Following Orlando, Republicans Vote Down Reasonable Gun Control


Let’s face it, yesterday’s vote on basic, logical gun measures going down to defeat at the hands of the Republicans simply says it all.

The nation just had a “radical jihadist” massacre of 50 of its citizens with another 40 or so still in hospitals having suffered the massacre and lived.

America has an epidemic of gun violence yet the taxpayers are required to continue to pay, two sides of an inept government that has refused to even move on common sense measures like background checks.

Ninety Two (92%) Percent of Americans have said that they want this, yet Republicans in the Senate, who have vowed to oppose every piece of Obama’s legislation for eight years now, are telling us that they are the best party to govern.

And on top of that, the Republican Party is standing behind its presumptive delegate to lead the party, despite his flagrantly racist comments of late, willingness to promise to change the “Constitution” by profiling designated groups (and/or religions).

This gun argument is the most intellectually insulting case study on just how far off track America really is.

This is the very fine threshold, within which Trump navigates his plan (if you can call it a plan).

Imagine this guy, who said that “if the patrons in the nightclub in Orlando had guns and returned fire, there would have been a much different outcome“, running the country.

For just a few minutes, let’s intellectually compare him to the “standard” set by his predecessor, Barak Obama.

Let’s not rehash the “Birther” embarrassment (“conspiracy theory“) that Mr. Trump brought on himself (yes, I know his diehard followers love it but it doomed him to the land of lunitunes).

If I could get my hands on one documented record about Donald Trump I would get his Wharton School grades and more importantly “attendance records“.

It was a time in history when America was up to its armpits in Vietnam and attendance in this school is said to have played a key roll in young Donald getting four “deferments” from military duty (not uncommon at that time).

I just can’t see anyone that attended such a prestigious school, talking so poorly, as does “The Donald“.

He has bragged about being “so smart” and “so rich“, yet he has never legitimized either of these unsolicited proclamations!

He has bragged about “never having gone bankrupt“, when everyone knows that he did go into corporate bankruptcy four separate times, after having lost everything, and only keeping afloat by giving away ownership in almost every property that he had and calling again on daddy for some cash.

Hiding behind the word “corporate“, is very small intellectually of him.

He wouldn’t personally own the United States of America, so I guess based on his logic, whatever he does to the country and potentially the world, wouldn’t constitute a “failure” because it’s not his personally“.

If you look at the ever expanding list of defunct companies bearing the Trump Brand, bringing a history of sworn testimony against him by his wife, stating:  “rape“, alleged ties to Mafia, a continuing string of outright and obvious lies (for which he has not been held accountable), the Trump University scandal (3 separate law suits with others still pending) stating:  “Fraud” in the tens of millions, the hundreds of small business people that recently came foreword saying Trump bankrupted them by running their bills up so high they had to accept pennies on the dollar (that’s a kind of “greenmail“!

Can you believe that Republicans are still coming forward saying that they “hope he can turn the corner and act more Presidential“!

“Act“, obviously being the operative word!

Donald Trump “ISthe act!

He has given absolutely no proof that it could reasonably be assumed that he has anything close to the knowledge, temperament, diversity of character, intellect, integrity, skill and ability (remarkably accomplished by the nation’s sitting President (Obama) in a time of “extreme threat“, largely brought on by two (2) “unfunded and illegitimate wars” the same Republican Party that has refused to work with him for 8 years).

So now, the Republican Party, HIS Party, has chosen to defeat reasonable and responsible legislation to simply limit access to purchasing this massive killing machines despite 92% of the population wanting the legislation!

And yet, he is “neck and neck” against his Democratic opponent, who has a 60% disapproval rating, just slightly better than his 70%!

You can’t make this kind of stuff up!

At least you’d need a whole bunch of talented Seinfeld-type comedy writers.

If you want to see how Donald Trump would handle a presidency, you simply have to study how he has handled himself setting up “the business” that “IS” setting up and running a campaign“.

Today, it is a disaster!

Financially (Hillary has $42 Million – he has $1.2 Million).

I believe that we are about to see the biggest route, (justifiably), in the Republican Party’s history.

Justifiably, specifically because of their conduct as a Party, over the past eight years of sabotaging the sitting President, their inability to come with one credible candidate, for not having the integrity of just brushing Donald off before he got knitted into the Republican Party fabric.

The thing that startles me is that the party and the media continue to say that he “may yet turn the corner” and become Presidential!

It’s obviously not just Donald Trump that lives in “Fantasy Land“!

I’m Charles



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