Calling All Canadians … “It’s ‘All Hands on Deck Time’ If We Are To Save Canada From This Dysfunctional Corruption”!

How can any rational person accept that a single con, being supported by other agenda-driven public servants is materially affecting our entire world.

Now, I’m no PhD lariat as I didn’t even attend university, college or anything else much when I was growing up. I’m not bragging here nor am I ashamed or feeling disadvantaged.

I grew up in the streets and there is an education offered there that is decidedly different from conventional academia but clearly no less definitive. Uneducated people aren’t dumb and the highly educated people involved here have proven to be anything but intelligent.

I’ve never felt ashamed of not being ‘educated‘ and I learned that academia seems to give people what I’ve always seen as an “altered reality perspective” on literally everything. I think that this has proven itself to be flawed logic.

In the street it’s always reality time and when and if you can drag yourself above the culturally conditioned mentality of the street you have got to first realize that the altered reality is actually the reality of the day!

Society has conditioned society to interpret education as the only answer to all the world’s problems but I’ve documented a complex real life scenario that is still flourishing despite being absolutely 100% built on absolute corruption right here at home.

I strongly recommend to all Canadians to support my efforts to re-introduce integrity into our Canadian culture.

Now, this is not an academic assessment of an academic theory of how Canada is being run.

If you glance through the Barrett Report in British Columbia’s “Leaking Condo Nightmare” and realize that Ontario’s well educated leaders learned and thus did absolutely nothing, charging back in from the crash of ’89 to create another building boom phase in Condoland that has cycled itself to the precipice of economic disaster that we now face.

The City of Toronto for example over the past decade has constantly maintained more high-rise condo developments than New York City and every other major city in America and Canada has just 10% the population.

Our government has propped up interest rates leading to huge deficits well before the Covid 19 appeared. If you don’t feel that we are on the very precipice of disaster I guess our highly educated economists haven’t proven overly effective either.

I’ve preached for decades in my blogs about the financial risk high-rise condominium-owning Canadians have been kept in the dark from. I’ve had a million global readers of my blog but Canadians seem to have not gotten the message.

Our high rise condos are the up-and-coming threat to our entire economy yet speculators continue to flood into pre-sale condo sales centers with no understanding of what they are getting into and betting their financial futures on the premise, and possible illusion that “condo values will always go up“.

All those exposed to the elements glass walls (“Window Wall”) of all those shiny towers come with a published life span of approximately 20 years and that lifespan is based on how long the sealant that holds the gasses separating the 2 panes of glass per window wall.

You can search on simplycharles and read my detailed sounding of the alarm bells. Just search “Window Wall” and you will see photos of them being installed improperly which blows the 20 year warranty out the window!

This boom started in 2000 after a decade following the 1989 crash that I hustled my way to Hong Kong to make a living without a local buyers’ market for condos.

This window wall concept started at that time so simple math tells us that we have entered a time that the manufacturer of these window walls put into writing the lifespan of the product.

So you know that you will not find a single condominium corporation showing a line item in their budgets to replace all this glass?

And what are all those individual owners going to do at replacement time as you can’t simply skin a building in a few days!

Where’s the money to replace them going to come from?

I’m literally amazed to see how all our highly educated people within the infrastructure of governments, refuse to look outside of their own education to understand common sense logic such as exposed here.

We uneducated people have blindly trusted educated people who have proven themselves academically capable of getting challenges met positively yet we don’t rely on people to have specific industry knowledge and/or experience.

An obvious flaw in education is that it educates people that their academic qualifications are enough.

Condoland has recently separated the home warranty program from a new agency “Condominium Authority of Ontario” but I see that not a single person heading up either have any first hand experience in Condoland.

My shock comes from realizing that all this well meaning academics pursuing the optimum within their careers and resting that ladder to success on the wrong building!

Justice Refused proves this phenomena while proving that this phenomena has got to be remedied right now. I’ve literally taken my case to every possible institution and/or agency and the social conditioning is so extreme that absolutely every one of them have shockingly insisted in turning a blind eye.

This is not a “me” matter. It is a piercing cry for Canadians to wake up or all will be lost. It is not a time to even agonize over this dysfunction. It’s a time to organize.

We have a precedent setting real life deficiency list on Ontario’s court system, civic institutions and condominium industry showing an unacceptable level of corruption and ineptitude that should qualify as corruption as everyone is accepting consumer taxpayer funded pay cheques and failing miserably at what they are delivering.

These are facts set out in Justice Refused, So Sayeth the Law, and Crisis in Condoland.

I’ve established a Legal Fund to fix this so Canadian Consumers themselves can take control of our own destinies.

I’m asking Canadians to help me fix this by simply joining my consumer protection Fund “Founder’s Club”.

Each ebook is the series was intended to sell at $40 but to insure as many Canadians as possible can afford them I’ve cut that in half and include HST.

I’m asking my fellow concerned Canadians to become Founder with a $100 Fund contribution in return for which you receive all four books and a one year membership.

This will expedite the development of sufficient funds to move forward with getting answers from each party involved in this.

These ebooks themselves will finance the fix to this and truly are the only way it can or will be achieved. Too many institutions have too much to lose here to assume any government intervention will prove productive.

If you agree with me then please stand up and stand up right now. This is our country we’re talking about!

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