Is This Type Of Thing What We Want Our City To Be Known For?


I read with dismay this morning on Drudge (millions of global readers per day) headlines about our fine city that shocked and, quite frankly, offended me.

The title read: “Toronto to host massive orgy — for disabled people…

Now, I’m all for respecting disabled people but I really think that collectively, we residents of Toronto should see some kind of respect as well.

We’ve just put the “Cokehead Mayor Scandal” behind us.  I spend winters in Florida and every time someone notices my license plates down there, the mention of our Cocaine snorting Mayor immediately follows.

I don’t even care if disabled people choose to have “orgies“!  In fact I don’t care if anyone chooses to have orgies as long as I (and the rest of the world) aren’t kept up to date on them).

Has our society really come to this?  Do we really want to be known around the globe for such smut being common place in our city?

It seems to me that our society in general is degenerating out of control, a concept that is wholly supported by this trashy headline in a global media outlet!

Perversion does not represent me (and if you don’t think orgies are perverse then we should talk!) yet our city has now been flagged all over the world, not for being a great city or for being progressive but apparently for comparable to Rome prior to the fall of the Roman Empire!

Congratulations people!  We are once again making headlines around the world.

I’m Charles


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