I don’t know about you but I’m sure glad to be a Canadian watching what I’ve known all my life to be a seriously flawed nation just south of us.

I gave up my hunger for news a little over four years ago when I saw this coming. I started blogging about it but it was just so distasteful intellectually to me I just concluded to step away. I limit my news these days to mostly headlines on a diverse mix of website due to “altered reality arguments” overwhelming the media.

Altered reality arguments, much like “lawyer-speak”, “parsing words”, and what seems a never ending plethora of other catchy phrases, to a 71 year old uneducated street kid like me are just educated ways of masquerading “LYING”.

Cons are individuals who lie for their living and tragically, as you can see in Justice Refused, a great percentage of lawyers also lie for a living. As an uneducated but successful entrepreneur I find that personally intellectually offensive.

I blogged many times about what I’ve observed as a serious flaw in our Canadian way of life, as many Canadians copy and appear to exemplify the American way of life. This strange fixation is counter-intuitive to what has always differentiated Canadians from Americans and can be seen right down to our entertainment programming with copy-cat shows like Canadian Idol, Family Feud, and a host of other America television shows copied and airing on our local television channels.

For the past couple years since retiring and moving into our brand new condominium (“POTL”) home on a brand new Private street in a collection of just 18 large stone homes that literally checked off every box in our “must have list”.

The one thing you can’t plan, fix or cure are your neighbors and I’ve got to confess that I haven’t been impressed with many of my new neighbors since moving here.

The insurrection brought about by a small group of my fellow new owners, (actually just two owners with apathy and indifference of others carrying them over the finish line) is something that conscientious Canadians cannot allow to stand.

I’ve written Justice Refused, the first ebook in a series, to educate Canadians of the corruption that is all around us. Justice Refused is an indictment of us all for having tolerated dishonesty and exploitation to creep into our social fibre subconsciously over my lifetime.

I’m ashamed of our society for tolerating such flagrant corruption. Justice Refused exposes a corrupt lawyer using and exploiting the law to make her living by threatening innocent people with costly law suits and settling for cash (“greenmail”).

Justice Refused shows how this one emotionally unbalanced self-proclaimed “highly educated lawyer” managed to manipulate the courts repeatedly by swearing out false criminal Summons’ against innocent people and waging email harassment campaigns against others while actually physically assaulting others.

It shows this corrupt individual masquerading as a lawyer greenmailing the builder for FREE Upgrades to her home including cutting a window into the finished home with cost when there was no reason other than to get this lawyer to drop her court action against him.

It goes on to show that she also received tens of thousands of dollars in FREE Upgrades (removing a stipple ceiling throughout the upstairs, tear out laminate counter tops and all above mount sinks and replacing them with below mount sinks, and a list of other upgrades too lengthy to go through here).

And after settling her threatened law suits that brought her these (tax free) gains she took out a very rare legal action called an Ex Parte Motion seeking damages in excess of $650,000 against the very same builder who had settled on the FREE Upgrades.

More startling, Justice Refused shows a Mayor of Oakville actively conspiring with this lawyer to break the law according the Ontario’s Condominium Act by willfully disregarding his duty as “Surety Holder” holding $13,000 to insure that prestigious Stone Entrance Features would be delivered as per the Disclosure Statement. 

In my almost 50 years at the heart of Ontario’s residential condominium industry (since they were introduced into law) the integrity of a Disclosure Package for a Pre-Sale Condominium has never attacked, yet this Mayor willfully conspired with what he knew full well to be an illegitimate board of directors to strip our corporation of its major asset

Despite my having been respectful and offering to help Mayor Burton chose to sell out our community for some unexplained reason. He must be required to explain why he participated in the unlawful overthrow of our condo board of directors that ultimately led to the removal of this asset.

There is only one party that gleans any benefit whatsoever and I’ve challenge the Mayor for years now to simply explain why he has done what this evidence shows that he has done. As a taxpayer and a damaged party to this corrupt disposal of a corporate asset I and the rest of the owners in this community are entitled to an answer.

We are also entitled to know if the Mayor’s office was lying when it turned down our legitimate board’s request to shift these Entrance Features “a few inches onto Town land and making them smaller” with the statement “this would be impossible” only to allegedly grant this one owner a Special Exemption to capture a large (25 ft x 10 ft) area of Town property giving the appearance of it being this owner’s front yard.

The motivation behind this entire crime spree has been proven to simply be this lawyer’s dysfunctional obsession with creating the illusion of owning a stand alone Lakeshore Road home. I respect that it is difficult to believe but I assure you it is true and further she swore under oath to having a “Bay Street Law Practice” when it’s really just a mail drop service that sells an “identity package” giving the illusion of a Financial District office.

The scary question is if they would go to such extremely vile lengths to achieve this illusion, what can we imagine they might do for something of importance. Corruption doesn’t get any more corrupt that you will find it in the pages and evidence file in Justice Refused.

I’m not trying to sell ebooks. It would have been much easier for me to take my profits and walk away but doing so would support this scourge of venomous people and let them loose onto my fellow honest Canadians, who may not be as well versed in cons to be able to see what’s actually going on here.

I selling ebooks to fund a legal defense fund and to make these civic institutions answer for their mis-conduct and get them to commit to fixing this obviously very broken system of ours.

The only way that we conscientious Canadians and global citizens can impose such a radical shift onto a society that has degenerated to the level of hostility and denial that we see democracy today at on our television and computer screens is to do it ourselves, one consumer at a time.

All you have to do is get your copy and tell all your contacts to do the same thing and we will get there. I will do the rest.

As always … I’m Charles

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