The Presidential Elections In America Are Not As Much An Indictment On Two Seriously Flawed Characters, But Rather On The American People Themselves


As an avid “self-proclaimed” Snowbird and avoider of Old Man Winter, over the years I’ve spent a great deal of time amongst Americans.

I don’t mean to disparage anyone here, but rather my intentions are simply to share my observations.

For most of my career I’ve been fortunate to spend as much time as legally possible enjoying my winters in Florida.

If you’ve been a long term follower of my blog, back when it was, before, you will recall my many blogs about various issues presiding over my investments there as well, especially my numerous blogs about “Republicans“.

I find it extremely intriguing to not be emotionally involved in a political process and be intimately ingrained in the social dynamic to observe those who are emotionally involved and their behaviour.

I’ve many times stated that “even though Americans may look like us Canadians . . . . . they are absolutely and categorically different than us” to the point where probably most Canadians don’t have a valid perspective on this particular social dynamic.

Specifically the dysfunction that comes with HOA’s and Condo Boards in America.

You think there is dysfunction here in Condoland?

Well, it’s nothing like that which goes on down south.

Seinfeld had an episode about HOA’s that was funny but really didn’t give the issue enough humour to take it to “Bazarroland” (just down the street from Condoland actually) where reality exists.

Living amongst Americans for a half year dating back decades has led me to conclude that I would be a Democrat if I were an American, which I have no interest in becoming.

I’m a big fan of Barack Obama and have found the Republican’s treatment of him and flagrant opposition to absolutely everything he has tried to accomplish to be robustly insulting and intellectually limiting for the nation.

Apparently Republicans see paying hundreds of highly educated and connected members for both Parites to just fight the other party (after your Party had just screwed up the economy and world) instead of using all that knowledge, creativity, education and intellect to actually “make things great”.

I don’t think you would get any rational support for the illogical manner by which the Republicans have for almost eight years, show-boated their strategy to “consciously disrupt and deny every effort of the new (black) President“.

The American people should not have, nor should they ever invited, such an extreme adversarial element to the governance of their country.

That’s what has opened the door for Mr. Trump!

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be a very satisfied Democrat today with the selection of the Party’s candidate to become President, but as radically opposite as I see myself to Republicans, I am radically intellectually opposed to Donald Trump.

What is amazing to me is that both of these candidates are so unpopular with voters, yet “that’s all she wrote folks“, you get one or the other!

So Trump pulls some of the most rude and strategically offensive maneuvers that would disqualify an other candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America yet he and Hillary Clinton are within the statistical margin of error to win the Presidency.

I cannot get my head around why Bernie Sanders did not graciously step out of the Democratic Party (especially in light of the recent email dump strategizing to assault his religion, etc.) and return to his Independent Party Status that he held before running in the Democratic race.

With Hillary Clinton running with a 60% Disapproval Rating and Donald Trump running with a 60%+ Disapproval Rating, Bernie Sanders is a mathematical WINNER FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES when you add all of these disapproving Republicans and Democrats to Bernie’s existing loyal followers!

Now, that would be entertaining Reality TV!

Not to mention a serious solution to a serious problem that America is facing today.

Trump is observably unqualified to become President yet, even after insulting Muslims, and attacking everyone else around him and calling them all childish names while literally behaving like the classic bully in the school yard, his ratings in the Polls continue to go up!

What does that tell us about the America people?

What does it say about the system that governs the people?

The people, Republicans and Democrats are demanding change yet 60% of their party’s loyal voters are dissatisfied with their Party’s delegate!

Ironically, both candidates have seriously damaging legal matters ahead of them that could disrupt the results of the election.

Trump is facing a number of serious law suits alleging “Fraud“, having allegedly “defrauded little independent consumers of tens of millions of dollars“.

And it is not just one law suit, there are actually three from coast to coast!

Can anyone tell me, what America does if its President and Commander in Chief is proven guilty of Fraud?

