Mr. Trump’s Followers Show How Disconnected From Reality They And He Really Are


I am flabbergasted to observe the chaos that “super salesman” Donald Trump has introduced into American politics.

Not just American politics, but the pursuit of the number one job in the land!

I’ve got to give it to him, he’s a great salesman and quite a sound strategist, with the right sense of humour to make everything that he does entertaining, without a doubt.

His strategic positioning amidst this Fox New Debate while holding his own event raising money for vets, falls nothing short of genius, from a marketing perspective.

My strategy would be for Fox News to simply accept his decision with respect and move forward with a debate with one podium vacant (and not the centre one).

The rest of the field will be given the opportunity to “present their plans” instead of throwing around insults or avoiding the mine field that is Donald Trump.

As a Canadian, I have “no dog in the fight” for the Presidency of the United States of America, the world’s superpower.

The world is a scary place today!

With ISIS and its global outreach for “lone wolves” to “activate” acts of terror without communication or any direct contact or involvement, I’m sure that absolutely everyone would agree with me that “the world is a very scary place today“.

I’m a “realist” in all matters, even those that do not affect me, and as a Canadian citizen I’m confident everyone can accept that I could care less about what goes on in America, other than for the “intellectual challenge” of trying to follow what is “trending“.

In doing so, I gain a highly advantageous strategic position as I avoid bias.

I can observe quietly from the sidelines and speak the truth on what I see.

This is where my disillusionment with Condo Land originated!

Everything consistently comes out as artificial!

Funny that we now are seeing “artificial intelligence” being introduced into society.

I say that we’ve had artificial intelligence in our society since the beginning of man and that it is this intelligence about being artificial that has rendered the world where it has today.

Where is “journalistic integrity“.

Newspapers exist because of “ad sales“.  Everything today is totally driven by advertising.

I work quite hard to not face it at every turn but I have to admit that it is a daily challenge.

How stupid, when you think that we pay hundreds of dollars a month for a cable through which the supplier of the cable generates hundreds of millions of dollars is advertising sales!

I can tell you on a first hand basis that here in Condo Land the newspapers, who historically have come to me for comment (because I’m known for telling the truth about much of the outrageous goings-on here in Condo Land) publish only selective excerpts of what I furnish them with.


Because they sell full page colour advertisements to developers running in the tens of thousands of dollars per day!

Television is not much better.

I’ve been featured frequently on most networks and again, have seen my factual comments cut to shreds by CBC’s lawyers.

Anything that is at all perceived as controversial is always edited out.

What goes on here in Condo Land IS controversial!

There is a lot to be exposed and no-one in the media is willing to expose it or those precious ad dollars stop rolling in.

TV commercials run much higher than print ads.

So, I guess that I’m saying that at this point in my life I’m simply offended with just how artificial everything is in our society.

I was the first digital Realtor here in Condo Land, having produced a high end CD-ROM (in DOS) application for Condo Land back in 1990, before there even was an Internet, Windows Operating System, hand held computers and all that other stuff that followed!

My web site was number one for years and years.

My global outreach to investors delivered me with the ability to “bulk buy” in a number of major developments, securing my clients substantial discounts while delivering developers the quantity of individual buyers that they required to secure their construction financing.

And what offends me the most is just how disingenuous Condo Land really is.

Everything, and I do mean everything is absolutely upside down.

The Condo Act has been exposed for decades as being materially flawed legislation.

We’ve just seen the first attempt to re-do it, but my expectations of effective results are very low.

The revisions will address the black hole of property management and a Condominium Authority is to be set up to oversee the industry, but administrative oversight overseen by bureaucracy offers a history of disappointing results.

I am in communication with a number of people who have participated in this most recent attempt at consumer protection and I seriously fear that we are simply going to get “more of the same old same old“.

The contracts that buyers are required to sign are right out of bizarro land!  Any lawyer will tell you that there is absolutely no protection for the consumer in those contracts, but we are forced to sign them if we want to play in Condo Land.

If a rational person is to stand back and truly assess our society I am confident that they will agree with me.

Politics is scandalously perverse!

If you’ve followed the news over the past decade or so you’ll see how corrupt the financial institutions, legal system, medical system, and quite frankly, “the system” that is in place actually are.

We get and give good points for someone who can articulate the party line knowing that everything that they are saying is categorically untruthful!

Many major tech companies like Facebook, Windows, etc. are ideas that were “pirated” by someone stealing others ideas.

And all of this is what sells the ads that drive the discourse.

Mr. Trump has gotten away with a lot based on his skill as a salesman, but trust me, that’s all he is . . . . a salesman!

Has anyone of all those thousands of followers considered for a moment that “skill, knowledge and/or expertise” are critical factors for leadership.

Donald Trump scores very low on leadership skills.

He has taken four casinos into corporate bankruptcy while under his management.

He had banks take back most of his assets that he had bought for pennies on the dollar with big dollars given to him by his dad.

His wife swore under oath in a deposition that he “raped her“.

He is presently facing three major law suits for “Fraud“!  One of these has been filed by the Attorney General of New York State!

He has never held elected office.

He has no personal understanding or awareness of International Affairs as he has stated that he gets his knowledge “from the Sunday Talk Shows“.

Can someone tell me how to envision Mr. Trump’s handling of the same kind of “contempt and flat out opposition to every idea” that President Obama has endured?

The few Plans that he has put forward have been scoffed at and would result in exploding the deficits that are already beyond control of that nation.

His Plan to deport tens of million of undocumented foreigners does not hold any merit in reality.

His “bomb the s*#t out of ISIS” again is simply a show of ignorance.

On what possible credentials could any rational person suggest that Mr. Trump should or is qualified to assume the job of President of the United Sates of America.

I’m Charles



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