Changing From A Condo Site To Create A Canadian Consumer Protection Agency

With a half century of hands-on experience in Canada’s residential condominium community dating back to the introduction of condos to Canada and a blistering career for over two decades as Canada’s first condo website I retired four years ago envisioning freeing up my time, energy and resources to bring to Canadians the “insider’s” reality on the true dysfunction that is Canada’s “Condoland“.

My original intentions when retiring was to first and foremost enjoy stepping out of the frenzied life and career as an entrepreneur that I’ve lived and roll I played in launching this residential alternative choice since in the late 1970’s. Seriously lacking in formal education but armed with the shocking first hand knowledge of what Condoland has developed into I felt that I could write a book that all consumers should be required to read before buying into the concept of condominium living.

The shocking education that I’ve received since retiring is exponentially more disturbing than the play book for the pyramid scheme that Condoland had ended up as, that I was about to introduce to all Canadians in my tell-all testimonial that I entitled “Crisis in Condoland“.

As the main theme of Crisis in Condoland, I felt that using a real life example of a consumer purchasing in a conventional pre-sale condominium and pointing out all the flawed logic, deception and exploitation the consumer is exposed to while making the single most large and most sacred investment that most Canadians will ever make.

I was required to set aside Crisis in Condoland, as the message that I was confident would dwarf anything Canadians had ever seen with respect to exploitation, actually dwarfed in magnitude to the reality within an entirely new to me area of Condoland that I had never considered in my 50 year career “owners acting badly“!

To be honest I’m still confident that this destructive modern day reality didn’t exist back in the 1970’s when condos were first introduced into law in Canada but the adversarial and malicious conduct of “the people” that we see today simply did not exist back then.

Certainly the concept of “community” was a significant element of the lifestyle but this key component can be seen in my new ebook (available exclusively on this site) Justice Refused that is a knockout failing reality check for Canadians not only with respect to the tiny universe known as “Condoland” but for our entire nation!

So radically threatening is the premeditated conduct of a small group of “Owners” in our pre-sale upscale residential community to our entire Canadian way of life, that I have been required to park my almost completed Crisis in Condoland and build it into a significantly more important and threatening series “Condoland” of which Crisis in Condoland will follow (out of order from an educational concept but necessary as this new dimension of Condoland has even just about floored me)!

If you’ve read my blogs over the past couple decades as a condo buyer’s agent you will already know that I’ve spent over 20 years trying to get various Canadian governments, agencies and institutions to realize that Canadian consumers have literally no protection under law in Canada despite the existence of numerous government agencies and institutions flamboyantly allegedly commitments to consumer protection.

The facts show that my position on the matter is disappointingly the valid one so I have committed to establishing one for Canadian consumers to at least receive the protections that they deserve.

So I’ve put “Crisis in Condoland” on hold and have set out writing three (3) more to form the “Condoland Series”. To convince any may-sayers I written and published the first ebook “Justice Refused“, setting out real life experiences starting with the purchase of a condo, its turn-over to the Owners, and the world of hurt introduced intentionally by one small group of owners with corrupt intentions.

I can tell you that there’s another book residing here to follow my Condoland series that I’m entitling Canadian Democrazy as it has become clear that our Canadian system of governance is failing us all and not only are those in positions of power not willing to do anything … they refuse to even talk about doing anything.

Justice Refused shows one small group of consumers being willfully damaged by one bully lawyer who is fully aware of how dysfunctional our entire court system is that it enables her to use her legal education to bully and intimidate others yet not a single agency, institution or government would even look at the facts presented them with all claims fully supported with documented and indexed evidence.

Ladies and gentlemen our country is in serious, serious trouble here! We’ve just seen the affect cons in power can do which, in my humble opinion, represents the death knoll for America.

I’ve blogged many times about Canada’s observable fixation on the American way of life. One need only look at our television programming which literally has copied the American standard for decades to see that Canadians have had an unhealthy fixation on the American way of life and have notably forfeited a great deal of integrity and standing in the world over our uniqueness (specifically in contrast to Americans).

When I was a young man I constantly observed Canadians laughing at the American way of life but any analysis today shows a distinct likeness that is other than complementary.

Today, at 72 years of age I can tell you that I am embarrassed, as a Canadian, to see how far the gap between us and our neighbors has narrowed. And I have no hesitation in saying that if you look at the evidence presented in Justice Refused you will be left with no uncertainty of the accuracy of my assessment.

Canada needs the collective help of all its dedicated citizens to right this ship, but history has shown that that help is not achievable from our Government, institutions and alleged agencies allegedly in place to protect the interests of every day Canadians. In Justice Refused we challenge each one and each on has failed us miserably.

So, I’ve come up with a formula that includes literally building from the ground up a consumer protection agency that actually delivers consumer protection. Such an agency cannot be dependent of government funding and cannot meet the usual format of all academics operating it with none possessing any hands-on awareness whatsoever. A good example is the new “Condo Authority” who’s board of directors fits this fatal flaw to a tee (I know as I tried to get them involved in this true life drama and they flatly refused).

I’m prepared to fund this new consumer protection agency with the sale of my ebooks. This consumer protection agency will expose corruption, exploitation, bullying, intimidation and outright criminal conduct (all included in Justice Refused) in the same highly successful manner by which I exposed unethical builders and developers exploiting my buyer agency clients.

I do not believe in litigation and when you see the conduct of all the lawyers (over 2 dozen which is more than the number of owners in this condo community), sitting Justices, Crown Attorneys, the Deputy Crown Attorney (boss Crown), investigative police officers, the Mayor of Oakville you will understand why.

My approach to exposing corruption in Condoland, by making the perpetrators “famous” (or “infamous“) by creatively presenting their behaviour to the world in board daylight, has proven far superior to litigation and when you read “So Sayeth The Law“, our legal industry’s and court’s gross incompetence, malfeasance, and outright corruption recurring across the board in Justice Refused, I believe you will become an avid supporter of this cause and appreciate my unique approach.

Exposing such corruption costs major money!  And that’s the juice that these offenders run on. I learned early in my career that speaking up against corruption draws litigation and as this offending party is a litigious lawyer whom uses the law to exploit for her own self gain you will understand how I’ve side-stepped all their conventional frivolous law suits by not naming them.

I am therefore publishing four (4) ebooks in my Condoland Series and asking all conscientious Canadians to join me in getting as many Canadians to buy and read each of these ebooks.

The educational value of these ebooks will prove immeasurable and the protection of honest Canadians will for the first time actually be available to all Canadians. However, the real life reality is . . . . . I cannot do this alone!

Nor should or could anyone. The only hope that we can affect change rest with and requires a national collective effort of individual Canadians.

All I am asking all Canadians is to take this meaningful “cause” up with me and take it viral (I admit to not even really knowing what this means or takes, as I’m still a techno-illiterate!

All you are asked to do is purchase and read a copy and help spread the word! I’m calling on all conscientious Canadians to help me get this critically important and timely information into all Canadians’ hands by sharing it to all their friends, family and contacts.

All forms of residential home building are condos today so this will affect your family one way or the other down the road.

The information contained in these four ebooks will serve as a vital foundation for our country’s stability in the future.

We cannot allow Canadian con’s criminal conduct (emulating/copying the America Dream) to become the norm here in our great land which today, in Justice Refused is seriously under attack.

I have no difficulty in laying out the facts as I have in Justice Refused but the distribution, promotion and exposure must rest with all of you whom read this blog.

I know that when you’ve read Justice Refused, you will hunger for the remaining three (3) ebooks in this series, and you will know why I’ve given up my retirement to write these ebooks.

That’s it for now   . . . . .   I’m Charles

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