Donald Trump Gives All Us Professional Salespeople A Bad Name


I’m sorry but I’ve just got to take some concentration time off of my efforts to produce my Success Training Course (“Sun Tzu And The Art of Success”) to comment on the fiasco that Donald Trump is orchestrating within the Republican Party.

As someone who has always helped train salesmen and saleswomen, I can tell you one thing for certain . . . . . Mr. Trump is a salesman.

Oh, I hear all the enthusiastic fixation of the Press about him being a “billionaire” as if someone starting out with dad’s millions should be reveered for having made money with money.

I would revert to that famous line in “Show Me The Money“!  Mr. Trump recently reported the value of one of his golf courses at $50 Million, while at the exact same time applying for a tax reduction on it showing a value of $1.2 Million!

My advice when addressing Donald Trump, is to “believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see“!

Success in life isn’t only about money, however I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that making money is somewhat of a drug.

Success isn’t a fluke and I have to admit, this guy is one successful salesman!

What the Press sees from Donald Trump is what they want to see because that sells ads for them.

People aren’t looking very closely at Mr. Trump and I suggest that they should be in light of his present popularity in the Republican Presidential Nominee Polls of late.

The Press has obviously chosen to overlook one significant fact, that I feel clearly shows my apprehension of the man and his objective.

Mr. Trump is presently being charged with “Fraud” (Criminal Fraud) for participating in a shake-down of selling real estate entrepreneur courses but never delivering the courses, to aspiring entrepreneurs throughout America with his now defunct “Trump University“.

The very thought, of someone being under a criminal inditement even being able to run for nominee, let alone win the nomination while facing criminal charges for fraud seems absolutely egregiously wrong to me.

Here’s a man who insists that he’s never gone bankrupt while his companies under his management, have undergone bankruptcy on four different occasions!

He chooses to hide behind the fact that it was his “incorporated companies“, (he fails to mention that they were under his direct control), went bankrupt on four separate occasion, and not him personally.

Integrity” does not include misrepresenting material facts regardless of how one chooses to present or distort facts.  You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig!

As a professional salesperson and as a success trainer for salespersons, one thing that I make sure all my students are aware of is, the absolute need for “integrity” in whatever it is that they do.

Without, or lacking “integrity” salespeople are simply con artists.  All the same tactics, skills and psychology used by successful con artists are also used in professional selling.  Without integrity the players are all one and the same.

It all boils down to “intent“.  Professional salespeople “intend” to help people.  Professional con artists “intend” to help themselves.

I’ve followed Mr. Trumps career since the 1970’s when I entered the condo world as a sales trainer who converted to selling these newly legislated “things” called condos.

I’ve always seen Mr. Trump as kind of my own personal antithesis, diametrically opposite to everything I stand for as a professional salesman/trainer!

It is obvious that Mr. Trump has helped himself, through a well executed Plan of self promotion, for which he should be commended.

But don’t allow bluster to interfere with seeing the factual picture.  I have no personal bone to pick with Mr. Trump, other than he gives professional salesmen a bad rap.

I feel that Mr. Trump has mischaracterized his stellar education “from Wharton School of Business, top business school in the world” according to Mr. Trump.  Something I learned a very long time ago in my entrepreneurial career (I’m 66 and never had a job) is that “someone always graduates at the bottom of the class”.

Just like Mr. Trump insisted on The President of the United States showing him his birth certificate, I would ask Mr. Trump to present his report card from this prestigious school.

I would give any “uneducated” salesperson poor marks for displaying the lack of effective communication/articulation skills presented by Mr. Trump.  Again, I would like to see his marks.

I cannot challenge the fact that he is gaining popularity in the polls, but as someone who sold his Florida winter home last year, because of the unique social dynamic amongst Americans that is so clearly present in Mr. Trump’s persona.

I personally find it offensive to the point that I would give up my winter weather quality of life requirement this year simply to get away from people like those that are so thunderously welcoming him carnival act when it comes to town.

So this nation of over 300 Million people allows any showman jump into the ring and profess his ethical, moral and civil commitment to his country by offering to “lead it” and “the world”!

Show me the report card!  I am confident that like all of the other outrageous boasts by Mr. Trump you will find the numbers contradicting the boasts.

He has bragged about his “Philanthropy” through golf events, etc., yet the record shows absolutely none!  His organization has raised some money but not from him!

I would think it important that a nation would be treated honestly by its leader, yet Mr. Trump is a walking dichotomy of himself!

Do educated people really insult everyone around them?  I have no degrees or formal education but I can assure you my successes came from my ability to persuade others and that does not include insulting anyone, any time, any place!

I think that it is important to remind ourselves that “Polling” in America really is taken from a random sample of approximately four (4%) percent of the population, so this suggests that the numbers may not truly reflect Mr. Trumps ability to become the “Leader of the Free World” (I shutter as I write this line!).

Not only did Mr. Trump go through four bankruptcies, word on the street is that his strategy involved running up such massive debts with creditors (many times small momma/poppa businesses) that they had no choice but to agree to his terms of they went broke!

These are not characteristics of a nice person by my standards.

It insults me that a purported graduate of such a prestigious university would use such poor (uneducated) English.

As for the public’s inability to differentiate selling and conning, well I leave that to society, where they tell me “there’s a sucker born every minute”!

I’m Charles


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