My Thoughts On America’s Pursuit Of A New President


I’m always fascinated when I try to tune into the American psyche, to try to understand the country that is the largest consumer driven democracy in the world.

To hear them tell it, they are “simply the greatest“!  At everything!

They seem to have the ability to leave the mess and debris behind them in their wake while speeding off to another world situation or conquest.

They are boastful, and in the past have had ample material to boast about, having been first at landing man on the moon,

Much of its financial acclaim, although tarnished, is held in the hands of an elite few like, Mark Zukerberg, now one of the world’s wealthiest actually stole the idea for from two brothers who ultimately got “paid off” for their idea but nowhere close to what Mr. Zukerman walks away with which appears to be truly “the American way“.

Possibly Sun Tzu’s inclusion of “deception” in his recommended arsenal of weaponry in war, has been Americanized to the sublime.

War isn’t known for demanding “integrity” whereas, we are led to believe that business is built on it.  Another deception I guess.

America didn’t exactly shine in the outcome of its war effort in Vietnam, nor did it in Korea before that.  To me America looks arrogant.

Donald Trump exemplifies the American way!

The Donald” has thrown the entire country into free fall!

His “side-show” for presidency of the United States of America, clearly exemplifies the collective intellect of a significant percentage of the American people.

Americans talk a great deal about “the Freedom of the Press”, yet they represent simply a “pawn” in the game.

In all of the months that we’ve been exposed to Mr. Trump’s side-show, the Press has not pushed him on a couple of relevant points, the least of which being the Attorney General of New York State investigating Trump University as “a Fraud”.

Trump University was in business for over five years and is alleged to have “defrauded hundreds of people” according to New York State’s Attorney General

Could America now be facing an election where the Nominee of the Republican Party, AND the Nominee for the Democratic Party be facing “ethics” issues.

Could the Nominee of the Republican Party be found guilty of “Fraud“?

Could we see the first President of the United States to have been convicted of fraud?

Not only am I dismayed by the media’s lack of journalistic integrity to address this simple point of logic, what about this guy hiding behind a corporate shield where four of his casinos went into bankruptcy only to have him brag about “never having gone bankrupt“!

I get a little tired of hearing America boast about being “the greatest country in the world“, when honestly it is bankrupt!

America’s debt escalated to $18 TRILLION last year, up over $8 Trillion under Obama following on the heels of $5 Trillion under George Bush.

This is in just a decade and a half folks!

Today, each and every America carries a $159,000 (their portion of the national debt)!

It is truly fascinating to watch Donald Trump orchestrate the mockery of the political system in the same way that developers orchestrate the sale of their condos.

Mr. Trump is simply a “rich-boy” developer’s son who, with enough of dad’s money to enable him to avoid the draft and attend highly acclaimed schools to avoid the draft (I would question why no-one in the press has gotten access to his report cards from this highly acclaimed business school).

Let’s face it, developers lie all the time.

They promise an “executive concierge” and deliver a minimum wage security guard!

The entire Condo Game is based on and around lies!

The Condo Act, contrary to what is represented does NOT PROTECT CONSUMERS!

The Tarion Warranty, contrary to what is represented does NOT PROTECT CONSUMERS!

The Building Code does not protect consumers.

Condo Boards don’t protect owners.

Property Managers don’t manage!

So, we shouldn’t be surprised when Mr. Trump simply “doubles down” on his “proven”  lie about seeing “thousands os Muslims in New Jersey cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center’s two towers “.

I don’t believe that anyone other than Mr. Trump truly believes he becomes President at the end of the self-promotion campaign orchestrated and perpetuated by a talented carny-crier, and I sure that if he gets the party nomination (I seriously doubt that and anticipate him going “Independent” next to keep it all alive.

After all, this is his new reality tv series for which he needs face no production costs.

I’m Charles


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