This might prove the best outcome to the dysfunctional race for Presidency in the event Trump’s orchestrated “red-neck popularity contest” goes his way.

Hey, I’ve got nothing against red necks, but you’ve got to admit that this is what it actually is, even if the Press is afraid to call it what it is.

And you can’t really even blame them, because Washington is so corrupted, and the masses know it and feel left behind (more than the lack of integrity they are insulted that they aren’t part of the game).

They are giving the “collective bird (middle finger) to society” itself (much like we see going on throughout the world today).

And the only other choice for the nation, Hillary is facing potential “criminal” conviction over emails and/or lying about them to congress.

So, whatever the outcome of this election, the winner may bring another “first” as the shortest lived Presidency in history due to convictions on one or both of these matters.

Both of them have lengthy public records that have led to them having six out of ten of their own loyal Party members disapprove of them!

Yet watch the 24 hour cable news world and you would think, knowing nothing about these two, that “all was good” and everything was normal.

The Republicans have gotten behind Trump, meaning he is the official delegate of the Party.

There is no Republican Party left, just the Trump Party.

This totally unqualified, self-promoting “silver-spoon rich boy” and manifester of being someone who has made himself successful, who refuses to “legitimize ANY of the outrageous claims that he throws around” should never to able to hijack an election in the manner by which this guys has been able to.

I’ve been saying this from the very start.

Donald Trump is dangerous, for the United States of America, for Canada, for Mexico (to start with) and for the world should his “Red Neck Revolution” succeed.

It is tragic that the extreme condition that opened a gap for this plague to enter the “body of the American people” was the total dysfunction of all those highly educated lawyers that constitute their government officials!

The Government of the United States of America, like it or not, carries a serious overshadow onto most economies of the world and that governance is being put up for grabs by two obviously flawed candidates.

Hillary will prove less of a threat in the long run but Americans will have to vote for someone who has provably lied to them and congress, mishandled highly sensitive material the doing of which destroyed careers of generals, and is branded in the media as a highly distrusted and dishonest person.

This is admittedly the Realty Show of the year!

It is interesting to me as a strategist that Trump has managed to inflict so much damage onto himself yet his followers simply don’t care and seem to like him more.

My intrigue with this is somewhat overshadowed with the potential impact of the outcome of this.

It’s the fact that the Republican Party’s, at one time recently, were so opposed to Trump and called him such names (“con artist” to name but one which in my opinion is accurate and the most damming and should be proven with the upcoming trials dealing with Trump University) and yet today they line up behind him.

And Trump University wasn’t the first time Donald Trump was up to this scam!

Trump Institute was its forerunner and it leaves a shadowy track record as well.

So, now they are down to a conventional race between two conventional party’s with two supposed conventional candidates to lead the nation.

Donald Trump is still calling everyone rude and childish names!

As recently as following a grieving Muslim father of a U.S. Marine killed in Afghanistan testimony of his son’s contribution to the nation, Trump is challenging “his wife’s silence and asking who wrote that speech“!

Are you kidding me!

Insultingly childish Mr. Trump and certainly not worthy of the office of the President of the United States (yet again another piece of clear proof that he is intellectually ill-equipped for the job)!

This is where, to me, “the rubber meets the road” and Mr. Trump has proven himself to have failed miserably!

If there is “Integrity” in America, no-one has to “knock off” Mr. Trump as I am confident that he has not only destroyed his potential to ever lead the nation, but he has destroyed his own brand.

He has proven himself to be a “failed unqualified candidate“.

The show is growing old by the day.

Like so many viewers, my interest in the entire process has dwindled and I tune in only to titles and headlines as I really don’t want all of that knitty-gritty detail promoted by the conventional media.

We’ll see when it gets to election time.

It’s just too bad, for the sake of the American people and people all over the world dependent upon America’s leadership in the world that all of this is boiling down to two such seriously flawed candidates.

I’m Charles




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