to know that they are going to attack.

This builder just walked away with millions in sales, and money gives the false illusion of power, which distorts thinking and this guy’s thinking had already proven distorted.  Add that to a fundamental lack of character and you have all the traits that this builder and those around him have displayed here.

I don’t invite law suits but I will say for the record right here and now, I only publish honest fact and I am always ready to defend myself vigorously or at least up to the time when I need to turn it over to a professional litigator (which is not very often as this whole charade is a game of intimidation resting on no legal merit).

I’ve informed the offending lawyer (I say offending because they are fully aware of how truly unethical their position is) that to the best of my limited knowledge “truth is the absolute defence” and that I am “willing to defend myself“.

I have already referred this matter to the Ministry of Government an Consumer Services who have laid out a plan to have a regulator appointed by the government to address specifically this type of issue!

So I went through my blog last evening and edited out the offending property management company’s name (rendering their threat letter to me . .  “moot“) and replaced it with the builder’s property management company” (the builder from whom I bought) to get this critical issue that truly and honestly portrays just how consumers are being actively exploited in the most sacred thing, their home at a cost of millions of dollars.

I am calling of the Minister to invite me to work with her to address the multiplicity of issues of which this is but the tip of the iceberg.  It is an understatement to say that I am uniquely and eminently qualified for this post.

I’ve said Condoland is corrupt and I’m about to prove it in black and white in my upcoming E-book “Crisis in Condoland”.

I am actively seeking the backing of everyone reading this and asking you to share it with your network and ask them to share it with theirs, because these issues are fundamental to our being as tax payers and consumers in this Province and across this country.

We are being exploited.

This lawyer dimension has now added yet another level of consumer exploitation that is simply another part of the overall fibre of the industry.

I’ve asked the law firm politely to “state with specificity what they allege to be false“.

Let’s see what they have to say.

You can bet I’ll be blogging about it here.

I’m Charles


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