It Seems Clear To Me That Canada And America Have Bastardized The Concept of Democracy

I was going to call a new blog “Atomic” to stand for “Angry Thoughtful Old Man In Condoland” having seen that the word Thoughtful would prove refreshing.

I’m 72 years old this summer and having had to self-educate as a result of dysfunctional alcohol addicted parents, an adolescence as a juvenile delinquent barely achieving a grade 12 diploma from a underperformed high school back in the 60’s, and having been able to comfortably retire, well you can understand why I’m so proud of my country (where else in the world would a lost kid lived the blessed life I stumbled into.

And that’s partially why I’ve written Justice Refused and the other five or so ebooks in the Condoland Series.

As an uneducated self-employed entrepreneur I’ve always had to create a vision, materialize that vision into a tangible concept and then go sell it. I did this with a “women in business” television series and syndicated in nationally in the early ’80’s, new energy saving devices, to envisioning a digital condominium network (actually led to linking Canada’s crashed condo market with Chines investors in Hong Kong due to the pending reversion of the Colony to the Communist Chines.

Having no education leads you to a life of constant hustle. You must learn quickly to be able to read people knowing that most of those in your environment are uneducated not necessarily entrepreneurial people doing whatever they can do to earn money.

And yes, there’s a lot of cons staying alive in this arena!

A major eye-opener for me amidst the dysfunctional world that I’ve managed to be so successful in has been the real life, across the board, out in the open, dysfunction that I’ve documented in Justice Refused.

This Series of ebooks (available on the Apple Book Store, Amazon, Kindle, and PDF on is not another commercial endeavor of mine.

My wife and business partner of thirty two years retired after a very stressful and unique career running all over the globe to hustle a living. In this arena I am a proven unique factor.

What I’ve realized recently is how ill-informed the masses of Canadians are because they are a lot like me.

And what Justice Refused does is it exposes the dysfunction that has led to systemic corruption throughout all our major institutions that are supposed to be there to protect Canadians.

We, the masses have been socially conditioned to turn over control of our country to people based on academic credentials.

This is my own theory after spending a half century studying people to get them to believe in and trust in my visions and specifically not some Phd academic talking about something they never had to face or realize existed.

I honestly have been led to envision a concept where our social and civic dysfunction is a specific result of people becoming blind-sided with education on both ends of the spectrum.

The educated truly believe that they are uniquely qualified while the masses also believe that education has equipped that minority to believe that they are uniquely qualified based on no proof of merit other than to letters appearing after their name on their business card and resume.

And after over a half century in professional sales (note I don’t say sales as professionalism remains as rare in sales today as it did when I entered the field) the realization that it is in fact the most fundamental element in professional sales that is missing at education’s core cannot be passed by.

Throughout my career I’ve taught people how to sell professionally while cherry picking condo developers that I bet would end up in trouble and delivering whatever number of investors they needed to get their construction financing (doing dozens of sales at a time was way more appealing to me than trying to find a buyer for one unit).

And the one and really only secret weapon that I had was to never lie as everyone expects salespeople to be liars and that first time they catch you it’s over. Why do you think so many people fail at sales (take a look at the stats in real estate sales people for example – 80% are out of the business within 5 years)?

The unique learning experience set out in Justice Refused and the ebooks to come in this series can’t be purchased anywhere else. I literally am stunned when I see ads today for advanced education degrees for sales jobs. Why do you think we have such a turn over in sales jobs?

I included a newspaper article of me back in 1979 holding one of my sales training seminars and the punch line says: “Simply tell it like it is”. So here’s the secret folks! Simply don’t lie!

Now I jump forward to today after watching a choreographed self-implosion of one of the largest democracies in the world which leaders of both political parties lying through their teeth daily while the mass media spins their concept on what’s going on and everything is seen as real when it is not real at all. And all of these people are highly educated and degreed people being paid outrageously for simply showing up!

And now, laid out for all Canadians and concerned global citizens stumbling across this devastating reality spewing out of all the hyperlinked evidence that was delivered to absolutely every institution being paid for through our tax dollars (I’ve been a serious tax payer in good standing for decades and was actually hit with an Audit and paid in excess of a half million dollars that a talented tax lawyer managed to claw a great deal back from).

And to be totally transparent the portion that CRA disputed was another tragic tale in Condoland due to extended Registration times coupled with poor quality control of construction hit an innocent consumer right between the eyes.

I didn’t fight, complain, cry. I faced up and paid. Despite this I am still a big believer in the Integrity that used to be known around the globe as Canada’s unique heritage characteristic.

Justice Refused shows that we’ve lost that due to an inability of those in positions of power, although possibly aspiring to do the right thing, is leaning their ladder of success upon the wrong wall.

It is absolutely imperative that all responsible Canadians read Justice Refused and the ebook to follow. It delivers unique education and a unique list of topics not included in conventional academia in a mature and thoughtful way.

The corrupt lawyer and her corrupt fellow buyer in this small collection of homes alleged to be in a condo, doesn’t bother me as I’ve lived and traveled around a diverse array of cons and criminals but must confess that this woman is of the lowest personal character that I’ve come across and I’ve known some pretty morally corrupt people.

The fact that the Mayor is caught in a conspiracy with his Chief of Staff passing on flagrant lies to support this corrupt lawyer is simply unacceptable.

The Town Counselor who promised he’d investigate and “get back to us” proved of the same mold as we never heard back from him despite his assurances.

The facts clearly show that this corrupt lawyer, conspired with the Mayor (alleged by her due to her having caught him taking kick-backs), her other co-conspirator who has sat as (illegitimate) President of the Board of our condo corporation, and others to insure that the Front Entrance Signage Feature for our community set out in the Disclosure Package were not erected on the Easement specifically set out in the Disclosure Package) identified to be included on her Lot.

There’s no rocket science here and the irrefutable evidence is clearly laid out in Justice Refused. I’m calling on every conscientious Canadian to help me make all Canadians aware of Justice Refused and the story that it delivers before it’s too late.

All complex research on this matter is present identifying serious problems and this is the only way that problems can be fixed which is to identify that they exists.

This is one cardinal sin being held dearly to, by each and every institution and civic agency.

I’m asking everyone that reads this to get your copy and read and understand it. Once you have you will have convinced yourself on the merits of what I’m doing. All I ask you to do once you’ve convinced yourself is tell absolutely everyone you know.

Together we can take this viral (internet lingo I’ve learned) and make things right. I’m optimistic that once we’ve cracked their shell of resistance that we will have their full support and things will change.

This is as grass roots as grass roots gets.

I’m Charles

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