Is Condoland Simply A Microcosm Of A Dysfunctional World!

The decided majority of people simply don’t vote.

They don’t attend their Condo Board Meetings, they don’t even read the annual information package that is given to each buyer leading up to the Annual General Meeting.

Property managers fret to get enough Proxies to establish a Quorum.  Many Boards have no attrition of Directors which in my opinion leads to “abuse“.

Condo management companies are renown for “self-serving”, “theft”, “kick-backs” and in my opinion the systematic exploitation of the owners whom they have sworn to protect.

For more on property management company abuse tune into my “Oakville Case Study” here at (go to home screen and search Oakville or “Sunrise Homes“).

Condoland is a “shake-down” from the onset.

Absolutely every fibre that makes up to twisted infrastructure of the residential condominium industry is flawed at best and corrupt at the extreme!

Doesn’t that just sound like the upside down world that we live in.

Have you been watching America’s highjacking by a bunch of corrupt (Russian associated) power brokers.

Does this even remotely reflect the ideals of democracy?

Is the concept of democracy fundamentally flawed?

Does the problem reflect deeper vulnerabilities in the fundamental principals of “Capitalism“?

I’m not a scholar but Communism sure looks it doesn’t offer much solace either.

Is it “free will” that leads us all to apathy sufficient to allow things like the Donald Trump Presidency when clearly he proves anything but the way America should be going.

I have no formal education, yet I see all of these formally educated people in every aspect of governance, business, the professions, literally screwing up everything that they are hired to do.

Look at our or any governments here in Ontario.

We are a nation of highly sought after natural resources.  Our tax payers pay heavy (certainly a heavier tax burden than our cry-baby neighbours to our South) income tax which includes health care for all (sounds great but in reality we don’t have or need the health care that is made available to us) and yet we have deficits at every level of government!

No matter how much we pay in taxes, our governments are always operating as a loss.

Over my four decades in Condoland I’ve seen the introduction of a GST (6% across the board tax) added onto the price of the purchase for a home, yet we have seen a constant increase in our deficits.

Then came the HST (13%) but yet deficits continue.

Then a second land transfer tax (“MLTT”) and still our Municipal Government has deficits.

This is the same everywhere you go.

The “academic intelligent Leaders” are provably Failing Us!

Hell, I’m confident that anyone without an education could do that bad!

Yet all we hear is that everything “is good“.

Is this really the best we can do as a city, province, nation?

Deficits aren’t even seen as shameful anymore.

No-one is offering solutions to wipe deficits out and they just keep on going up!

Listen to the argument down south where they say their economy has turned around thanks to “Quantitative Easing“.

We didn’t call it that in Canada but we always copy and follow our souther neighbours despite their mannerisms and character being substantively different from our to the point of jokes.

I feel that America is simply showing its true colours thanks to a total flake Donald Trump, yet everyone in the media is talking as though he still might be able to salvage his Presidency.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I would hire this guy to sell vacuum cleaners!

Developers don’t sell real estate.

They don’t even negotiate.

Trump sells pre-sale/pre-construction real estate.

He was able to do this because he was born into a mega-rich family and his braggadocios and over-exaggerated rantings have proven good advertising income streams for the media.

He is not a salesman.

I take a great deal of pride in being a professional salesman and calling him one of us is an insult to all of us!

A simple study of Condoland could not hurt anyone’s perspective on governing in general!

It all boils down to a fundamental “lack of integrity in our global society today“.

Isn’t the so-called profession of “marketing” really just “lying with flare” and isn’t this socially acceptable?

We’ve all boughten into it!

Society today makes us all be “imposters” and let’s face it good imposters are seen succeeding every day.

Donald Trump is an “imposter” and has gotten away with being one simply because his family gave him millions of dollars.

He claims he’s “Wharton School” educated but I don’t buy it for a minute (four deferments to avoid Vietnam could have been bought and paid for by a rich daddy).

His communication skills defy that concept.  He is inarticulate and can’t even read convincingly.

People confuse me with someone who is highly educated all the time, so I guess I’m kind of an unintentional imposture too!

Except I don’t go around professing that I’m something that I’m not.

I’ll tell you that I am uneducated in pretty well everything but selling and buying Condos, and when it comes to condos and condominium law and resulting abuses, I would suggest that I have unique “education” but not education that I can slap behind my name (like:  “PhD”, “MBA”, etc.).

I am always amused when a salesman gives me a business card full of educational accreditation.

Most great salespeople that I’ve known have no education.

That’s why they developed their skill at selling.

Educated people don’t understand this, but uneducated people do.

I find “street smarts” to be far superior to academic smarts (oh I can see the hate mail coming here), in professional selling anyway.  If you want me to train a salesperson for you, give me a street mark student over an academic any day!

Uneducated people don’t have those letters behind their name to rely on to get work (and try to get even a “grunt” job today without this type of accreditation requirements).

I’ve never had a job because fundamentally I was unemployable in the universes where I could earn more than one can flipping hamburgers or doing manual labour.

I muse through sites like Workopolis, not looking for a job (because I simply don’t have those educational credentials) but to understand the world around me, and laugh when I see major real estate companies advertising for a “Sales Trainer/Mentor” (for example) requiring “post secondary education”.

Is the world so upside down that they still believe that academically educated people professing to be able to train people to sell don’t have the necessary knowledge, skill, expertise!  They are actually confused anyway as they obviously believe that “Realtors SELL“?

Does anyone actually believe that someone may be talented enough to “take a flat out no I’m not interested in that house” and convert that into a “ok I’ll buy it“.

Can someone believe that anyone can teach someone to “turn around objections” and “close someone into a transaction” when they don’t like the property?

Please take a moment and think about this as it reflects one of the major dysfunctions of our time!

Any truly professional salesperson would tell you that “selling starts when your prospect says NO

This simply doesn’t not apply in the conventional world of real estate where a Realtor (called “sales rep“) lists a property and prospective buyers visit the property and decide to buy it or not!

Simple isn’t it!?!

Then where’s the selling.  Offering something for sale and allowing others to buy it, is substantially different than “selling” in the real world.

I “sold ideas” all of my life.

Ideas are “intangible” or “concepts“.

I honesty believe that I can sell anything to anybody PROVIDING I believe that whatever it is, proves legitimately “good for the person buying it“.  I have got to believe in not only my product, but myself and when I do feel this way about anything, I’ve never had difficulty selling it because I’ve always followed the philosophy that “if I am sold on it then so should you be” in my mine!

If I am sold on it, all I have to do is make you feel like I feel about it“.  If you say no to me, all I have to do is help you understand it the way I do and you will be sold.

“If I can make you feel the way that I feel, then you are sold“!

That’s why I was so successful in real estate because I had cut my teeth in conceptual selling for years leading up to my stumbling into the condo industry in the early 1980’s.

So you see, imposters rule the world, whether President of the United States of America, leader of a congregation, military leaders, congressmen, you name it, they are really just people terrified that someone is going to see through their ruse.

Politician have lead us here, many times good honest hard working people, simply perpetuating the dysfunction that came before them.

Condoland surely is a microcosm of our global dysfunction today.

I’m Charles




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