I’ve Been Trying To Avoid Writing About Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton But I “Just Keep Getting Pulled Back In”


It is absolutely incredible to me to realize that “The Donald” is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States of America!

And I thought that Condoland was dysfunctional!

Unlike most Americans apparently, I have the unique perspective of not being one, yet intimately familiar with them having spent so many of my winters there throughout my life.

I’ve written before about the visible contrast in Republicans and Democrats or at least the make-up of the people that constitute one or the other in America.

Americans may look like and even talk somewhat like us, but in reality they are nothing like us.

I’ve never been able to comprehend why Canada continually tries to mould itself into a likeness of them, as I don’t find them that flattering of a role model.

Trump’s mannerisms, personality and characteristics are by no means a new phenomena.

He’s actually your quintessential American.

Not all Americans mind you, (as there wouldn’t be Democrats and/or Independents if they all were Donald Trump look alines) but certainly Donald is consistent with many, many Republicans that I’ve gotten to know.

I don’t say “hung around with” because I try not to hang around with anybody, and Republicans, especially outspoken Republicans can be very hard to tolerate!

What staggers me is that one of these two (last standing) players will become the next President of the United States.

Objectively there really is only one choice, yet The Donald keeps running neck to neck with Clinton (who at least has some experience in government, world affairs, and expertise from within the centre of things of global magnitude).

Her handling of emails and lack of openness stand as markers from what is politics in America.

Were her CGI issues all above board?

Hey, “that’s the American way“!

Is she the ideal candidate?

The answer is a definitive “No“!

But Donald Trump is exactly what Marco Rubio called him:  “A Con Artist“!

And he’s a con artist that has been allowed to avoid delivering any proof whatsoever that his lofty claims of wealth, education, business acumen, negotiating skills, are anything close to being accurate or factual.

Hillary took a lot of flack over saying “50% of his followers are Deplorable“.

She erred in using a percentage but capitulated and over-apologized (in my opinion) for the word “deplorable“.

The closest thing I can compare Trump’s followers and campaign is “the patients have taken over the mental ward“!

A solid majority of Trump’s followers are in fact “deplorable“.


This guys says he has never gone bankrupt when he, behind the veil of corporate bankruptcy has taken his companies there four times.

Many, many condo projects around the globe bearing his name have ended up in bankruptcy.

He is known globally for shortchanging contractors at his sites.

He is your classic “poor little rich boy“.

He inherited millions of dollars on top of a million dollar loan from daddy and never had to deal with reality ever since.

He is the same today as he was yesterday, last week, last year, a decade ago, three decades ago and he always will be.

I’ve written enough about the hundreds of millions that he’s taken out of failed and/or failing project for himself leaving individual investors holding the bag (and brags about it).

He presently is facing three major law suits about having swindled thousands of small American tax payers out of millions of dollars with Trump University and has another nightmare story around Trump Institute to the tune of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most recently he has been shown to have paid off personal fines with his Non-Profit’s money to the tune of millions!

He’s paid millions of dollars in fees to his own companies from his charities into which he has put none of his own money!

And this is “the man that would be President“.

This does not even touch on the fact that his previous wife, under sworn testimony said that “Donald Trump raped her“!

This is the guy with proven “mob connections“!

This is the guy with connections to Russia, and praises Putin!

These are not blind allegations!

They are historic fact!

Eight past generals and chief’s of staff have spoken out against him.

Not one living Past-President will endorse him or support his challenge for the Presidency (Bushes are Republicans).

And this is the guy that is running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States of America!

And the only other mathematically possible candidate Gary Johnston was on Morning Joe this morning with his tongue hanging out and talking around it saying “that he could win just by showing up“.

There goes another candidate, but the punch line resonates!

That’s why I can’t understand Bernie Sanders and why he didn’t just step out of the Democratic contest when they treated him so badly and run as the Independent that he was and is?

With Clinton having a 60% Disapproval Rate, and Trump having a 60% Disapproval Rate, Sanders would undoubtedly pick up the majority of that balanced portfolio of Democratic and Republican 60% of the population!

Added to his motivated followers, Bernie Sanders would have become President.

This is not an indictment on Donald Trump, nor is it an indictment of Hillary Clinton.

It is, however, a serious indictment on the American people, political structure, and possibly their concept of democracy.

Something took on of the world’s most prosperous governments/world powers (“Roman Empire“) and destroyed it.

Are we seeing the demise of America as we know it.

Look at the debt!

Look at the consistent moral decay that is America today.

I’m glad I sold my Florida home and am not planning on returning any time soon.

If not for “entertainment value“, this once great nation is becoming more and more an afterthought when it comes to leadership.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Barack Obama.

It’s like everyone forgets the mess America was in when he stepped up!

And as for his increasing the debt, well one must consider two unfunded and illegitimate wars (introduced by the Republicans) that are still being fought.

And the very fact that Republicans took a public oath to not co-operate in any way with him stands as a monument to his talent to have brought their country back from the precipice that he inherited!

I’m Charles






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