NAR Says “87% of Realtors Fail In First Five Years” . . . TREB Says “90% of Transactions Done By 10% Of Its Members” . . . And Here’s Why


Have you noticed all the sales courses online for Realtors these days?

With so much supposed education available to them, how is it that there is still such devastating failure statistics in our industry?

Most major real estate companies these days have full time sales trainers on staff.

And despite all of this effort and focus on advancing sales skills, the devastating failure rate numbers persist!

The logical question is why do so many Realtors fail in their chosen careers?

The facts are that most Realtors don’t “choose real estate as a career“.

Historically, Realtoring has proven a second (or third or fourth) career. And most people turning to the real estate industry don’t have selling backgrounds.

Today a heavy majority of new Realtors are actually computer techies who know how to do web site optimization and garner “web traffic“.

Surprisingly, most consumers don’t care about the real estate expertise level of the person they are contacting about a real estate listing. They’ve seen a Listing and called the number and possibly want to check out the property.

Now, the getting of that Listing may take some level of sales skills but not those outlined in conventional sales course material.

As a proven sales trainer, I can assure you that “Realtors don’t sell real estate“.

Let me give you the crash course on professional sales.

The first thing that you’ve got to understand is that “selling starts when the prospect says ‘no’“!

Come again . . . . “selling STARTS when the prospect says ‘NO’“!

So, a Realtor shows a house that the prospect does not like and expresses their distaste for the house and say “no” to it, and somehow you think that a professional salesperson can take the objections, minimize them and turn the prospect’s argument and rejection into an acceptance!

I’ve got news for you.

In almost every other sales industry, sales skills, tactics and techniques work, but when it comes to real estate these skills, tactics and techniques simply fall flat.

Can you imagine someone not liking the property somehow being talked into buying it by some “silver tongued salesperson”?

So, if Realtors don’t sell, what do they do?

Realtors are “facilitators” clear and simple.

Consumers turn to Realtors (or should turn to Realtors) for assistance in facilitating their efforts to buy or sell a property.

Consumers can buy and sell properties on their local MLS (and many times do) without a Realtor.

I recently tested a Homelife Realtor’s (John Gagnon) “LIST AND SELL ON REALTOR.CA & MLS for $95“, and found the service excellent!

Consumers pay him $95 and receive a complete and comprehensive (“professional“) Listing exactly as though working with a Realtor.

You receive you own calls and arrange viewings (you can invite Realtors to bring clients under conventional terms – “2 1/2% Buyer Agency honoured” or not, as buyers can find you directly).

I signed up and listed one of my income properties and his service proved flawless and easy to use.

So you don’t have to sweat “not having sales experience” (most Realtors don’t either) because you don’t have to sell the property . . . . . IT SELLS ITSELF!

You have to be able to do what Realtors do which is open doors, meet prospective buyers and present them with the opportunity to buy the property.

I’ve had tremendous success in Condoland as a Buyer’s Agent, not because I’m a great sales person (which I am by the way).

My success came from my having a concrete “Plan” clearly outlining (before hand) what it was that I was going to do and how I was going to do it.

I then took my comprehensive (day by day, week by week, etc.) Plan and committed to “executing it every day in the exact manner that I strategized and set out it my Plan“.

I knew, and set out clearly in my Plan, exactly what I was going to do because of my background in studying Sun Tzu’s “Art of War“.

If you think being successful in real estate is not comparable to a war then the odds are that you will fall into that 87% failure pool of realtors described by NAR.

My new course, “Sun Tzu And The Art Of Success In Real Estate”, is GUARANTEED to make you successful.

Novices to the industry and seasoned Realtors who haven’t made it to that elite 13% of successful Realtors really have nowhere to turn and if you are relying on taking sales courses to become successful in real estate, my advise would be to find another sandbox to play in.

This course includes a “Confidential Personality Profile” like no other out there. It is based on the actual criteria set out by Sun Tzu in his definition of the “characteristics of a Leader“.

It also gives each student a tangible template where they insert their unique criteria and develop their own comprehensive success plan.

I am prepared to GUARANTEE that anyone with a real estate license who takes completes this course and executes the Plan that results from taking this course, WILL SUCCEED.

I designed and executed my Success Plan and retired a millionaire within a decade.

I am offering the exact same, tried and tested approach to success in real estate, and have morphed my unique knowledge and skill-set into this course.

It is a $600 course that you can take for $100 Down and the balance on the “Honour System“.

If any Realtor out there is not confident enough, that they can succeed in real estate by investing $100, then my advise to you is to get out of the business.

Real estate schools don’t teach this (and you paid a whole lot more than $100 for those courses to get your license), sales training courses don’t teach it, mentors and sales managers don’t often have it.

This course teaches you what you have to do to become successful in real estate.

Isn’t it time that you “bet on yourself“!

I’m Charles

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