(Part 1)
I’ll tell you that writing this first of five or six ebooks in this Condoland Series has been a major education to an old guy that doesn’t function in academia or the techno-world very well.

It is more challenging for me as with no formal education I lack the knowledge of the process and disciplines involved that I would have thought to be necessary for anyone to have to write a book. I’m fortunate that I’ve never let my ignorance of something stand in the way of me doing something if the matter was important enough. 

One of the most fascinating things for me to read are facts especially when I know there’s a con spinning a scheme. I’ve had literally dozens of lawyers over the two decades of publishing my condo buyer agency web site, attack me with what has always carried the same false pretense (educated word for Lie) alleging that “I’ve defamed their client”.

That’s the educated arena’s way of shutting up honest commentary. You hire a lawyer who will intimidate you threatening costly law suits in total disregard of the facts.

What I’ve learned after all these threatening letters (I’ve got a hard copy collection of many), letters that are built on the conscious awareness of the intent to threaten using false information (a first year law student could prove that there has never been any defamatory content in any of the blogs that these alleged prestigious law firms attacked.

For years I used to spar with them just for fun while running up their client’s bill as I’ve always handed the ball back to them with assurances that “anything they can show me with specificity that carries untruthful content will be edited without further delay with an apology” they either turn to their client for more money or just go quiet.

You see, what simplycharles.com has been built on is a foundation of telling the truth. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to simply tell the truth in Canada with so many lawyers consistently presenting this trump card of defamation.

How dishonourable is that! In the alter-ego universe of uneducated people in which I spent my career lying is quite common and that’s what I realized young and what literally made me successful.

You see I realized that everyone sees salespeople as liars and tragically that’s as true today as it was over 50 years ago when I decided to become a top gun professional salesperson.

My logic is quite simple to understand. Build a reputation for protecting consumers by shining a bright light on those who try to abuse them selling them dream homes to-be built.

I Justice Refused I present a front row seat through a condo industry insider’s eyes exposing a shocking reality of dysfunction in Ontario’s courts of law where innocent Canadian consumers are observably seen and dealt with as “guilty until proven guilty”.

Now you expose a corrupt failed lawyer who was a con long before her or someone posing as her passed the bar exams for her. But this tragic soul is not the central focus in Justice Refused.

The facts showing that our courts of law and the Law Society of Upper Canada (alleged to regulate lawyer conduct and “committed to consumer protection”) are failing in fundamental integrity across the board.  

Justice Refused delivers only the facts (in stark contradiction to adversarial methods of choice of today) in a thoughtful way. The hyperlinked “evidence” is undeniable and the fully supported narrative paints a horrific and dysfunctional picture at best!

Facts simply don’t lie (only people do) so I don’t clutter up Justice Refused’s reporting with any window dressing involving opinion as that simply leads to disputes. 

There’s adequate evidence of criminal conduct from a number of people that has been vigorously ignored by all including The Mayor of Oakville and his Chief of Staff and Counsel Members, to the Chief of Police, Justices, Deputy Crown Attorney, Crown Attorneys, and other lawyers.

Worse yet, the Mayor actively conspired with the offending lawyer and her shills, to break Ontario laws under the Condominium Act, many of whom indisputably expose themselves committing crimes, including Public Mischief, Perjury, Criminal Harassment, (all criminal offenses).

I want my readers and all Canadians to learn how to spot a con, something our courts of law have proven here that they can’t do, our Crown Attorneys and their boss have shown that they can’t do, what the police have shown they can’t do, what the Mayor simply wouldn’t do as he was up to his elbows in a conspiracy to deprive our community of its prestigious Entrance Features to simply accommodate the unreasonable demands of this offending lawyer, who in the end got exactly what she had schemed to do despite it requiring her to commit criminal acts.

A number of Justices in the local courts show themselves as potentially completely unqualified to sit on the bench. They were reported to the Attorney General whom blew off the complaint is distinct bad taste.

The first resale purchaser in the community informed me that “the Chief of Police is a friend and had told her all about the goings on in this community”.

Our board asked the chief to conduct a criminal investigation that contained criminal conduct to which he agreed and concluded to simply close the file refusing to deliver a report or answer any questions. 

The facts also show that Condoland, Ontario’s major residential industry is corrupt at its core offering absolutely no protection to consumers while boasting multiple layers of consumer protections existing, but all run by academics with little or no knowledge of condominiums, their governance or the corruption that abides therein.

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