So Here’s The Latest Twist To This Oakville Condo Nightmare

The fundamental philosophy of my blog has always followed the “Dealing With Cockroaches Theory” of things.

Condoland is “Cockroach Heaven” for people planning to exploit consumers.

All I do is turn on a bright light (“my blog“) and we all get to watch them scurry for the shadows.

My wife has these two Chihuahua “watch dogs” and this morning first thing they went off!

As I made my way to my front door I notice the young guy that had built the fences around the outside of the property.

He informed me that he had read my blog, in which I had apparently addressed the unfinished workmanship and clutter left behind, with photos of orange construction fence strewn everywhere.

He told that that was all “by design as he had not been paid by the builder” (He actually used the builder’s name and I recognised it).

He then told me that he was about to put “a Lien on each residence” in this community.

I asked him how he balanced “further exploiting these consumers by interfering with their ability to sell or mortgage their homes” with “trying to satisfy some private financial dispute with this unethical builder“.

I couldn’t see how we owners would be considered as “having standing” in any legal matters over his not being paid by the party with whom he contracted to build a fence.

He told me that “he had done this type of legal thing beforewhich kind of confused me as I had seen him with his brand new tools (obviously doing this type of contract work for the first time) which confused me a little more because if you are suing for not having been paid and it happened before then shame on you and again asked him how he would justify exploiting our owners to try to collect a bad debt from a bad builder“!

So, if anyone is looking for a reference or professional review of either, you should take note of what’s going on here at

You are seeing the real life roll out to what builders know they can get away with.

Fortunately I see the Minister of Government and Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles saying “Tarion will effectively be split in half, maintaining administration of the warranty program while the government establishes a new regulator“!

I found this potentially “industry shaping” announcement on page 4 of the Daily Commercial News!

Earth shattering don’t you think?

Consumers may finally have some vestige of hope for some level of protection when dealing with Ontario builders.

Ms. MacCharles went on to say “We believe that consumers can be better protected by giving government the lead in making rules and setting standards“.

I’m contacting Ms. MacCharles to offer my unique services and this unique Case Study as a basis on which her goals for achieving true consumer protection can be met.

In the meanwhile I was quick to tell this fence builder that in the event that he tries to unethically exploit my neighbours and I that I would sue him for wrongfully using my private residence who’s only involvement is having purchased their homes from this builder (transactions already Closed) whom have no connection with this builder.

I told him that I felt legitimately bad for him but that his matters are with the builder and again emphasized if he drew us into a legal matter unrelated to us that we would seek treble damages.

Let’s see what comes next.

I’m Charles



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