Here’s My Strategy For Saving Canada From Going Down That Same Toilet Hole That’s Destroying America

The title is NOT in the least an overstatement! I literally mean that all conscientious Canadians had better wake up and mobilize with me or the intellectual virus that just totally consumed America will surely spread into our lives.

In fact, the evidence set out in Justice Refused says that it may be a somewhat different strain but that it is the same contagious pandemic that has consumed America simply with a Canadian twist.

Since retiring a couple years back, I’ve had to face some entirely new intellectual realities that really have knocked me back on my heels and I don’t believe that you could find anyone that would think I’m naive.

For one thing, I’ve realized that although I’ve lived an anything but conventional life or lifestyle living amongst con artists, there are aspiring cons out there getting away with outrageously inept and childish scams with impunity, thanks to an observable dysfunction that has corrupt our entire court system.

I would put forth another perspective on this which is “when your courts are corrupt … no honest citizen is safe“.

Justice Refused is the outcome of two years of intense hands-on research into one of the most outrageously offensive corrupt individuals that I’ve ever met in my illustrious career and as I confess in Justice Refused I’ve lived my entire career amongst some of the more prolific cons on record.

Justice Refused is a factual compilation of physical evidence that shows indisputably that our courts are absolutely corrupt to a degree that no honest Canadian can hold any confidence whatsoever of receiving any protection under law let alone fairness.

This entertaining but baseline seriously corrupt chronology of crime gone unpunished is simply unacceptable in the country in which I was born, raised and prospered in, and to have someone immigrate into our welcoming nation, be given an advanced education resulting in becoming a lawyer (although the dysfunctional thinking and inept arguments by this woman would suggest that she somehow got someone else to write her bar exams) as she’s caught in Justice Refused, using that education to exploit, bully and intimidate everyone and anyone that she stumbles across.

That she emphasizes that “she’s not a newcomer to Oakville like me”, as if outsiders are somehow inferior to people who’ve lived in Oakville longer, is simply unacceptable to me as it proves flawed logic on its surface.

I have confessed on my blog of twenty years to having been a juvenile delinquent in my youth and apparently that dark area in my life actually has uniquely equipped me to be able to pick out a con at a glance, when a con presents themself, which is not to me an overly sophisticated process, but one that no level of Ontario government and/or Court of law have proven to be able to do, despite this lawyer’s bad behavior and criminal conduct being so clearly documented with indexed evidence and presented to each in the same form that it is presented in Justice Refused.

And even more offensive has been the outright National Inquirer type “catch and kill” agency for corrupt lawyers like the protection scheme afforded to this observable criminal masquerading as an Ontario lawyer.

I get nauseous reading her glowing web site filled with accolades designed to convince all readers that this individual represents a “Poster Child” of integrity and reliability in Ontario’s law profession, when the facts show that she’s simply a criminal involved in criminal conduct to pay her bills.

It is not me saying that this woman is a criminal by the way and this is very important. Her own documented conduct and written words coupled with s falsely sworn out testimony in court removes any/all uncertainty.

The tributaries of corruption documented in Justice Refused constitutes the fainting cries of the canary in the coal mine of integrity in Canada.

Corruption quite frankly corrupts and absolute corruption absolutely corrupt! There is no better comparison of this corruption other than with the pandemic that responsible people are trying to defeat while conspiracy theorists can be see so publicly challenging science. What I find so offensive it that so many highly educated people are so deeply embroiled in these conspiracy theories.

It is the regulatory body of Ontario’s law profession that is most exposed in this finely woven web of corruption introduced in Justice Refused. The Law Society of Upper Canada received a formal documented Complaint about the unethical and unlawful conduct of this lawyer within the first days of her launching her pre-meditated assault on the condo community that she had voluntarily bought into “specifically planning to destroy“.

Yes! I said “planning to destroy“! Her Plan exposes her distinct inability to even understand published law let alone common decency and/or respect for others yet the Law Society of Upper Canada with all the evidence profiled in Justice Refused in its possession with accompanying narrative to insure they are pointed in the right direction, did not see anything wrong with this lawyers conduct.

So, we know who’s guarding the henhouse … yes it’s the fox! When you read the supplemental damaged ex cop’s story of his experience with the Law Society you will fully understand my conclusion on their handling of my Formal Complaint that I submitted very early in the process.

It’s not the arrogance of this one tragically compromised soul that led me to writing this ebook. This type of individual is always right there in front of you and consistently you will find that their one skill is impressing everyone around them. The tragic part comes when that’s all a game of three card Monty and the stakes become whatever of yours they can get their hands on.

As an entrepreneur for example, in the literal hundreds of creative commercial concepts and endeavors that I came up with, that depended on those involved having integrity, during my half century at it, I never had one collaborator that I didn’t catch stealing from me. That’s a very sad but truthful statement.

What I was NOT prepared for was the flagrant dysfunction within our Courts of law. Again, I confess little knowledge as court house procedures and protocols have not been a part of my life, or at least since my adolescence where my brushes with the law were usually as a result of street fights.

What this exposure taught me was that I had formed a misinformed conclusion thinking, like most Canadians that “education equips people to run things” so we all accept a political structure run by educated people, apparently with no oversight whatsoever.

One need only look at the pre-Covid Deficits of our governments, these dysfunctional courts and court officials, municipal officials, Justices, Lawyers and Police … well I’m hoping you’re getting the thrust of this here.

And I’m not declaring war on the educated but when any reasonable person reads Justice Refused and sees the unacceptable conduct of all these people in positions of authority that has led to all the dysfunction, someone has to stand up and say enough is enough!

Well, just like back in the schoolyard when I’d come across bully one to one, and clear up any misunderstandings even if it took a baseball bat, I’m not prepared to stand down like all those around me have chosen to do and allow corruption to eat away at the very fibre of Canadian integrity.

Or at least I’m intending to make sure that all the players who all hide in the shadows enjoy the bright light of stardom for their conduct.

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