Is The Ability to Tell Lies Well Actually What Our Democracy, or Possibly All Democracies, are Built On?

Man! I’m so sick of watching all these highly educated Senators, Lawyers and politicians present their fabricated cases to the public as though they are people of integrity when a chimpanzee in a suite could tell you that they are lying.

Obviously lying has become acceptable and we see a seemingly never-ending continuum of people getting hired based on their ability to lie. Is Democracy really that fragile that cons get into power by lying and recruit highly educated liars to support their lies?

Our entire Canadian society has been built on the ideal of integrity yet all I see around me is a dire lack of it!

We uneducated masses bought into the flawed concept or ideal that socially conditions us to believe that education is the only ingredient needed to make things right.

Yet all I see is all this education being applied to lying! Look at all the White House spokespeople, lawyers and Republicans speaking for President (?) Donald Trump and tell me that they weren’t hired/retained to lie. What’s the one thing they all have in common … “education“.

I saw this Senator Jordan again this mornin on MSNBC and it literally gave me a gag reflex as this highly educated lawyer’s highlight could lead anyone to literally vomit over the incessant flow of falsehoods constantly spewing from him.

The only reasonable conclusion watching all these Senators and House members, whom in the majority are all lawyers outright lie is that somehow education actually corrupts people.

In my ebook Justice Refused I refer to a few noteworthy cons that I’ve known (out of a literal basket full) over my career and half of them were lawyers.

I’ve got a dozen or so lawyers that I’m presenting in my next book in the series “So Sayeth The Law” that exemplify my analogy the lawyers are educated liars.

Now, I’m not saying that all lawyers are liars. What I am saying is that in this one microcosm of governance set out in Justice Refused, I’ve come across Court Justices, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorneys, and over a dozen lawyers and the Law Society and right up to the Attorney General, all getting paid while not doing their job.

If any of them actually did their job there would be no need for my 4 ebook series but let me assure you in all sincerity that every Canadian has to do three small things:

1. Buy all four of the ebooks in this Series;

2. Read all four;

3. Join in the fight with me to fix this by simply contacting all your friends, family member, associates and work contacts and ask them to do what you’ve just done.

Believe me I will do the rest.

I’m asking the Mayor to step down due to his unacceptable handling of this.

I’m asking the Premier to get personally involved in this cause.

I’m personally asking the Prime Minister and leaders of the opposition parties to support this cause.

I’m asking CBC to produce a documentary with me educating all Canadians on the valuable education being presented in this ebook series. I they are unwilling I’m asking them to inform all Canadians on the existence of this ebook series and the critically important real life messages therein.

I’m asking Oakville Town Counsel to reinstate law and order in Oakville by seeing that integrity is restored into the Town’s contracts with purchasers in our community and simply have the Disclosure Package honored and the Entrance Features installed as contracted in the Disclosure Package.

I am personally a little disappointed to have been slighted and disrespected in the manor this Mayor and his untrustworthy Chief of Staff have done in such a cavalier manner after my having offered to volunteer my services to deal with this obvious con masquerading as an Ontario lawyer. But I don’t allow personal feeling into my business dealings and all I’m after here is the truth and to see that our laws are upheld.

So be sure to tune into my upcoming blogs as they will consist of my letters to each offending party in this, ranging from each Justice, each Crown Attorney, the Deputy Crown Attorney, the dozen or so involved lawyers acting unacceptably, the Mayor, the Mayor’s chief of staff (also a lawyer whom I met under the subtle false thread of having the Town sue me for liable for having published the truth).

I always remember a classic line from the movie Wall Street “Money Never Sleeps” where Gordon says to Breton: “I’ll stop telling the truth about you when you stop telling lies about me“.

This ebook series is critical reading for all Canadians. I have promised to use the revenue generated by this ebook series to respectfully request each party to answer for their conduct in this.

I doubt that many will step up as that’s not how things work in the altered reality that we the masses are required to live with due to having handed over our voices to “the educated”.

This has proven itself to be flawed logic and it is my intention to require through litigation if necessary to enable me to subpoena and depose, under oath, each party involved here.

There simply is no other way as this documented record shows you that they all function with apparent absolute immunity by simply refusing to look at the facts that show clear dysfunction by them and the game that they have manifested.

To achieve this I’ve got to raise a whole lot more money than one book at a time sales can deliver as this virus is spreading throughout our country a-symptomatically and our courts (immunologist in this example) are refusing to accept that there even is a problem.

I need a minimum of 10,000 conscientious Canadians to join with me through contributing $100 to the simplycharles onsumer Defense Fund. I actually need only 5,000 to step up right away giving the budget foretold by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff and our lawyers to potentially be upwards of $450,000 (triple conventional litigation rates due to the offender being a lawyer and litigious litigant).

In return for standing with me each Founding Member of this Fund will receive all four (4) ebooks in this series FREE, have your name published in the Founders’ Registry in each ebook for having stood up for Canada with me, and know that you have played a vital roll in restoring integrity within this once great country of ours.

The problems here are not isolated matters. The hard copy evidence presented in Justice Refused paints a very disheartening picture that all Canadians should be horrified by!

I believe that there will only be one opportunity for us to fix this and we cannot rely on academics or government officials to do it for us. We cannot have them even fund the effort or we’ll just end up with another costly academic exercise that gets nothing accomplished.

What I guarantee to deliver are the facts (as shown in Justice Refused) and that I’m prepared to invest every ounce of energy and intellectual resources necessary to carry this challenge through to a successful conclusion.

The following ebooks in this present more outrageous and unacceptable conduct and corruption as well as the outcomes of each independent investigation into each institution.

The main thing I’m asking of all of you is to help finance this colossal challenge. I will do the rest.


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