So Let Me See If I’ve Gotten This Right . . . It Cost We Taxpayers $23.5 Million To Go After $1 Million In Improper Senate Expenses?


The most recent numbers twirling around this insulting Senate Scandal is that it cost taxpayers $23.5 Million over two years for the Auditor-General’s office to go through 80,000 expense class from 116 senators over a two year time frame.

Our problems are much greater than initially reported!  Not only do we have a meaningless body of people (“Senate”) but they have proven ready to take over the six figure salaries bestowed upon them, and then to abuse there expense privileges, by on average $5,000 a piece over two years, but now it is obvious that our government doesn’t even know when not to spend our money.

There is only one of two logical ways forward.

1.  We simply let them continue to steal from us;

2.  We dissolve the Senate once and for all.

I have been studying this for a while now, ever since Mr. Duffy and Ms. Whalen were exposed for having abused our trust by applying unrelated expenses to their expense accounts to sit on a body that we taxpayers see no benefit whatsoever from.

Please!  It really is past the time to get rid of this ridiculous body called the Senate.  They are now talking about millions in increased rent for moving while their digs are renovated (all at tax payer’s money)!

It is time that we tax payers say “enough“!

We are shamefully carrying a inexplainable deficit as a nation, a resource rich nation.  There is no excuse for us having these deficits with exception of the three card monty shuffle that is apparently our political process.

I’m Charles


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